The British press have raised a slughorne to the manosphere:

Why do so many false rape accusations come to court?

A proper explanation requires us to butcher the most sacred among sacred cows: female sexual liberation.

The ‘Respectable Slut’ Paradox

As an ecological event, the Sexual Revolution is unprecedented. Quick credit, contraception, and computer networking have handed western girls completely unobstructed and commitment-free access to the sexual marketplace. The ‘customer is always right’ dynamic means that anyone who opposes or questions a girl’s judgment while she is in her nubile prime is treated with scorn, so the entire West has gaslighted itself into the assumption that the female sexual whim is infallible.

Women have stolen nature’s mandate for a 1:1 relationship between sex and commitment and now marry the men they need only when they can no longer get the men they want.

Feminist marriage advice

But the female quest to play God can only work so long as men are prepared to submit to their zoning by women into sheepfolds of ‘sexy bad-boy’ material and ‘stable husband’ material, overlooking the retro-active cuckoldry that threatens their future marriages. Today, as men increasingly opt out of marriage, feminism is attempting to protect the women who invested their bodies into the cartel by doubling down ever more forcefully on rationales which shift accountability for their sexual behavior to men.

‘Men only think about one thing… Girls have to be so careful these days!’

Enforcement of the Sexual Command Economy

Society covertly sets its gold standard of feminine rightness with conventions, clichés, and pocketbook pathologies that overwhelmingly describe masculine wrongness. Did the vast spectrum of ‘autism’ exist before the attempt was made to frame empathy as more correct than rationality? Did the ‘Madonna Whore’ complex exist before men were expected to comply with their female sexual categorisation? Did party-girls dismiss stable men as ‘sweet’ or ‘creepy’ at 20 then whisper of ‘closet homosexuality’ or ‘fear of women’ when they refused to step up and marry at 30? Does a female creep even exist?

Type ‘narcissist’ into a Google image search. Are you confronted with advertisements for treatment and help centers, or with a slew of easy access vindication memes for single moms and jilted women? These ideas tell us much more about those who casually apply them than those to whom they are applied. None of this rubbish existed before women expected to have their cake and eat it (which reminds me – neither did fat acceptance).

Thus, man is chivvied into compliance with the emancipation from nature that woman first sought for herself – and men are complicit in this every time they ‘make an honest woman’ of a slut or project shame to their brother with the ‘guess you just can’t get laid’ rhetoric.

Adam, the first White Knight, refused to put his foot down with a rebellious woman. Nothing has changed in the basic pattern of male failure since.

Female State Power

Where culture goes, law follows. The crime of male insubordination to the female whim does not appear on statute books, but we can know it exists just as we can know an invisible celestial object exists by the movement of other celestial objects around it. Whether he’s an ex-husband, lover ,or someone she saw across the street, a man who fails to step up on cue and commit intimacy or resources to the value that a woman ascribes to her own sexual intimacy can now be prosecuted under other civil and criminal charges which are defined in law.


Joseph rejected the advances Potiphar’s wife. She then accused him of rape.

The only problematic challenge is how to use a law which technically has not been broken to convict for a crime that technically does not exist.

The Cathartic Prosecution Service

It is impossible to say whether rapes outnumber false accusations (no specific crime of making a false accusation exists in the UK), but, by redefining rape in the broadest possible terms and false accusation in the narrowest, feminism has developed a theory of Rape Culture.

Like all good conspiracy theories, the fact that hardly any of the survivor hashtags, self identified victims in anonymous college campus surveys, and #metoo style claims actually come to court is taken as yet more proof of the depth of society’s problem.

Victims of rape trust Twitter more than they trust the police! – feminist queef

No – liars trust Twitter more than they trust the police.

But the incantations of survivors presents too good an opportunity for the openly politicised Crown Prosecution Service to pass up and, rising year on year, a staggering fifth of their cases are now based on allegations of sexual violence. Not a week passes without another man being paraded through the press for a perfidious accusation and, even when acquitted in court, his negative publicity remains a sentence in itself.

The genius of this inquisition is that it fulfills feminism’s covert purpose of frightening men into compliance not through successful convictions but through constant public failures.

By showing that even the sickest rape fantasist can condemn a man to show trial without consequence, the CPS has handed women automatic power of state over any man who disappoints her.

CPS Director Alison Saunders – fairy Godmother to mendacious women

This inquisition is damaging to both individuals and society, but it will ultimately defeat its own purpose in one of two ways:

1 – The law will change to grant the accused the same anonymity as the accuser.


2 – Slowly but surely, the failure of the show trials will make the accusations of sexual abuse – whether true or false – as laughable to the British public as they already are to the women who make them.

I suspect that even most diehard feminists would prefer the first compromise to their state power – although I’ll let the sales figures for Fifty Shades of Grey and the rape fantasies of Jemma Beale speak of a possible female lobby for the second.

However, until this is over, an upright man must be prepared to turn his back on the whole pantomime of British justice.

Judge in Your Own Cause

I’m a reasonably good looking and wealthy man in my late twenties. I doubt I’ve met my wife yet and, as I don’t believe in free love, I occasionally turn down the sexual advances of increasingly desperate non-wife material. Daring to rebuff women like this is like playing the coin-pusher in a fairground. Eventually, one tipped over the edge and escalated a series of false accusations against me over the course of four years – mostly online, which I had no problem with – but lately also in the courts. Her increasingly deranged claims of sexual abuse (I never so much as held hands with her), could well culminate in the R-Bomb and a subsequent trial which would serve her penal end as well as feminism’s social end.

I have no intention of becoming another one of Britain’s broken souls trying to piece his life together after a pyrrhic court victory. I also have no material trappings in the West and a pied-à-terre in a non-aligned country so, like any dissident in a revolutionary society, my suitcases are packed in the hallway.

Your move, CPS.

A land of chaos is better than a land of tyranny that is ordered against you.

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