Silicon Valley in California is known for being the birth place of many tech companies that lead the world in innovation. With that in mind, it has also produced a new breed of human hybrids composed of silicone material with elevated levels of plasticity. This enables them to delegate their boring laborious work by outsourcing to third world countries, dodging taxes through loopholes in the legal system, and cutting expenses by hiring hordes of undocumented workers without having to record it in their financial reports.

Greed is a very powerful addiction. It makes one compromise his values and even drives him to commoditize his assets, spouse, employees, and anything else available just to make a profit. The odds don’t necessarily need to be 100% in their favor as was the case with Twitter blatantly lying about their numbers to lure more advertisers to invest in their business.

These guys are willing to do anything to save a buck, just so their stock will go up a fraction of a point. If they smell the green, they’re in. Now, they are pushing the limits by attempting bio-engineering with the goal of becoming one with their technology, which they hold onto ever so dearly. They also are developing the ability to leave the earth, letting its people rot in the very mess they created.

A Hybrid Race

Yes, these Silicone Men of Silicon Valley are a very rare breed indeed. They come from all ethnic backgrounds and of diverse sizes, but generally have one of four basic characteristics…

  • A pasty geeky face usually covered in blemishes with plastic-looking sheen and clown like features
  • Skinny, poorly toned body due to lack of exercise and low testosterone levels
  • A devilish or weasel like smirk that hides their eugenic totalitarian views
  • Balding with glasses or sporting the same messy-hair do

Other attributes include being cheap, addicted to marijuana and other recreational drugs, narcissistic, and ruthless. They have a superiority complex yet feel socially inferior around other people, but are masters of assuming the nice guy role to appease others in meetings where laws are regularly made.

Each one typically has a signature feature, a bar code if you will, that distinguishes them from each other, giving them a unique method of exercising their unified agenda. It ranges from having an alien shaped head, possessing mannequin like features, or simply wearing coke-bottle frames.

Some have accents, others have fast blinking eyes. One has a smile that gradually spreads crow’s feet all over his face while another walks around in an undershirt among common men pretending to be one of them. There is even one that constantly has a star-eyed bucktooth grin while jet skiing with girls who are young enough to be his grandchildren. Recently, this talentless fool treated a former Muslim-American president to kite surfing.

Ugliness is also consistent among these men. It seems no matter how much genetic engineering is done, Silicon Valley always manufactures men who are unpleasant to the naked eye. A high-pitched squeaky voice is a common trait they possess. There is also an obscure righteousness tone in their speech as if they had received their business plan from God himself (a reptilian god that is), and that whatever catastrophes that may result from their actions are merely acceptable casualties to meet their goal. A means to an end, it’s just all part of business.

Their childhood typically features them being picked on with no one giving them any worthy attention. Most of them were shoved and kicked away by others, and retreated from society to find refuge in their technological sanctuaries where they were able to play God on a computer-generated interface.

Girls never cared for them, nor even acknowledged their very existence which is why they usually marry a bossy controlling slug which is of average looks and motherly quality. Still, some of them stay single, because they unintentionally exhibit female repelling behavior as it is synthetically inbred in their altered genes. However, many were taken advantage of by sexy women for one or a few nights, solely for maximum monetary gain.

Males are usually the gender manufactured from this area, but we are seeing females also being produced as the males see them as superior and believe in a god that is feminine. They wish to ultimately submit to this energy and become its humble slave, profiting from the fruits of labor done by the blood, sweat, and tears of masculine hardworking men.

These beta males are usually college dropouts. The ones that do graduate usually have degrees from the Ivy League schools of lower learning in either computer science and engineering or business as they worship them as gods, having unshakable blind faith that only these fields of study can save the world and shape it into their envisioned utopia, a world where everyone has universal income, a laptop computer, and a microchip all cybernetically linked to a giant super computer that relays real-time personal information streamed through multiple channels of social media.

Outsourcing is universal among them and now they’ve learned to mass produce copies of their kind in other parts of the world. With alien shaped heads and gelled hair, more hybrid clones are emerging from Asian and European countries at an unprecedented rate. Their eastern arrogance along with their hard work ethic proves to be a valuable asset to the mother base of Silicon Valley.

Economic Moochers of Society

Being experts in profit, these silicone men have a parasitical trait that they use to leech off the efforts of others to pocket more billions of dollars without giving proper acknowledgement or recognition. They’re very quick to take and run, but are quite stingy with sharing the rewards. Nearly all of them have received millions of dollars in federal funding funneled by the government which they never paid back thanks to loopholes in the legal system, and by hiring the best lawyers that money can buy. NYU and Harvard both produce a plethora of the latter.

Monopolies are their pride and they use their position to financially squash anybody that challenges them. All these people like to preach idealistic futures with impractical, unrealistic expectations. They demand the world to conform to their lifestyle, turning their backs on anyone who dares challenge their hybrid-socialist views. They profit from the labor of others so of course they lobby for the protection of DREAMers. Companies like IBM, Microsoft, and Mark “Suckerberg’s” very own Facebook, have teamed up with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce to get amnesty for illegal immigrants.

Hypocritical in nature, such men tell nations to have open borders yet build massive walls around their mutli-million-dollar mansions heavily patrolled by armed bodyguards. They call for universal income yet cheat their own employees by literally working them to death, causing some to be hospitalized, and expect everyone to live the way they want while anointing themselves at the thrown as rulers of the world.

“Treating” Indians with untested vaccines, for their benefit of course

Wearing too strong of a prescription lens often distorts one’s view of the world, and this causes some of these silicone men to go to extreme measures to shape their world into their twisted perverted fantasy.

Although the white collar class tries to fight back, their evidence is no match against the billions funneled by these tech giants. Eugenics is a sacred science to them to help rid the world of deplorables.

It is hard to put a finger on them as they are quite the illusive breed. However, one can gain some understanding by studying the very material which they are composed of.

Know Thy Enemy


Silicone (noun):

 Any of a class of synthetic materials which are polymers with a chemical structure based on chains of alternate silicon and oxygen atoms, with organic groups attached to the silicon atoms. Such compounds are typically resistant to chemical attack and insensitive to temperature changes and are used to make rubber and plastics and in polishes and lubricants.

As we can see, silicone is a liquid or rubbery plastic resistant to toxicity and high heat making these men impervious to chemical attack with their underground bunkers and offshore castles, which is why they have such cold disregard for how their actions effect the masses.

Silicone (verb):

Join or otherwise treat (something) with a silicone.

Their flexibility allows them to bond to that which benefits their globalist agenda. Symbiotic unions with government bureaucrats are used to benefit the subsidiary to dodge taxes and legally push their technological empire all the while being immune to liability. Political favors, monetary rewards, drugs, and even escort services are generously provided as tokens of appreciation as a symbolic ritual to solidify their fusion.

Yes, silicone is quiet a thing. It can even make life-like rubbery skin in sex bots and artificial limbs. It may come as a surprise, but silicon and silicone are two very different things. In short, silicon is a naturally occurring chemical element, whereas silicone is a synthetic substance. This is precisely why these men have such artificial personalities with politics of high plasticity. They go wherever the money takes them as they are incapable of human emotion since they were manufactured in the biotech labs of Silicon Valley.

Since these men love their home so much, their silicone composition has allowed them to bond with silicon, giving them special abilities so one must also study silicon to truly understand their madness.

Synthetic Men

Silicon is a metalloid having properties of both metal and nonmetals with many industrial uses. Being 14th on the periodic table of elements, it is the most widely available element on earth next to oxygen. It bonds well with reactive metals, creating a class of minerals called silicates. It is rarely found in nature in its pure form which is why it’s virtually impossible to find any real personality in these men. This also explains how these men can easily mix with multiple parties of sometimes radical, or even dangerous natures as together they form more powerful entities with no allegiance to anyone.

Elemental silicon is a major player in modern technology, because it’s an ideal semiconductor of electricity. When heated into a molten state, silicon can be formed into wafers to serve as the base for microchips. Is it any wonder now why these men are all tech geeks?

Electricity is their source of power and the more they keep themselves plugged into an outlet jack, the more alive they feel. That’s why they have trouble understanding normal people, because to them the most natural state is being connected to a machine. They fear human emotion and wish to connect the population to computers. A world that resembles a circuit board would put them at ease, because then electricity would flow globally, allowing them to transfer themselves anywhere instantly in different dimensions.

Unsurprisingly, Silicon Valley (the southern region of the San Francisco Bay Area), earned its name due to the high concentration of computer and electronic companies in the area producing silicon-based semiconductors and chips.

Political Plasticity

Having no loyalty to anybody other than themselves, the plasticity in these men is astounding. They’ll sell out at 300 terabytes per second if it means gaining new business. As we’re seeing with Apple, these companies will sell out their own country to do business with China. They are your friends so long as you keep the money flowing, but as soon as you pull out of vested interests like global warming, these silicone men are quick to turn their back on you.

Getting jacked while wearing designer clothing topped with aviator glasses to sport the alpha male world domination look is easy when you’re a business tycoon.

They have the luxury of eating seven meals a day of the finest most exquisite food, chemically laced protein shakes, 24-hour access to state-of-the-art gyms, and sleeping twelve hours a day while their outsourced tech workers toil away. It’s only a matter of time before one of them reaches the hundred-billion-dollar mark, but if they aren’t stopped now, big trouble is likely to follow.

It doesn’t matter how masculine Donald Trump is, you can’t stop maniacs with that kind of capital. These people have legions of followers all over the world mesmerized by their gadgets and hybrid politics. They all have one thing in common—the desire to take over the world through globalization.

“Globalization should be inclusive” – Jack Ma, World Economic Forum in Davos 2017

Very clever choice of words, but Oxford English dictionary makes it very clear of what “inclusive” really means: “not excluding any section of society or any party involved in something.”

These people believe globalization should include the whole world whether you like it or not, a Borg society if you will just like from Star Trek. If you know anything about history, you’d know of their sneaky tactics masking their quest for domination.

Above The Law

Rules and regulations are made for the low class, the ones made from inferior DNA. Thanks to lawyers from Harvard and NYU, these men pay no tax by using tricks like parking money offshore, manipulating nifty loopholes in the system, taking a micro salary and claiming it as earned income, and even creating “foundations” in order to move their money into protected “charity” bank accounts.
With the newest nuclear threats being aimed at the western hemisphere of the United Sates, many foolishly think that these silicone men will get what they deserve. Their naivety has blinded them from realizing that these slimy, sneaky, slippery men have already purchased hundreds of acres in New Zealand, if not already the entire country itself, along with instant Kiwi citizenship all the while claiming to be a Trump supporter and proud American.

Tech giants have now bonded together in an effort to form a separate political entity which they wish to be free from government limitations. Their reason being that because technology crosses borders, culture, and economics, it is essential for companies to have less regulation. They are highly skilled in using seductive words to get what they want while masking their true motives.

What Can Be Done To Stop Them?

Their monopolies must be broken up to create a fair economy with limitations placed on what they can do. Aggressively pursuing them for dodging taxes should be done as nearly all of them have received government funding, but never paid it back.

Taxes should be placed for hiring outsourced workers and incentives given for using American workers. You’ve got to hit them where it hurts – in their wallet, or in this case, their Swiss bank accounts. If that doesn’t work, then it may be time to embrace the warrior within and take back America through more aggressive action. We are after all living in a jungle, a political one that is. If Donald Trump doesn’t stop them now, their combined efforts could end western civilization as we know it.

Featured image designed by G.S. Luthra

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