The subject of taking the red pill and how it can positively affect our lives is one that has been discussed at length here at Return Of Kings. Its importance cannot be understated, as this mindset is essential for any man looking to succeed in today’s sexual marketplace.

However, there is one topic that hasn’t really been discussed, which serves as a foundation to any other discussions concerning the red pill. What causes someone to take the red pill, to question all of the “wisdom” given to them by their lives? While some may argue that the only way to become red-pilled is by suffering a significant setback in life, I wonder if there is a viable alternative to this.

Through my own process of becoming red-pilled, I believe that one does, and it consists of observing the tragedies of others to jump start one’s own process of self-examination. To illustrate my point, it is necessary for me to provide three examples of how this strategy helped me evolve from being purple-pill to a full blooded red pilled individual.

“The Meat-seeking missile”

Back when I was in college, I knew all about political theory and how to beat leftists at their own game, but didn’t know much about women. While I could generally distinguish between girls worth spending time with, and the ones to avoidthe finer points regarding red flags eluded me.

This all changed when, during my first week of law school, I met a girl named “Becky”. Objectively, this girl was a solid “7”, had decent boobs and ass, and appeared to be articulate. Over time, however, I began to notice a few things that didn’t seem quite right.

Despite being an SJW, she had a new boyfriend every few months, and I began to notice a pattern with three components. First, her current boyfriend was always more successful than the last. Second, she had a habit of accusing her ex-boyfriends of being gay, or unable to please her. Finally, she always cheated on her significant other with classmates, professors, and even my best friend’s buddy from out of town.

It was obvious that this girl never cared at all about whomever she was with, as she only cared about his potential to pay for her lifestyle. What had always confused me was why, despite dating seemingly successful people, she felt the need to cheat on them at every possible opportunity. It wasn’t until I took the red pill that I realized the truth: this woman was the human equivalent of a female praying mantis, in that she fucked a guy and extracted his resources, only to discard of him when she got bored. This conclusion was reinforced by the fact that she would simultaneously complain about why no guy would enter into an LTR with her, while viciously screaming at anyone who suggested that her behavior was to blame.

What did I learn from observing this woman, who was “friends” with my circle? I learned about hypergamy, the concept of “alpha fucks beta bucks”, and how women who ride the carousel engage in self-denial. I also began to realize that everything I had been taught by my parents, religion, and society was wrong when it came to women. This caused me to start searching for better answers, which ultimately red-pilled me.

“Battered Cuck Syndrome”

One of my buddies in college was a guy named “Mitch”, a quiet guy who counted staying indoors, playing video games and watching cartoons as his favorite activities. Though he was highly intelligent, and had a proper diet, he didn’t know how to stand up for himself and was never obnoxious or confrontational to everyone. In summary, he was a “nice guy”, which ultimately was his downfall.


A year after he graduated, he met a girl named “Beth”, and the red flags became ever more apparent. She was at most a 5, never even gave him so much as a hand job, and felt the need to control every aspect of his free time. My buddies and I told him, numerous times, that this relationship was a bad idea and that he would get burned in the end. Our predictions were proven true 6 months later, when he caught her cheating on him.

While he was justifiably pissed, he had a choice to make. Would he end the relationship and learn from what happened? Or would he take her back and give her a second chance? Sadly, he chose the latter, and his situation hasn’t improved much since it happened.

Why is my buddy’s tale of woe relevant to the red pill? Because it taught me the importance of frame, as well as what shit tests were. My buddy was cheated on because he was perceived to be a pushover, which was evidenced by the fact that he never pushed back on any of the “changes” she made to his life. Over time, this caused her to look at him with disdain, which led to her looking elsewhere for satisfaction. These were things I didn’t know while being purple-pilled, but these events were another factor that led me to question everything I was taught growing up.

“Too Much Work”

Another buddy of mine from college, named “Chin”, represents today’s final case study. As the title suggests, he thinks virtually anything that is good in life takes too much effort. Accordingly, despite having a marketing degree, he worked in retail for several years after graduation, and only recently got a new job designing and building smartphone apps.

While you could argue that his career path was stained by the degree he chose to take, his skills with the opposite sex have also followed a parallel track. Despite having a sense of humor, a natural affinity for electronics and tech, and a desire to work for himself; he still has yet to utilize any of this to increase his sexual market value.

For example, there was one time we went to a bar about two hours before closing time, our plan being to run game and leave with a few chicks before the lights came on. While I was able to do okay that night, mainly from blind luck, my buddy didn’t do so well. Part of it was because of his appearance, given that he didn’t lift weights and wore baggy clothes. The other, more underlying reason behind his failure was his unwillingness to put himself out there and test his limits. While it may be difficult and uncomfortable at times, this is the only way in which our species advances.

In our realm, this means that we must all embrace and adapt to a certain level of discomfort in order to be successful with women. This was especially tragic for “Chin” because he has a better sense of humor and proclivity towards technology than I do. However, because he was unwilling to take the first step, he was never able to capitalize on his strengths.

Chin’s tale of woe reinforced the most important life lesson that I’ve ever learned:  to never accept mediocrity, and always push one’s limits in every possible way.  His failures also taught me the importance of WANTING to improve one’s situation, given that the desire to become better must first exist for a man to make the necessary sacrifices.

In summary

Every individual born into this existence has a distinct purpose to play in one’s life. While some function as our mentors or friends, others are meant to serve as obstacles that we must overcome to succeed. There are even a few, sadly, whose existence only serves a limited purpose. Specifically, their obligation is to serve as a visible warning to us, so as to ensure that we do not allow ourselves to live a life without virtue, morals, or purpose.

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