I turn my shoulders and walk out of the room. Out of the building.

A feeling of freedom creeps over my body. I smile, looking ahead to my next venture.

This was the final day of my previous job. A job I enjoyed – until I realized I must try something new. So I left

Too often people paralyze themselves by assuming they will work their job forever. Or remain with the same girl forever. Don’t make this mistake.

Your job, girls, lifting weights, reading, writing, playing sports, traveling – are all the same. All hobbies. The moment you become overly invested in anything – you lose. You risk an emotional downfall when it comes to an end, expectedly or not.

Furermore, becoming overly invested in any one area generally kills your performance across the board. Imagine that girl that you lost it for. All you could think about was her, whether you were with her or not. First of all, your mind is absent when you’re at the gym or at work. Your productivity goes down, and so do your lifts. And it doesn’t end there. The fact that you put her on a pedestal causes the relationship to go stale. She gets sick of your intense affection and leaves. The house crumbles.


The same phenomena occurs when you get lost in your job. Picture the attorney on a big case that neglects his diet, exercise, sleep, even his family. Maybe he wins the case, but his life goes down the drain. He gets fat, depressed, divorced, and loses his kids to his wife. All because he put too much importance in one area.

When you make the shift and view everything on an even playing field, something changes. A natural balance emerges. You can enjoy spending time with your girl(s) but also look forward to hitting the weights, reading a good book, or hanging out with your buddies. Everything has its place. Nothing should be neglected, nothing should be placed on a pedestal.

One way to make the shift is to view everything as a hobby. It keeps things fun, light, and playful. You stop taking yourself so seriously. And as a result, your performance and enjoyment in every area is raised. If you don’t get the girl, whatever – go work on your business, or enjoy that book.

No single area can make you. Or break you.

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