Just as Return Of Kings predicted in June, Oxford medical student Lavinia Woodward has dutifully received her pussy pass, with a British judge sparing her from jail. This is despite her breaking her bail conditions by texting her victim, whom she had stabbed and assaulted with various physical objects. She was handed a very measly ten-month suspended prison sentence by Judge Ian Pringle QC.

Using the typical trope of having a former boyfriend who “abused” her, plus pleas of “immaturity,” “mental illness,” and “I have a drug addiction,” Woodward walked from the courtroom a free woman. Even in a world where we should be used to female privilege, particularly in the legal system, her preferential treatment is more than worthy of a second article here.

Whilst men across the Western world, in the United States most of all, are punished for very fabulist, wholly unproven claims of “rape” and banned from campus forever, Oxford University is still yet to decide whether to throw Lavinia Woodward from her medical studies. She was found guilty months ago, not by a university panel or tribunal, but by a court. If you needed a single case study to illustrate how universities are so openly dismissive of men’s due process and overindulgent towards poorly-behaving women, here it is.

Judge Ian Pringle QC emphasized how reluctant he was to “ruin” Lavinia Woodward’s career prospects.

Having hired a lawyer who matches her family’s social status, one of the leading (and most expensive) criminal law barristers in England, James Sturman QC, Woodward was in a highly favorable position from the very beginning. Her family’s extremely affluent financial status only compounded the female privilege she already enjoyed.

Meanwhile, what about all the people from the working and middling classes, most of them men, who end up being jailed for similar or even far less serious actions?

That poor, poor daughter of millionaires!

While Lavinia Woodward spends her time at idyllic vacation destinations, or simply lives her normal life of luxury in Italy, other university students slave away without resorting to drug-taking or criminal violence.

Here’s a quick, non-exhaustive recap of Lavinia Woodward’s extraordinary life of privilege:

  • her father is a multimillionaire senior oil company executive;
  • she often lives in a royal-like villa in northern Italy, which is owned by her mother;
  • she attended the Sir James Henderson British School of Milan, where fees cost at least the equivalent of $20,000 annually, in addition to all the other expenditures (Swiss ski trips etc) associated with such a prestigious institution;
  • while many university students slave away at menial part-time jobs to make ends meet, she is noted for taking $1,400 Chanel designer handbags to class; and
  • at the time of her sentence deferral mid-year, it was revealed she was presently subject to a mandatory drug-testing regime at the insistence of her college at Oxford, Christ Church, which was supposedly ready to expel her if she did not comply (ROK still doubts the “ready” part).

Life may not become totally perfect when your family’s wealth bestows this kind of existence on you, but Lavinia Woodward has a far better life than 99.9% of us, whether male, female, black, white, liberal, or conservative. This is no ghetto girl whose life of want and severe poverty made her do what she did.

Worst of all, Woodward still has a fighting chance of qualifying as a surgeon. Yet if we were chronic drug addicts, domestic violence aficionados, and just generally unbalanced like this girl is, those of us from regular, middle-class backgrounds would entertain absolutely no prospects of being recognized as surgeons, lawyers, or members of other higher-rung professions.

Sadly, I can envision a very financially rewarding future for Woodward as a medical professional, due to the fact that the powers-that-be are demanding more female surgeons, software engineers, and “scientists” no matter the cost. If she achieves her goal, future male colleagues will probably white-knight for her ad nauseam, ignoring her inevitable emotional outbursts and even serious mistakes at work.

While you walk on eggshells in life, the Lavinia Woodwards of the world can do what they want and face no consequences

On the plus side, Lavinia Woodward’s drug-taking and possibly karma are making her age very badly.

You can be a perfectly able (and overqualified) male candidate for a job and not get the position, simply because you’re male and a mentally erratic Lavinia Woodward should take your place. If you’re on a college campus right now, you are automatically branded a potential or even likely rapist due to your genitalia. But a woman with a proven history of violence and unhinged behavior can expect a flood of sympathy and be given chance after chance, despite coming from a very wealthy social background that indicates she has zero excuse for such antics.

Life for modern males is very much analogous to walking on eggshells. Through no wrong of your own you can and will be punished. At the same time, those with actual things to apologize for, many or most of them women, will perpetually have their actions excused and totally glossed over.

Who said 21st century life was fair?

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