Men are happier than women—period. Yes, there are plenty of miserable, depressed men and there are plenty of women who are truly happy, but we’re not talking about the outliers here. The exception never makes the rule. We’re talking across the board, person for person, that the average man is happier than the average woman. If you were to assign a number correlated with the contentment and happiness of every person, the average male score would be higher than the average female.

Let’s go even further and say that red pill aware men are far happier and content than feminists. There’s no need to qualify or quantify anything there. Feminists are fucking miserable and red pill aware men are not.

Anyone who doubts this only needs to look at the number of females who are on anti-depressants compared to males. There are studies out there that say 1 in 4 women are on anti-depressants compared to only 1 in 10 for men, then some statistics out there say it’s 1 in 3 to 1 in 8 and so forth. But regardless of which study you give credence to, the results are universal across the board. More women are on anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medications than men and the simple reason for this is that men are happier than women. Here are three reasons why:

1. Our sexual primes are much longer

Short and balding, still smashing young hot ass. Okay he’s a movie star but you get the point….

Women are the most sexually attractive between 18 and 28 years of age, give or take a few years in either direction. During that decade a woman can sleep with and/or get commitment from pretty much any man she wants. She can get attention, dick, money, provisions from just about any man she chooses to.

All she has to do is show up, put herself on a platter in some way shape or form, whether it be just her company, her body, or sexual favors, and most men are going give her that attention. Most men are gonna give her the dick. Most men are gonna give her that commitment.

As men, we’re the most sexually attractive between 30 and 45 give or take a few years. Our sexual shelf lives last at least a decade and a half longer than a woman’s. But that’s just our sexual prime. Don’t forget that we’re also sexually attractive in our 20s. Granted, it’s not quite as attractive as when he hit 30 but men in their 20s are still sleeping with beautiful women out there.

Now, don’t mistake me here. I’m not saying that a man’s sexual prime is better than a woman’s. Females may only have 10 years of prime beauty and fertility but their beauty is far more effective than that of a man. Men will move heaven and earth to secure an exquisite female in terms of youth and beauty. Women, not so much (though some may cutely try if they’re close enough to The Wall).

Young hot girls sleep with older men on the regular. The inverse rarely happens.

A given woman’s sexual prime may not last as long as a given man’s but hers will burn much, much brighter and much hotter. The hottest female will always attract more far more men than the hottest male will attract women by a long shot. It’s not even close.

But the fact remains that as men, our prime attractiveness lasts 50% longer, and even before that, in our 20s we’re still able to fuck pretty girls. So even if a man doesn’t get laid until he’s 20, he still has at least a quarter century of peak sexual activity as opposed to 10, maybe 12, for women.

A woman’s sexual prime ends very quickly and very abruptly. One day she’s able to fuck any guys she wants, and the next, those same guys aren’t paying her any attention unless she’s dressed like a slut and throwing herself at them and even then, they get rejected in favor of younger tighter girls. 

Yes, there are some 35 year old women out there who are still hot, but that woman will never be as hot as she was at 24 and she knows it.

2. The more they accomplish, the less attractive they are

“I have everything I want…but a man. I’m dying inside”

Women are making more money than they’ve ever made in history. They’re more influential, and have more power than they’ve ever had.

Now this is exactly what feminists wanted. But what they didn’t take into account was the effect that all of this money and power and influence would have on a woman’s value in the sexual marketplace. And when I say sexual marketplace I’m talking about a woman’s overall attractiveness with regards to her beauty, her femininity, her personality, etc.

Here’s the raw truth: The more a woman accomplishes, the more money she makes, the more power and influence she gets, the further she shrinks her pool of potential suitors. In other words, the more status a woman has, the fewer men she’ll have to choose from.

Women don’t want to downgrade, they want to upgrade. They want fuck UP…date UP…marry UP. They’re not programmed to give the time of day to men who have less money, power, and status than they do. It’s simply not in their DNA, nor should it be. (Conditional love is for the weak. Embrace the burden of performance).

Donna, the executive at XYZ Fortune 500 company isn’t fucking the Junior partner at the big law firm. She wants to fuck the guy with his name on the door of that firm. She’s not going to date Steve the warehouse supervisor. She wants to date the guy who owns the company Steve works for. She doesn’t want to marry the company accountant. She wants to marry the CEO of that company.

Let’s take it to a lower level. A female junior partner at a law firm isn’t gonna date, fuck or marry a law clerk or a first year employee. Worst case scenario, she’ll date laterally and get with another junior partner but that’s the WORST case scenario. What she really wants is the Senior Partner.

Now women might say, “Well there’s nothing wrong with that. She has to have standards!” And they would be absolutely right. But here’s the problem: 


You see ladies, there are more far more Steve’s, Junior partners, and CPAs out there than there are company owners, CEOs, and senior partners at big law firms.

“Well…well…there are far more male executives and CEOs than female executives and CEOs so there are plenty to go around for all of the powerful women! In fact they’d have their pick of the all the most rich and powerful men!”

Wrong. Dead fucking wrong.  Yes, there are far more male CEOs and executives than females. But high value men like this don’t wanna date female Vice Presidents. They don’t wanna marry these powerful and influential women. They don’t wanna fuck female CEOs. Why, you ask? Because they don’t want relationships with women who have masculine qualities or personalities.

“Well how do you know they’re masculine?!? They could be very feminine and lady-like!”


Simple. Because you don’t become a senior partner at a law firm by being a feminine, kind woman. You gotta be a fuckin’ killer. You gotta be cutthroat. You don’t rise through the ranks to become an executive at a Fortune 500 company without being driven, and ultra competitive. And any woman who accomplishes these things has to exhibit masculine characteristics. Then they have to maintain these characteristics over an extended period of time.

It’s all fun and games until you’re acting like a man

And when she finally gets to where she wants, as soon as she reaches the pinnacle, she has quite literally forgotten how to be a lady. Yes, she’s still a female, biologically anyway.  But all of her femininity has been stripped from her. 

High value men are not looking to be with a woman who acts like a man. They don’t wanna be with a woman with a scorned disposition. They’re not looking to get with women who can’t turn off the bitch switch and compete with them. They’re not trying to get with a woman who’s stubborn because she feels like she has something to prove to him.

Think about the cliche of the CEO fucking his secretary. His value is higher than hers, he makes more money, he tells her what to do, he has power, and he gives her instructions. The secretary is in a subservient position, she does what she’s told, she asks his permission, she doesn’t get outta pocket, and she defers to him. The CEO/secretary dynamic alone is conducive to attraction on both ends.

Women have been completely duped. They were told to get all this money and status and influence and they’d be able to attract any man they want. But the more they get, the harder it is to find a man because the feminine operating system simply will not permit her love and respect a man who is not superior to her in every way. 

But it would appear that women are beginning to figure it out. The high powered female attorney’s pissed off because big time male lawyers want nothing to do with her. The female executive’s miserable because she now realizes why she’s no longer attracted to the men who used to make her pussy wet on her way up the corporate ladder.

Sure, they’ve got cars and money and friends and can travel and buy pretty anything they want. But what women really want is a man. And at the end of the night when she lays in her $8000 bed with her 8000 thread count sheets she cries herself to sleep, because she’s just now figuring out that the more wealth, status, power, and influence she gets, the less the men that she wants will want her.  Her taste is too expensive for her sexual market value and it will be until the day she dies.

So she calls up her doctor and gets him to call in, yet, another prescription for ambien to help her to knock her out at night, lexapro to keep her from committing suicide during the day, and valium to keep her anxiety about being alone at 47 years old under control.

Think a 47 year old man is that miserable?

3. Men have accepted reality, women have not

Age ain’t nothin’ but a number honey! #StillGotIt

This is especially true when it comes to red pill men versus feminists. Any man that takes and accepts the red pill goes through a series of stages before he finally comes to acceptance.

There’s the shock phase when we first come across something red pill related—we can’t believe there’s something out there that goes against everything we’ve been taught. Then there’s the anger phase when we realize we’ve been lied to our whole lives and for a good long while we’re pissed off at women. The gluttony phase comes next where you’re consuming any and all red pill content you can find.

There are a few other phases in between but eventually we come to the acceptance phase. We accept that women aren’t what we thought they were. We accept that we as men have every bit as much to blame for the sad state of women as women are. We accept that we as men have to have our shit together before we can start making demands of women. We accept that the sexual marketplace isn’t fair and that hypergamy doesn’t care if a man’s only 5’9” because he didn’t hit the genetic lottery.

Red pill aware men accept hard and fast truths no matter how uncomfortable or inconvenient they may be. We’ve accepted that in order to get what we want, we’ve gotta go get it. We accept that nothing’s gonna be handed to us. We accept that attractive women aren’t gonna be attracted to us if we’re outta shape and undisciplined.

Women on the other hand have nowhere near the same mentality—especially feminists. They think the world should be handed to them on a silver platter for no other reason but that they exist and that they have vaginas. Women believe that no matter what they do or who they are, that they deserve the very best men out there and what they have to offer despite not offering a damn thing themselves.

They don’t feel like they should have to bring anything to the table but their company. The world tells them that no matter how grossly overweight they are, how unattractive they are, and that no matter how slutty they are that they have a right to the highest value men on the market and that anyone who disagrees is a misogynist.

Someone get this girl a xanax

So yes, females are delusional to a fault but here’s why they’re really miserable: Even though the world fills their head with this bullshit day in and day out, they’re starting to see it doesn’t work that way. They’re starting to see that they actually have to work hard to get ahead in life. They’re seeing the highest value and most attractive men marrying young, fit feminine women who want to start families, who don’t care about careers or sleeping around. They’re realizing that as they get older, fewer and fewer people will tolerate their crappy attitudes and behavior. 

They were told that if they go to college, fuck a bunch-o-dudes to “get it outta their system”, graduate with a useless degree, then go work in a cubicle for 30 years that they’d be truly happy and fulfilled as women. Then at 37 they finally have that ah-ha moment where they think:

“Uh oh! I’m at a dead end job I hate, I can’t keep a boyfriend, I may have a drinking problem, and can’t stop crying at random for no reason. I thought I’d be happy. But here I am at nearly 40 years old and I can’t figure out why I’m depressed. I’d better go see a doctor because there has to be something wrong with me if haven’t found true happiness like everybody said i would.”

All the while, a 37-year-old man’s ah-ha moment is when he realizes that scheduling two dates on the same night isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

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