When was the last time you saw a woman with a headscarf or other form of Islamic headdress behaving or otherwise dressing like a whore? The answer is probably a long time ago or never. For whatever criticisms have been made about the mostly Muslim migratory invasions of Europe and the problems they cause, the fact remains that the daughters of Islamic societies and families largely keep their religious and social practices, even when are transplanted into Western countries.

If Muslim girls want to act like whores, they typically make a much harder break with their religion than slutty girls who claim to profess Christianity. They permanently get rid of the headscarf and, aside from visits to their parents, forsake all the other trappings of Islam, too. I am not advocating that we should take up lives as Muslims, but I am praising the very strong social expectations and practices that keep Muslim women demure.

Compare this to the antics of many “Christian” girls, enabled by a mollycoddling Western society, and the result is extremely underwhelming. Since the time of (the singer) Madonna, Christianity has been reappropriated by a constant stream of sluts, coming from both the celebrity and everyday worlds.

What is meant to be this:

…has for a very long time been this:

What happened to Christian female modesty?

Slutty girls publicly identifying as Christians not only inflate Christian numbers, they completely misrepresent and distort the faith. The new “church” for these girls becomes walking down the street with an overly displayed crucifix, with most of their breasts and half of their ass showing. Instead of courting prayer time with God, they’re courting never-ending sexual attention, the antithesis of what Christian teachings implore.

When the bar for being a Christian girl is set so low so much of the time, others copy the example. Within a few generations, church attendance falls to record lows. Putting a crucifix around one’s neck and keeping it there permanently warps into the sole profession of faith for most people for the rest of their lives. The sexual spoliation of women that follows should be a surprise to no one. The little Jesus between a woman’s breasts isn’t going to act as a magic moral conscience for them.

So, anything that comes close to modesty, let alone chastity has fallen by the wayside for tens of millions of self-described Christian girls in the West. Christianity and the values it is meant to represent have become a shell of their former selves.


To preserve their culture–and women–Muslim communities self-contain

The answer?

A lot has been made of Muslim/non-Muslim segregated zones in recent years. In Paris in particular, but also large districts in London, Berlin, Brussels, Amsterdam, and Rotterdam, Muslims often branch off into separate physical spaces that heavily replicate the lives they would lead back home in the Middle East or in other Islamic countries. The vast majority of even their public interactions are frequently conducted with coreligionists. This has been a significant instrument in keeping Muslim girls modest and loyal to their faith.

When they cannot create or preserve these physical spaces across entire neighborhoods as they would like, countless Muslims practice an ideological separation with comparable results. They meet as Muslims for religious or broader cultural purposes, well beyond just one weekly gathering at a mosque. In many instances, marriage partners, obviously Muslim as well, are at least unofficially sought out for their children years before a wedding ceremony takes place.

Certain Christian communities use similar group-strengthening practices. Mormon-majority and white-majority Utah, for example, boasts the highest birth rate in the United States, plus has the lowest incidence of out-of-wedlock pregnancy and the youngest average age of marriage. In addition to the benefits of outnumbering non-Mormons statewide, Mormons in Utah, like elsewhere, go further and reaffirm their social ties through the full gamut of weekly and seasonal activities. Church itself for Latter-day Saints takes three hours, not one, and many will spend five hours on a Sunday with other members.

Though some may question the extent to which we can bring back the fallen Western girl, the only workable solution appears to be reverting to some kind of traditional group doctrine and, as much as possible, protecting that doctrine from outside intrusion.

Give credit where credit is due

Criticize Islam’s bad influence on Western society as much as you want, yet the ways in which Muslim groups keep women modest are remarkably successful.

Again, I am not suggesting we all convert ourselves and our women to Islam. There are a number of reasons against this. What we must do, however, is study those cultures that, despite their faults, carve out effective ways to preserve the dignity and innocence of women, especially through sex.

Not every ROK reader is a Christian, that much is clear. Nonetheless, I am sure almost everyone reading this would prefer a return to a more Christian-minded society with more Christian-minded women than a slut-filled feminist free-for-all. In terms of avoiding this latter outcome, the Muslims are well and truly ahead of us.

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