According to the Cultural Marxists and Postmodernists, all of society’s “values” are mere instruments that the oppressors use to legitimize their power and pound their subjects into submission. Cultural Marxists advocate for “social justice” in the hopes of remedying this state of affairs, with stated goals more radical than economic Marxists. To the Cultural Marxist, society must be turned upside down, shaken, and ripped apart to eliminate every potential inequality between groups and subgroups that can be subdivided ad infinitum.

The initial hypothesis—that our society’s values are meaningless instruments of naked power—leads to an interesting conundrum. Why should social justice, as a value system, be immune to the ruling elites’ machinations? If anything, the ability to conjure up causes and identity groups out of thin air offers endless opportunities to pit their inferiors against each other and engage in shameless social experimentation.

And unlike the values in the past, which were inherited and could be inconvenient at times, social justice allows for the normalization of alternative lifestyles (like homosexuality) that appeal to the elites.

It seems a bit naive to think that people like Barack Obama, Angela Merkel, and Mark Zuckerberg all agree on the tenets of social justice due to their high moral character. These people didn’t rise to the top by their impeccable virtues. They used whatever tools they had available to ascend the social hierarchy.

Inferring The Motivation

We can never know for certain what their exact goals are when it comes to the social justice agenda, but we can look at the results and infer the motivation. Most glaringly, social justice has led to the deterioration of Western culture and demoralization of the Western peoples.

We have seen the hollowing out of the American middle class as our jobs are shipped away and competitors flown in from abroad. And we have seen the decline in Western fertility as our cities become more dangerous and our economies more precarious.

If Merkel and the VP of the European Union are any indication, the elites’ biggest project now is the wholesale replacement of white Westerners with dependent, Third World peoples.

But why is this even necessary? Don’t existing citizens make for good tax harvesting, and aren’t they good at obeying the orders of the technocratic leaders?

True though that may be, the elites know that you can’t be trusted, simply because you are still competent enough to someday challenge their power, if you ever decide to do so. With some residual democracy and national feeling still present in the West, the elites have ascertained that the risks of dealing with you and other native citizens outweigh the benefits of your labor and social organization.

The University Hustle

Still, the masses have to be made to go along with the charade, at least until the job is complete. To render them compliant to the mass migration project, the elites have carefully restructured society’s main institutions along the lines of social justice.

The most blaring example is the university. There, the psychobabble of social justice—tolerance, globalism, equity, diversity, feminism—pummel the population into accepting and celebrating their replacement. Simultaneously, they sign away valuable years of their lives enter extended indentured servitude for the globalist banksters.

Finally, when they escape the re-education center, they are scarred by an ideology that has turned many of them into sterile consumerist zombies who vote along the globalist line and hate their own culture.


The Military Churn-And-Burn

The military might seem like a good alternative to the university, especially for young men who are less bookish by nature. Enthralled by the grandeur of the military, conservatives in particular are blinded to the fact that our troops are nothing but fodder for insidious deep-state operations, nation building, and the spreading the “values” of the American Empire. These values happen to be the same social justice values that globalists peddle: blue haired women and restrooms designed for cross-dressers.

While the military is busy starting wars that help to ensure Europe is flooded with migrants forever, massive invasions on the American southern border and in the Mediterranean Sea are completely ignored.

Anti-White, Anti-Male Capitalism

There must be some place where regular people can avoid the mind-numbing social justice and simply live a normal life. The corporate world, Libertarians tell us, is a bastion of entrepreneurial creativity, where only results matter.

As the firing of James Damore illustrates, corporations are just another arm of the globalist power structure whose primary purpose is the destruction of the native white middle and working classes. Fittingly, it is nearly impossible for a straight white male to rise up the hierarchy on his merit alone.

Adding insult to injury, these same corporations use the guise of social justice to lobby the government for foreign visas (see Mark Zuckerberg’s, while quietly outsourcing most of their workforce. The end-game for most American companies appears to be a group of Globalist Diversicrats overseeing an army of H1B Indians with call centers scattered across the globe.

Noblesse Oblige No More

We are in an interesting place in history. Never have we had elites who are so squishily sentimental about certain subjects and so callous and cruel about others.

When they aren’t demonstrating how morally righteous they are through their crusades of multiculturalism, feminism, gay rights, and climate change, they are on constant guard against the faintest whiff of criticism toward their pet peoples (the so-called “protected classes”).

On the other hand, they are completely indifferent to the concerns of their native populations, and even have the gall to pat themselves on the back for instituting policies that blatantly benefit their class and harm their citizens.

We usually get the leaders we deserve, and cruel elites are no historical anomaly. That said, even the cruelest of elites have generally allowed their populations to enjoy their harmless folk traditions as well as the continuity of their ethnic group. In the worst penury, family, religion, and one’s tribe make life bearable for the masses, and keep them tied into the system.

Today, however, the elites cannot even allow the population to enjoy these simple pleasures. Ethnic identities have to be erased. The family and religion must be crushed, and any sense of local pride must be mocked, snuffed out, and replaced with conformist consumerism which causes everyone to be confused, isolated, and indebted.

Fortunately, though, the elites may have overplayed their hand and cranked up the heat on their frog populations too soon. If the election of Donald Trump shows only one thing, it’s that regular people are beginning to see through the social justice agenda for the cold cynical truth: they’re being screwed by their betters.

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