Of all the words that the alt-left / SJW’s have twisted around in recent years for their nefarious agendas, to the point of being radically different (i.e. given the 1984 treatment) from it’s chief dictionary term, is the verb of “hate” or the noun of “hatred”.

It’s definition is pretty straightforward, simply indicating “intense or passionate dislike” while synonyms include ‘loathing’, ‘detestation’, and ‘abhorrence’. Wikipedia goes a little bit more in depth.

Hatred or hate is a deep and extreme emotional dislike. It can be directed against individuals, groups, entities, objects, behaviors, or ideas. Hatred is often associated with feelings of anger, disgust and a disposition towards hostility.

As everyone has witnessed an innumerable amount of times in their lives, hatred is just as common an emotional state to experience in life as happiness, guilt, grief, gratitude, empathy, trust, or wonder. However, a growing contingent of the utopia dreaming political left seems to believe that human beings can be rid of ever expressing hatred, and particularly when it is directed towards other people (or just their butt-ugly blue hair).

Why Do We Hate?


It’s perfectly understandable for Roosh to have a hatred (grave dislike) for the mainstream media, due to how they have constantly misinterpreted and slandered his work.

Holding feelings of hatred for other people, places, things, or ideas is a perfectly natural reaction to substantially negative stimuli which a person (or group of people) has experienced from said people, places, things, or ideas. For instance, if a tourist gets robbed twice while in South Africa, it is perfectly understandable for that person to have a substantiated claim to hate the idea of ever visiting South Africa again.

If you wanted to establish a global meetup and the Australian media was one of the first to try and sabotage the idea via spreading non-stop lies, you would probably develop a hatred for the Australian media.

Finally, if you jumped on the Bitcoin bandwagon really early and sold 75% of your holdings when it simply passed the $1,000 mark, you would probably be hating yourself for making that decision at this point in time. As a frequent reader of Return of Kings, you probably also hate a lot of things out there.

For instance, what would you think about people who passionately supported many of the following things, and particularly if you believed in traditional masculinity, patriarchy, and nationalism?

  • Homosexual marriage – which makes a mockery out of the traditional family unit
  • Open borders – creating an irreversible flow of poor quality migrants to the 1st world
  • White male privilege – used as a crutch to constantly belittle white males
  • Social justice – any nefarious agenda under the guise of doing something “just”
  • Feminism – giving women 50% of all power positions with no basis of personal merit

Thought so. But it’s not like we are actually going to go out there and cause criminal mayhem just because we know Salon.com has a love affair with ripping on white men via dubious claims and data, and because you suspect that two men across the street may be sharing the same bed. However, the left thinks you will do just that in mass effect. Especially if you are a right-wing European blooded man who likes sleeping with women.


Angry White Males: The ‘Face’ Of Hate

According to the left, the ‘angry white male’ is the most dangerous and “problematic” form of hate.

“To hate” something or someone, or to express “hatred” for that thing or person, now makes you public enemy number one in the eyes of “love” obsessed so-called progressives. However, public ridicule and scorn for people accused of “hate” or “hate crimes” are almost exclusively reserved as a label for heterosexual white males, especially when they are expressing some form of intense displeasure with a non-heterosexual white male, or element of non heterosexual white male culture.

Understand that the alt-left deems white males to possess a particularly dangerous–even genocidal–potential for hatred, since they are the only people in Western society who are capable of “prejudice plus power”, which is also encompassed in their twisted modern definition of “racism”. Hatred (and racism for that matter) is something that everyone else is incapable of having, because white males have “all the power” in their minds. Non-white males can only merely be ‘prejudiced’ at worst.

Long story short, this new grand chastising of “hate” is all a part of the latest ramping up of anti-white male sentiment across the United States, in addition to other parts of the western world.

Conclusion: To Hate Is Human

It makes perfect sense that Arnold Cuckinegger would think that hate and hatred is something which can be “terminated” (3:32), since he’s been most famous for playing cinematic cyborgs with an emotional depth ranging from “A” to (almost) “B”. Sorry Arny, but to hate certain people, places, and politics is to be human.

Zapped or lobotomized of our ability to hate foul spinach, Chinese hawk-and-spit “culture”, rampant black crime, anti-Western cuckoldry, Muslim “truck of peace” attacks, and the new normal of American obesity among other things, is to deprive ourselves of what it means to be a unique individual with varying turn-ons and turn-offs. All humans hate (intensely dislike) many things at certain points in their lives, so stop hating on hate you hate haters.

anna paquin twitter

This has-been SJW actress will show hatred and intolerance for you having any opinions which stray from her own. They can’t grasp hypocrisy.

Actually, now that you think about it, we should “terminate” some elements of hate out there in the world. I nominate Arnold Cuckinegger to lead by example, and show Antifa that we no longer have any time and tolerance for their hatred, bigotry, vandalism, profanity, illegal road blockages, and suppression of other people’s first amendment rights. “Terminate” (disperse) hate with a barrage of non-lethal gas canisters, and maybe they’ll get the message. ‘Love Canisters’ and ‘Canisters of Peace’ are coming your way, so breathe in all that love.

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