President Trump promised many things during his candidacy on issues such as immigration, terrorism, the economy, healthcare, and to “Make American Great Again,” yet it feels like the priority now is Israel in light of recognizing Jerusalem as its capital. Why?

The timing doesn’t make sense when you consider that Russia and Middle Eastern allies have destroyed most of ISIS.  Trump appears to be trying to live up to his word, but there still some shady things going on which seem to be favoring “the holy land” and globalists.

Ironically enough, as I typed this, a Christmas song came on with the lyrics, “Born is the king of Israel.” Well, it looks like a new king has emerged, but not the one you’re expecting.

Assuming Trump truly is an outsider fighting for America, he’s still got his work cut out for him as the establishment is going ballistic to ruin his presidency.

The Good

  • Corruption – Trump is slowly cleaning up like when he got rid of FBI director Commey who protected Crooked Hilary for her email server scandal and other illegal activities.
  • Illegal immigration – A wall was promised, then it was changed to a fence, and now it’s a virtual wall. Whatever border does get developed, it’s somewhat working. Gangbangers are being thrown back to the hell hole from which they came from, and crackdowns at the US border have increased.
  • International fraud – Leaving the Paris climate trade was great to help America get out of the global warming scam. He’s also putting the pressure on the UN and other foreign nations to pay their fair share in trade, and in the fight against terrorism.
  • Economy – Jobs were created, but still Americans are working harder for a lot less. More jobs isn’t always necessarily a good thing if they’re not high paying, because people don’t want to work like slaves; they want financial freedom.

So some progress has been made, but not without flaws.

The Bad

  • Struggling Americans — The world is basically being run by about 6 companies according to reports. This rigged economy makes it very difficult for new businesses which already have a 50% failure rate, and that’s why more companies are moving offshore. Trump’s tax plan maybe a little better, but not life changing.
  • More Spending – Trump acted more like a globalist when he teamed up with Chuck the Weasel Schumer and Nancy Pelosi to raise the debt ceiling. If Trump ran his company like that, he would be selling jerky in Harlem. Now as he wants to embrace Israel, for what?
  • War – Trump continuing the war in Afghanistan is the Globalists’ dream, and now that he officially recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, moving the U.S. embassy there is asking for more problems from the Middle East. Has Trump completely lost his noggin or is he under globalist mind control? Netan”yahoo” could barely control his excitement.

Even Trump’s Enemies Approved

When you see former Trump haters suddenly defend his actions, you know there’s much to be concerned about. Globalists want Assad out and Trump is now fitting into their plan for world domination. With Nikki Haley having the arrogance to lecture other nations again like she did in justifying Trump’s Syria attack, you can expect to see a bad reaction.

Vladimir Putin is not a pushover. He and other countries are not going to let America bully them forever. Of course Israel approves, because ISIS is not a big threat to them, but Assad is. They won’t use their military, but like to play helpless and let the good ole’ USA take care of it. As a matter of fact, they are working with the Saudis to provoke war. It’s about time the U.S. tells Israel to solve their own problems. Building a military base in Israel is not in America’s  best interest right now as it paves the path to another Third World War, one that the country cannot afford.


America doesn’t need nor wants to embrace Israel. Many Americans are sick and tired of Israel because they do nothing for America yet wants it to fight their wars. No, it’s not the holy land, it’s corrupt. Netanyahu’s new bill just secured his power indefinitely, so let Israel fight its own battles.

Trump can still change this…

Stop Trying to Americanize The Middle East

When Ivanka shed tears over Syria, Trump responded to the “chemical attacks” in Syria with 59 tomahawk missiles despite warnings from Russia.  The Kremlin already ceased its air safety agreement with the U.S., and Russian major general Igor Konashenkov called it “a grave violation”. Putin said the strike violated international law being an “illegal act of aggression,” but war mongering McCain applauded Trump while the foam fell from his wooden dentures.

Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad also told MSNBC that the fake manipulated video by terrorists was the cause for the wrongly done attack on Syria.

Donald Trump needs to be more careful about lending his ear to his double agent advisors like Jared Kushner who had previous ties to Israel, owing a billion dollars and received funds from none other than George Soros. This guy is nothing but trouble and should be removed. He was involved in a visa scheme in China and is just no good for Trump with his New York liberal views. Babyface Kushner also helped a senator lobby for “DACA” amnesty for nearly a million illegal immigrants.

Of course, many die-hard Trump addicts believe he can do no wrong, but they need to wake up.

Prevent Global Destruction

War is BIG business. Profits were over 400 billion in 2011 for contractors, that amount rivals the pharmaceutical industry. Do you really think they want peace? It’s all profit to them. Kim Jon Un was supposed to be dealt with, but now the issue pushed away even after he made threats of attacking the U.S. and has control of resources worth trillions according to an MSN report. Even though North Korea has already “sentenced Trump to death” for insulting him, the whole issue has been set aside, because Jerusalem is apparently more important.

Woodrow Wilson ran on the “America First” slogan with good intentions, but was eventually persuaded into war. Trump could do the same, and if he’s not careful, he could elicit a Third World War.

What’s going to unfold?

More people are waking up and not just blindly going with the Trumpeteer bandwagon. Trump promised America to “drain the swamp” and to make the country great again, but the way he’s been acting lately makes one question whose side his advisors are on, or whether he himself is in on it and just Trumped the entire nation. It appears he’s now catering to the very powers that he promised he’d be against. He needs to come back his roots and focus on defeating the globalists.

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