Many citizens feel deep down that something has gone terribly wrong with society, yet they can’t put the pieces together. Some might research this, and begin to explore the depths of the rabbit hole. Those who’ve taken the red pill apprehend how deeply dysfunctional things are. If you’ve just discovered that most of your country’s politicians and business leaders regard people like you with indifference at best and hostility at worst, it’s an unpleasant realization.

After the Red Pill

The hangover is a bitch.

The question, then, is what to do about it. The entrenched forces opposing Western civilization are formidable, and they want you to believe they’re invincible. Some fall into apathy and despair, hopefully a temporary condition. Others work toward reform, informing their fellow citizens, and other constructive efforts.

Another category has difficulty digesting the bitter red pill. They’re well aware of the culture war, but don’t want to get involved. Some might even embrace the decline, reasoning that if society is in the toilet, it’s easier to enjoy the ride down the tubes.

Finally, some are tempted to withdraw from society. That might involve the MGTOW lifestyle, or even fully “going Galt” by moving to the mountains and living off the grid. There’s much to be said for resilience, preparedness, and unplugging from consumerism. However, avoidance and retreat don’t bring victory, and aren’t personally viable in the long run.

Society and culture

C’mon, mohawks are out of style!

The last six decades brought profound changes. This is more so in the USA’s coastal urban areas than “flyover country”, of course. However, it’s getting hard to find places remaining untouched. For one small example, I was astounded when I heard a junior high student tell his mother what he was taught in sex ed that day. This was in rural Kentucky, over ten years ago.

You might not care much about public morals, or even attention-seekers literally putting their private lives on parade. Sure, I get the “live and let live” argument. However, if you want a family (which is natural and proper), the social environment affects your dating prospects, your marriage, and your children’s upbringing. It’s not insurmountable, but it needs addressing.

Other than that, the social malaise of cultural Marxism affects numerous areas of life. It’s especially so when backed by law and other influential forces. Society is considerably cruder than in times past. Today’s celebrity antics would’ve been unthinkable twenty years ago. Androgyny and other ugly fashions are trendy. The divorce rate is alarmingly high, as is single motherhood, exacerbating numerous other social ills by traumatizing the youth. Using a biologically correct pronoun might cause a scene. Hookup culture has changed the social landscape immeasurably. The list goes on.

Feminism and the gay agenda are major contributors to this, backed by the media and judiciary. No compromise will satisfy them. They received reasonable accommodations long ago, but kept moving the goalposts. Whenever society gives in, then it’s always something else. They get nearly everything they demand eventually. If this remains unchecked, they’ll never stop pushing.

Can you escape to another country? If Eastern Europe—and even Latin America—are beginning to show these trends, then what society is safe? Remote areas in the Third World might change little during your lifetime, but the desert or the jungle isn’t for everyone.

Encroaching tyranny

Your phone calls, emails, web traffic, etc. are recorded at the Utah Data Center

The long arm of the law has quite a reach. (About that mountainside shack you built with your own hands, you did get a building permit and code inspection, didn’t you?) Even if you’re doing your best to obey the law, you’re probably guilty of something. Legislative bloat is nothing new:

The more laws, the less justice.

The more corrupt the state, the more numerous the laws.

Sounds familiar?

Ancient law codes from Hammurabi to the Anglo-Saxon kings were pretty concise and easy to understand. Today, even skilled lawyers sometimes struggle wading through legalese, and they make bank researching it and arguing in court about what it really means. The ACA (Obamacare act) is 906 pages long. The IRS code makes the Talmud seem like light reading. You could fill several bookcases with all the laws applying to you. Some call this progress.


Usually the worst thing an honest citizen has to worry about is an overzealous traffic cop. However, the key word is “usually”. If some bureaucrat doesn’t like you, prepare for interesting times. If the police are involved, things can get much worse, and very quickly. Our article “What To Do When The Cops Show Up” received much criticism, but really, the author was telling it like it is. Other than that, prosecutorial tunnel vision is real.

Ruby Ridge was a worst case scenario. The short version is that the government didn’t like Randy Weaver’s politics and tried to recruit him as an informant against others like him. When he didn’t play ball, they set him up. Then they conducted a raid on his family’s cabin in the mountains, resulting in several fatalities. In a memo, an FBI official later noted quite candidly, “Charge against Weaver is Bull Shit.”

In the USA, the surveillance state is out of control, unaccountable, and unconstitutional. This won’t go away by itself. It’s not much different in several other major countries, and everyone’s sharing information. Perhaps your life is an open book and you have nothing to hide, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t care about Big Brother peeking inside your kimono. If you stayed awake during civics class, you might remember something about due process and probable cause.

So the domestic spying apparatus, which would’ve made Comrade Brezhnev weep with jealousy, is already in place. The problem with soft despotism is that unscrupulous politicians can turn it into hardcore despotism very quickly. Suppose a major crisis happened (spontaneous or manufactured) and Congress suspended habeas corpus. Then, dissidents and suspected dissidents could be arrested arbitrarily and indefinitely. As for Europe, some governments already zealously prosecute politically incorrect speech and criticism of immigration, while turning a blind eye to migrant crime.

Some will say, “Surely this can’t happen here, not from our government!” Is it our government still? Until we get effective campaign finance reform, major globalist donors will dictate terms within the political machines. The DNC leaks and similar revelations provided a rare glimpse into just how dirty the sausage-making gets.

So the party bosses greatly influence who gets the nomination. Further, George Wallace’s 1966 observation that “There’s not a dime’s worth of difference between the Republicans and Democrats” isn’t too far off the mark. Even so, the electorate chooses between the selected finalists. However, the electorate itself is changing. This is by design.

Changing demographics

Rocket scientists and biotech engineers sneaking across the border

Unless decisive changes are made soon, the USA’s White population will fall below 50% in a few decades. (It was 90% in 1965, when Ted Kennedy sold out America.) Likewise, several nations in Europe will soon follow. If this happens, the former-majority populations will lose control over their destiny. Other nations aren’t expected to give up their living spaces; nobody demands that China accept millions of unruly migrants, or says that Nigeria is too Black.

Note well, the people never chose this. In every instance, this was done against the public’s wishes by their so-called leaders. The politicians valued campaign contributions and good “optics” more than the future of their constituents. I’d have to write a book to explain fully why this happened, who benefits, why this is already a disaster, and why nothing is being done about it. However, Peter Brimelow and Pat Buchanan already have, and they’re tough acts to follow.

Some people have told me with a straight face that they don’t see why their dispossession would be a problem. Here’s why. Without a clear majority, a nation becomes fragmented and difficult to govern except by brute force. Further, Whites have been told that in-group preferences are evil, and they must not have pride or solidarity. However, everyone else has been told exactly the opposite, and that Whites have caused all their problems. Are they likely to embrace universalism if they gain numerical majority?

What would the future hold? South Africa and Rhodesia might give some indications. Maybe you don’t see identity politics, but identity politics sees you. That’s why we should care.

Non-Whites would have much to lose too. Today’s ethnic turf wars will worsen with disunity and further overcrowding. Also, politically correct history aside, Whites have a knack for running stable, prosperous societies. Finally, if Western civilization falls, its great engine of creativity goes too.

The answer

Rather than retreating from the world, we must engage it. Escaping to the suburbs didn’t help over the long haul, and escaping to the hills won’t either. We must inform our fellow citizens who are still in the dark. Above, I’ve listed several problems that need fixing, of which the public lacks sufficient awareness. Consider these as action items.

Once united, we can demand accountability from our politicians. Either they fix their mess, or lose their jobs.

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