If you want to see what a real polyamorous society is like, look no further than the case of Harvey Weinstein. The 65-year-old, once-mighty movie mogul represents a womanizer who, whether you realize it or not, you’re competing against in the dating marketplace. A super rich member of the 1% of the 1% who could create, break, or turbo-charge any woman’s career, Weinstein has no doubt been blown by hundreds if not thousands of the most beautiful actresses in the world on his infamous casting couch. Guys can look at the wreckage of his life and career, and the careers he’s pulling down with him, and learn a lot about female nature.

Weinstein understood female nature better than most, but not well enough to know when it was time for him to  completely disappear. He was also a feminist, funding women’s causes, which isn’t a contradiction when one considers what his life mission was about: creating unlimited opportunity for men like him and taking it away from guys like you.

Harvey Weinstein and Gwyneth Paltrow when their relationship worked.

Briffault’s Law at Work

Enough has been written about what Weinstein allegedly did: harassment, rape, forced oral sex, etc. His accusers of course include Gwyneth Paltrow, Heather Graham, Angelina Jolie, Asia Argento, Ashley Judd, and countless “minor” actresses and models.

What isn’t being discussed nearly enough is why and how the women of Hollywood suddenly gathered with their knives to carve him a new one in 2017. He had been at this for 30 years after all.

During his up years, Weinstein really seemed to understand Briffault’s Law. English anthropologist Robert Briffault (1876-1948) wrote that “the female, not the male, determines all the conditions of the animal family. Where the female can derive no benefit from association with the male, no such association takes place.”

Weinstein finally makes the cover of Time.

From the 1990s to about 2012, women could derive tremendous benefit from associating with Harvey Weinstein. He was arguably the world’s most powerful film mogul, with access to capital and a capability for not only picking the right scripts and right talent, but of mounting an Oscar campaign to ensure that his lady starlets won Oscars. Jennifer Lawrence won her Oscar for Silver Linings Playbook after Weinstein cast her in the movie and successfully lobbied the Academy for her to win, like he had for Gwyneth Paltrow during her glory years.

Paltrow continued to make movies with him, long after he supposedly made his clumsy, unrequited passes at her in 1996. Weinstein’s Dimension Films distributed accuser Asia Argento’s The Mother of Tears in 2007, ten years after her “incident” with him.

It must have been a rude awakening for him when the same women who were fighting to be photographed with him (even years after their “incidents” with the producer) suddenly decided in 2017 to throw him under the bus.

Since the 1990s, his behavior was far from unknown in the industry. It was even a cute inside joke. Seth McFarlane, during his announcement of the Best Actress nominations at the Oscars in 2013, joked: “Congratulations, you five ladies no longer have to pretend to be attracted to Harvey Weinstein.”

By 2016, Hollywood had started to notice that Weinstein’s ability to deliver had faded. His films were bombing. No Oscars had been awarded to any actress since Lawrence. As Briffault’s Law deftly puts it: “Even though a woman has accrued past benefits from her relationship with a man, this is no guarantee of her continuing the relationship with him.”

Rose Mcgowan and Harvey Weinstein

Even his own wife, who must have been aware of his behavior, dumped him days after the scandal broke. It took five days for Hillary Clinton, who had accepted millions in bundled fundraising payments from him in 2016, plus $250,000 for the Clinton Foundation, to say anything bad about him. Michelle Obama followed.

Thanks to his value as a provider of Hollywood fame and Oscar glory, Weinstein had gotten away with paying out collectively less than $2 million to his accusers over the past couple of decades, including a paltry $100,000 to Rose McGowan in 1997, and she says she was raped by him. (She would go on to be photographed with him in 2007 when he distributed Grindhouse, directed by her then-married boyfriend Robert Rodriguez).

Not only would his accusers continue to work with him, but in at least one case, a woman who said he raped her would even continue sleeping with him, before it was clear his Hollywood powers were gone and “continuing the relationship” yielded no benefit.

Women were his enablers

An unsurprising theme in the whole affair is the apparent lack of agency of his accusers. Mira Sorvino and Gwyneth Paltrow kept working with him — both had won Oscars under his stewardship — after they said he harassed them. Ashley Judd didn’t want to offend him by complaining about him or reporting him. When Judd rebuffed his request to massage him and watch him shower naked in 1997, the New York Times reports, “she quipped that if Mr. Weinstein wanted to touch her, she would first have to win an Oscar in one of his movies.”


Asia Argento and Harvey Weinstein, years after the alleged incident.

Among those accusing him of rape is Asia Argento, who enjoyed success in the late ’90s and early 2000s. After the rape, “She said that she had consensual sexual relations with him multiple times over the course of the next five years, though she described the encounters as one-sided and ‘onanistic.’ Years later, when she was a single mother dealing with child care, Weinstein offered to pay for a nanny. She said that she felt ‘obliged’ to submit to his sexual advances. Argento said that she knew this contact would be used to attack the credibility of her allegation.”

When Weinstein was at the top of his game, there was a good reason to keep in contact and avoid angering him. As accuser Ashley Judd put it, her big problem when she showed up to a hotel room to meet Harvey Weinstein for a business meeting in 1997, only to find out he was expecting to fuck her, was “How do I get out of the room as fast as possible without alienating Harvey Weinstein?”

By 2017, it no longer mattered if Weinstein was alienated.

The real reason he’s a scumbag

Weinstein is a feminist, a major fundraiser for Hillary Clinton and the financial force behind the recent date-rape hysteria documentary The Hunting Ground. On the surface, that seems ironic, but there actually isn’t a contradiction in a male feminist being a “predator” at the same time he works to alienate women from men as a whole.

Harvey Weinstein’s anti-rape documentary “The Hunting Ground” warns women about the danger of college-aged guys.

As a feminist, Weinstein is a man at war with Western civilization, battling the women as much as the men. The degenerate art he funds and the values he espoused not only led to the corruption and degradation of countless women, but wrecked the lives of a lot of men as well.

Millions of young women seduced and then ground up by the sick and degenerate entertainment industry could have and would have been great girlfriends, wives, and even mothers in another American time. Now they grow into old and bitter women like Rose McGowan, who went from being a fresh faced beauty in 1997 to the resentful post-wall rageaholic she is today. What an awesome wife and mother she could have been if she hadn’t danced with the fat hairy devil of Miramax. Even she seems to see this, posting a ’90s pic of herself on Twitter as the scandal unfolded.

McGowan has become a Twitter celebrity in the wake of the scandal.

It isn’t surprising that Weinstein financially supported feminist causes, from Hillary Clinton’s failed presidential bid to Planned Parenthood to the date-rape hysteria documentary The Hunting Ground, because it was in his interest to alienate attractive women from ordinary men. Women who are in love with their career are also easier to seduce on a casting couch. Naturally hypergamous women always look up the status ladder for guys they are willing to spend time with. Elite, wealthy, well-connected males like Weinstein create more opportunity for themselves by lifting women higher in a society than the women’s male peers. It’s why we are seeing more women going to college today than men. This is being engineered.

Hypergamy naturally makes women want to operate like Asia Argento and “mate up” the economic ladder, so they gravitate to the 1% of males, basically joining a harem.

Men who try to upset the power dynamic are dealt with swiftly. “I had a male friend who, based on my experience, warned a young actress who said she was going to dinner with Harvey to be careful,” Kate Beckinsale, one of Weinstein’s many accusers, told People. “He received a phone call the next day saying he would never work in another Miramax film.”

Weinstein’s deep hatred for the West can be seen in all of his films, including Django Unchained, the anti-Catholic Philomena and the anti-Christian Mary Magdalene, due out in 2018.

In the respected Jewish arts-and-culture publication Tablet Magazine, Mark Oppenheimer  surmised that Weinstein was motivated by a desire for revenge on “gentile” society. “It goes without saying that nearly every one of these women—Rose McGowan, Ambra Batillana, Laura Madden, Ashley Judd, etc.—was a gentile, all the better to feed Weinstein’s revenge-tinged fantasy of having risen above his outer-borough, bridge-and-tunnel Semitic origins.”

While you can’t feel sorry for women who foolishly dance with the devil, we can still condemn and hate the devil. How sad it is that a degenerate like Weinstein has been shaping western culture for the past 30 years – all the while turning our culture’s best women into his whores.

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