Today I answer several mailbag submissions, with the final question coming from a female reader from Australia.

1. Letter from a Navy serviceman

I just want to say how surprised I am to find such an amazing site. I’m 23 and in the navy and prior to joining I thought being in the military would separate me from my blue pill college going generation but that hasn’t been the case. I have about five friends that have the mindset your website promotes and I just wanted to say thank you for creating this site. I love sharing the articles with my crew and all the life advice that they give.

You certainly can never judge a book by its cover.  You will find blue pill guys everywhere.  The culture ingrains us to think and behave in a certain way, so it’s more and more the default behavior to have a white knight, blue pill, globalist mindset.  While part of my red pill awakening was the realization that the military is not a force used to keep the public safe, but a tool of the elites to foment foreign wars and control both people and resources at home and abroad, there are definitely still advantages to be found on a personal level.

Besides a culture of physical fitness, a strong work ethic, and teamwork, one advantage of the military is that despite being part of a big bureaucracy, you are surrounded mostly by younger, idealistic, energetic, hopeful men.  It’s a great opportunity for male bonding.  I had an excellent experience in the Boy Scouts, with many parallels, I imagine, to the military.  Outside the military and scouting, male spaces are considered “toxic.”

Consider yourself lucky to have five friends who you can relate to.  Most of us do not have that, or by the time our friends come around, they are so beat down through divorces, child care payments, or are simply mentally broken in their encounters with females that they are too jaded to turn their life around.  Talk about the things you read here, and if they resonate as true with you and your friend’s real world experiences, take them to heart.  I have a friend in the Navy and his advice is never, ever, ever date a girl who has been in the Navy.  If you don’t know why yet, you soon will.

2. “[ROK] helps me grow as a man”

Thanks for the recent articles on how anti-social men can become more outgoing and how to stop caring about what others think. I struggle in these areas, so I searched for similar topics to these a few weeks ago and didn’t find much. I was glad to see these two pop up recently. I love ROK. Thanks for your content. It helps me grow as a man and also make sense of the world.

Are you really anti-social or do you just have trouble relating to people whose main interest is watching others play sports and consuming alcohol and other drugs?  Maybe you just need to find the right kind of friends who share your same hobbies and interests.

Perhaps you are just an introvert.  And introvert does not mean shy (I know many outgoing introverts and some quiet extroverts). An introvert is someone who relaxes and recharges his batteries by spending time alone, while an extrovert must be in an active, public place around many people in order to relax.

Becoming more outgoing, whether that is your natural inclination or not, is a valuable skill.  The most successful people I know, regardless of their occupation or intelligence, are those who are socially active and always making connections.  It’s a good skill to have in general, and it definitely helps with meeting women.

3. “Your posts are pieces of shit”

Yo I’m not a female but your posts are pieces of shit and mean nothing. You just look like a stupid fucking bully and one day will get what’s coming to you, whatever you deserve I hope you get it.

Yo, I’m not female either.  I despise bullies, and hope that you find a way to find happiness and meaning in your life.  I am pretty happy with my life so far, and doing what I can to better it every day.  We may not all get what we deserve, but we can all improve our lot in life.  Cheers.

4. When your girlfriend needs to lose weight

I have been dieting to lose weight and am strength training. I would have thought my example would have motivate the girlfriend.  How do I tell her to trim those hips and legs?

Changing other people is far, far harder than changing yourself.  First, congrats on dieting and strength training.  You should do this for you first, and the side benefit of women appreciating it is just a plus.  Has your girlfriend noticed or commented on your changes?  If so, encourage her, invite her to the gym with you, and try cooking some healthy meals together.

Guys in relationships don’t like to hear it, but perhaps it’s time to look for a better girl than the one you currently have.  Unless she’s making some progress already, don’t expect that you’ll be able to change her.  Your current self is better than your past self.  You can get better girls than you could yesterday.  The question is, will you?

5. ROK writers are “little-dick men”

Wow how ridiculous this website is with it’s bullshit articles about NZ women! ha you must be a bunch of stupid backward egotistical boring males!! Piss of to another country if you don’t like the women here, we don’t need little-dick men like you here!!

I’ve never been to New Zealand, but hear that it is worse than Australia, which is scary.  New Zealand is an awesome place to visit for the natural beauty, health, safety, and quality of life, and is indeed one of the best first-world countries to live in, but as you correctly put it, the quality of women is so low that it can physically shrink the size of one’s penis.  It’s true that my penis shrivels up whenever I am exposed to loud, fat, aggressive, cursing, masculine women.

6. Message of thanks from Australian girl

Thank you for creating Return of Kings. I read nearly all of the articles here every day.


I appreciate the existence of the Return of Kings community because in Australia, my home country, the youth have no male (or female, for that matter) role models. Reading content and comments on the pieces posted on Return of Kings has exposed me to ideas and concepts censored by Australia’s education system, government and society.

Before reading articles here, I was beginning to follow the strong feminist influence. My mum talked poorly about my father, was obese, and maintained a poor home. She did not allow me to grow my hair long, I was overweight and I hardly ever wore dresses.

My Dad, however, is a good, hard-working man whom I respect, even if I disagree with his decisions sometimes. He has taught me about feminist propaganda in the education system and that I should have children and be a good housewife, but with only 20% custody post-divorce, his messages were weakened.

I read Return of Kings articles to get me through career class in school, where saying you would like to raise children and make a man happy is scorned by childless spinsters, 20 years past the wall. Reading Return of Kings allowed me to realise that I needed to live with my Dad on a full-time basis to live a happier, healthier life.

I chose to live with my Dad and have since lost 10% of my body weight, have grown my hair to 60cm long, wear dresses most of the time, and have trained myself in the feminine arts in preparation for my future.

Also, I have some questions that I would love if you could spend the time to answer.

1. In Australia, I am considered slim. Considering you have been in countries with much better women than Australia, do you believe that I should lose weight? If so, approximately how much?

2. I am saving my virginity for marriage. How do I keep a boyfriend interested for two years until I am old enough to marry? (I am under 18 now.)

3. How can I lower the chances of my boyfriend cheating as much as possible? I am afraid that while my boyfriend attends university in the future, he will meet more attractive, smarter women than me, and will abandon me.

First, congratulations to your father for raising you with proper morals and ideals, which are not taught in Western schools or even most churches, and kudos to you for accepting these principles and honoring them.

The lack of heroes is universal.  We are living in a time with few role models or heroes.  In the past, there were role models in many fields—astronauts like Neil Armstrong, John Glenn, and Alan Shepherd were well known ambassadors of science and exploration, many religious leaders could be looked up to for guidance and as a model for how to live (i.e., Fulton Sheen), and sometimes there were even political leaders who inspired and honored their nation and its people (JFK).

Today the list of influential people includes mostly rich members of the elite class, most of whom are actively breaking down our culture and morals.  People like Mark Zuckerberg, degenerate musicians, or corrupt politicians (rumors are Zuck will soon run for public office).

Without role models we are left only with ideas.  It is important to realize that never before in history were females made “equal” to men, and that universally every society throughout the world realized that would have disastrous effects, for both men and women.  We must seek out and honor the wisdom of the past and build on it going forward.  Women should be honored and revered for their femininity, which I love and crave as a man.  They should not be made masculine.

If you are a healthy weight, don’t obsess over if some celebrity is prettier or skinnier than you.  Exercise, eat well, which means preparing meals at home made from fresh ingredients, and keep your body below the medically suggested average for your body size, and you and your partner will be happy.

Guys your age will be interested in sex, not the other things you are talking about here.  Just wait.  Do not worry about keeping them engaged in a long-term relationship with you.  Ask anyone older, and they will tell you that the things you worry about as a teenager, or even in your 20s, are rarely important later.  If you continue the path you are on now, you will have NO problem finding a good man to marry in a few years.  Don’t try to keep a guy interested now and marry him later.  You WILL find better men as you age, and are exposed to more adult men.  It’s much easier to find a successful, moral, older man when you are 20, than it is to pick a 16 year old that you hope will be a good husband when he grows up.

Again, if your boyfriend is a teenager also, he’s probably interested in sex.  If you’re not offering him sex (and I fully support this decision), and he wants it, there’s not much you can do.  University is a great time to be exposed to a lot of guys, but also consider meeting some guys a few years older than you.  They will be looking for marriage, instead of just a fun date this Saturday night, and will appreciate the qualities you are developing.  When I was in college, I didn’t care about long hair, virginity, or conservative morals.  I do now.  Seek out guys that have what you are offering, and don’t try to make your teenage boyfriend appreciate things he may not be interested in.

I’m very happy that ROK motivates you and am curious how you found it, but would encourage you to also seek out some traditional feminine information, as this site is focused on men.  But despite what feminists will tell you, we have your own best interest at heart, as well as our own.  Women are less happy today with feminism than in the old, awful “oppressive” past.  Women and men are both happier when they are in committed relationships.

You probably already feel better about yourself being thinner, and more attractive with long feminine hair and wearing dresses.  Nurture those natural female traits and you will grow more happy, and attract the right man, with patience.  Good luck!

That’s all for this installment. If you would like a question answered by the ROK staff, send it via our contact form.

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