A photo from what appears to be an academically based publication uses a sliding scale to determine your level of racism. The only way you can appear as non-racist is to declare your willingness to sacrifice your health and well-being for other races. Otherwise, you’re a racist, and declaring that you have “black friends” does not protect you from a racism accusation. Here’s the chart in full:

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You’re an overt racist if you believe whites are the “superior” race, but only one step beside that is believing that whites are under attack, a category that I fit into, even though I am technically non-white (half Iranian and half Armenian). Whether by design or accident, it’s clear that feminism and third-world immigration in the West have the effect of marginalizing whites and reducing their population relative to other races. Even Alex Jones, who rarely steps into the waters of “white genocide,” finally accepts that that is the agenda.


You’re a potential racist if you state that you don’t like high-crime areas and are definitely a subconcious racist if you start a sentence with “I’m not a racist, but…” I could not get the proper sourcing of this chart, but I would imagine a liberal finds it to be highly scientific and accurate.

A member of RVF declared that the chart did not accurately reflect his level of racism. He added a new category to the left…

The chart also lists a handy guide of 15 micro racial aggressions that you should avoid, such as referring at all to the race of your minority friend. Race should be the elephant in the room that you ignore at all times, except for when you get sent to jail for your racism and then have to find a gang that matches your own race so you don’t get violently assaulted by other races.

With the production of charts like this, it’s clear that liberals don’t even want to have a conversation with anyone they disagree with. They will continue to double down, call everyone a Nazi or racist, and then use that as justification to steal your domain, get you fired from your job, or outright assault you. We still have a long way to go until liberal hysteria works its way through the culture.

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