It has been pointed out repeatedly on ROK how much millennials lack the ability to create or sustain relationships. Women glued to their phones and men addicted to video games, people exploiting each other for attention or validation or money, thin relationships that quickly wear out: the West today has a “together alone” vibe. Even worse, many compensate for this strangely shared loneliness by virtue-signaling and trying hard to be hip or mainstream, which usually implies reinforcing their own blue-pill conditioning and contributing evermore to this poisonous atmosphere.

How did the West turn like this? We already know some of the causes. We know it is hugely related to the massive attack on family, commitment, masculinity, to the West-bashing, relentless SJWing, to a general policy of “deconstructing” traditional social structures through massive influence peddling. Universities, Hollywood, the mainstream media, the corporations and many others imposed it to us. The iron fist of destructive, hateful globalism coerced us through the velvet glove of “progress”, “social justice” and so on. As a result, the millennial generation is likely the most autistic one ever.

Lucien Cerise, a French writer with a Ph.D in philosophy, has been enthralled during his youth by some of the elite’s projects, especially transhumanism. Eventually he saw how nightmarish the world would become if said elite managed to win. He spent years studying its ways before voicing his first criticisms. Here are some of the means globalists, according to Cerise, used for decades to control our “cognitive processes” and confine us into a world of biased appearances and remote-controlled judgments.

Being invisible

The most efficient power is the one you won’t notice. Whether it is considered trivial, poses as inoffensive or clownish, is protected by a taboo or uses hired faces, the best power is the one who managed to avoid unwanted attention. Father of cybernetics Norbert Wiener theorized how to pound social groups with propaganda—previously theorized by Edward Bernays—while avoiding backlashes, along with Arturo Rosenblueth and others, in the 1950s. But what is acting on others, sometimes harming them decisively, without facing any consequences if not impunity?

An age-old way not to face a backlash is redirecting it to someone else. As Hervé Ryssen pointed out, the mainstream culture talked without taboo about the Italian mafia or Irish gangsters, just like it repeatedly blamed Stalin for the dozens of millions of people murdered in USSR… without mentioning political commissars there or other Mafiosi in America. Scorsese’s movies on the Italian or Irish mafia contribute to put the whole blame on someone else.

And here it comes again, although to a lesser extent, when blue pills babble on how “millennials killed relationships” or “nice guys are not communicative enough”… well, perhaps, but why? Who conditioned, nay, who caused millennials to behave this way? When it comes to us, leftists forget all the disingenuous environmentalist explanations they noisily invoke to forgive black crime. Suddenly people shift from being pure products of their environment to super beings with a complete agency over everything they do.

Power invisibility can be achieved in a subtler way by taking up seemingly innocuous or trustworthy social roles: a non-political technocrat, a creative marketer, an artist, a care worker, even a nun can all be means or masks to push for “change.”

1. Blurring the difference between make-believe and objective truth

New-agey make-believe, marketing, narrative-pushing movies, social constructionism or “whatever I point fingers at is a social construction”, you-go-girlism, philosophies of history from Marxism to pushing for “hope” or “change” or “we live in The Current Year so immigrant invasion cannot be an invasion anymore” have all contributed to blurry the difference between fiction and reality. I strongly suspect modern urban life to contribute cutting us from nature and making us used to life into a completely artificial world where touting mere appearances is much easier.

Mindless fashion cycles, media dependence, the ever growing denial of biology in favor of an “I am what I want to be”—or what the media and group tell me it is “cool” to be—, all seemingly happening by themselves as if a kind of historical necessity, were instrumental into turning even grown adults into a psychological and social silly putty.

2. Injecting a well-crafted mind virus to impair cognition

The brain or subconscious works by distinguishing, categorizing, and classifying objects. We also need to imitate other people to learn: even an adult, if he enters into a new field, must observe what the established experts do to learn how things are done there.

Well, what about preventing all this? Let’s say distinction is “discrimination”; categorization is “racist” and “oppressive”; classifying, as it implies hierarchizing, is “judgmental”; imitation is “reactionary”, “not creative” and stupid. Do not imitate the others! Children should learn all by themselves, parents should not “repress” them! As a result, children become petulant, unruly, autistic or hyperactive whereas their parents struggle with contrived moral dilemmas out of fear of being this and that. How can you choose a path, an associate, a potential mate over another if you cannot “discriminate”?

3. Fostering intolerance to the “authoritarian personality”

Although the Horkheimers and Adornos would value very much authority among themselves, their “classic” The Authoritarian Personality was a milestone of Leftist onslaught. It jumbled together and blamed Christianity, patience, normal families headed by a father, a purported lack of hedonism, anti-Semitism and “homophobia.” Identified with “fascism”, the traditional pater familias was to take the blame. Men should not set frames or take family decisions anymore: men should pursue sex, seek a mysterious “liberation” and of course contribute to “change.”

Authority still exists, of course. It has either become subtler, acting through seduction and perceived charisma, or was reverted so that “minorities” and SJWs can wield it over the hapless masses. Yet the old-fashioned boss, the domineering father, are thoroughly demonized—up to the point where some want to forbid any corporal punishment and foster a pseudo-friendship between parents and children. Lacking the lessons from authority, boys are thrown into the world without knowing how to pick up, make themselves respected or handle threats whereas girls carry their narcissism around.


4. Destroying the distinction between familiars and foreigners

All world citizens, all anonymous and replaceable, all strangers

The distinction between familiar and foreigner is but a keystone of human relationships. People have thicker, more trustworthy relationships between family members. Likewise, a close friend whom you knew for years is more likely to tell you the truth or repay what he owes you, and it should be normal that foreigners are to be put to the test and rejected if they choose to harm us.

Well, these normal categories have been destroyed through “antiracism”, “tolerance”, “help refugees” and so on. Some say the endgame of this all is the destruction of all otherness. Everyone shall melt into the Brave New World! Of course, the lack of clear or firm references only fosters anomie, when related people start acting as antagonists towards each other whereas hostile strangers are welcomed with open arms. As millions of whites rejected the brainwashing, the System started to otherize them. Now “fascists” and “right-wingers” are the new Other. Not only are we deemed more foreign than foreigners, but our very existence is deemed intolerable.

“Humanism” is nothing else than a ploy to de-humanize those who won’t follow.

5. Fostering new conflicts

“A group of happy Black people? Can’t be! Let me organize them!”

All “minorities” are inventions wholly created to gang against Whitey. Different people, who went along together, were antagonized by narratives of “oppression”, purported past wrongs, and encouraged to follow their newly discovered identity. Thus a centrifugal movement, made of contradictory desires, revenge-seeking, leads everyone farer from each other. This is controlled dialectics.

Isn’t that strange that they promote “creativity”, “self-expression”, i.e. smaller tribalism and individualism, at the same time than the one-world dream? These trends are clearly contradictory. Unless the first is but a means towards the second. Once again—destroy and rebuild.

6. Exacerbating differences that split

Gangsta culture, LGBTism as a shining example of freer, cooler individuals, Muslims as spiritual and oppressed exotics, white cucks doubling down on attacking their own kin as to virtue-signal. Imploded into widely different and potentially antagonist subcultures, society has let room for communities. Common sense, common understanding, a shared sense of norms and belonging have been well eroded. Civilization has exploded. Only its infrastructure remains.

If the Left was not bound by its hatred against us and dependent from the System, its hive would have imploded long ago.

7. Construing new norms on the ruins of the normal

Among hippie-like students as inside families, the lack of norms leads to a string of problems: substance abuse, immediate gratification-seeking, a lack of tolerance to frustration, autism, hyperactivity or inability to focus, manipulative behaviors, psychopathologies… all leading to a new phase of conformism and cowardice. The Greeks already knew of this.

Destroying norms and limits was but a phase of the process. The next phase consists in re-making the norms, which relieves the mind from contrived internal conflicts, but differently. Now, people are allowed and strongly encouraged to discriminate on political grounds, to establish a hierarchy between different communities and their purported past sufferings, and to imitate what is in the media, academic or other systemic institutions. Why can girls discriminate absolutely whom they want to talk to whereas men should accept to give themselves to fat, entitled, disgraceful slobs? Because the demiurgic social engineers wanted it that way.

8. Maintaining invisibility

Just some rich dudes’ party. Move on

During all these steps, a true member of the elite should remember to maintain invisibility. Indeed, if someone feels like he is under attack, he will try to defend himself, and if the targeted individual manages to spot the attacker he may attract the attention of others on it, which would limit the attacker’s possible moves. Thus, everything should be made so that the attacker is either not perceived or not taken seriously.

The dumbest will believe that Leftism is “love” or that whatever comes next—that is, the next step of onslaught and degeneracy—will be cool. Gay marriage forced by the Supreme Court is awesome! Refugees are so enriching!

More commonsensical people will be tricked into believing that the threat comes from “terrorism”, or from the “far right”, or from Islam—as opposed to Western degeneracy and stripped of any racial implication—or whatever bogus cause that can be summoned. Fake opposition from a so-called radical Left that attacks “the bankers” without ever mentioning other actors of the crisis or who exactly bankers are before reinforcing the anti-right, anti-white, anti-Trump conditioning also make a good job at this.


Neuro-Linguistic Programming is a filtered-down version of the techniques used by the elite. As Lucien Cerise says, if cognitive sciences start from the assumption that the mind works like a computer, those who use them can consider that average people can be reprogrammed or “rewritten”, just as they can be disconnected or reconnected at will. This thinking suppresses people’s agency. Humans become mere matter between the hands of know-better social engineers—and we, just like the world we live in, are increasingly reshaped and remold by the mad will of power cultists.

Fortunately, once you know the tricks, spotting them is much easier.

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