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This coming Monday, September 4th, which is Labor Day, TSR: Live is going to air live, every weekday afternoon at 5EST/2PST on Youtube.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with my show, the content is going to revolve around self improvement in the areas of health, finance, girls, and relationships.

You guys know I’m not a finance expert, a certified nutritionist or personal trainer, and to be honest I don’t consider myself to be an expert in seduction or pickup. Sure, I’ve fucked more pretty girls than the average man but that doesn’t make me a so called “professional dating coach” or “expert PUA or pickup artist.” What I do bring to the table is a lot of personal experience and the advice I give men is based on things I’ve been through and tried myself. Sometimes I’ll talk about things I’ve seen and heard from friends and family but by and large most of what I talk about are my own personal experiences.

I’ve had six figure incomes on more than one occasion, owned multiple homes, multiple cars and all the rest of that, and I’ve been broke and homeless. No, that’s not an exaggeration. I went from having a six figure job at Research Triangle Park in North Carolina when I was married to later living in a quasi-crack house with literally nothing to my name a few years later, then getting lucky on a few residential properties a few years and making enough money to live a modest but comfortable lifestyle.

I used to be bad with women. I married a woman who was a drug addict and committed paternity fraud. I rented a house for a single mom and her son while she was fucking her baby daddy on the side. I proposed to a girl after I knew she cheated on me multiple times. I came from all of that to being able to sleep with good looking girls on the regular.


I weighed over 300 pounds when I was married and as you guys can see, I don’t anymore. I’m 6’1”, 230 and in great shape.

So I’m no expert in any of these fields but I’ve managed to create a great life for myself and I’m more content now than I’ve ever been at any point in my life and I’d like to share with you guys how got here and what I do on a daily basis to make sure I stay here.

I’m also going to talk about articles, videos, and blogs you need to checkout so you can stay on your game and I’m also going to talk about the shenanigans women involve themselves in just in case you start to slip back into blue pill thinking. That will be a daily segment because a lot of guys out there secretly believe that women aren’t as bad as we say they are. You say to yourself, “Okay Donovan you make good points but they can’t be THAT bad.”

Well if you listen to TSR: Live I can assure you that  you won’t fall into that trap and end up getting duped by these hos out here.

So tune into TSR: Live at 5PM Eastern, 2PM Pacific starting this Monday September 4th which is Labor day and every weekday afternoon after. Click here to visit my Youtube and subscribe so you can watch the first show.

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