Individuals within the body politic are what cells are to organisms. Just as people can catch diseases, nations can suffer from ideological maladies. Here’s how the feminism disease progresses.

Stage 1: Benign growth

Has a threat ever been more idle?

Feminism begins as a benign condition, but case studies show that it often metastasizes into malignancy. Political movements in democratic societies are similar to homeostasis processes in organisms. If groups are disadvantaged under the law, they will consider this unfair and pursue change. This becomes pathological, if in excess (disrupting the homeostatic balance the other direction), or if hidden agendas become vectors for ideological pathogens.

In some nations—particularly under Sharia law—women really are oppressed, and very badly. Most feminists overlook this, and some even ally themselves to radical Islam. Note well, that seems paradoxical to anyone who doesn’t understand modern feminism’s real agendas.

When America’s first wave of feminism began with the 1848 Seneca Falls convention, women were treated far better than Middle Eastern standards. Women had their expected roles and obligations, but so did men. For example, back in those “bad old days”, a man could be conscripted into war, unlike women. Eventually, stage 1 feminism achieved its objectives of equality under the law. The exceptions are areas disadvantaging men (like divorce law or the draft).

Women attained the vote gradually, beginning with Wyoming in 1869 and eventually all the USA in 1920. By itself, this was not problematic until feminism became malignant. Finally, if someone claims women have no power in society, that’s been false for nearly a century.

Stage 2: Malignant hostility

Andrea Dworkin, radical feminist and doughnut addict

Second wave feminism began in the mid-1950s, and the infection was spreading rampantly through the body politic by the mid-1960s. It metastasized through exposure to potent toxins from the ideological malady called cultural Marxism, a mutant strain of Communism.

There are diagnostic criteria to determine if any political movement has become a malignant ideological malady. A biopsy can examine if individuals at the center resemble normal people, or are a mutant strain. Also, are they acting in symbiosis toward the common good of the body politic, or are they sabotaging critical functions and spreading discord? Finally, when their goals are met, are they placated or do they make even more radical demands?

With 1963’s Equal Pay Act, the final objective of American feminism’s benign variety was met. (Next time someone whips out the pay gap myth, remember that equal pay for equal work has been federal law for over fifty years.) Did feminists declare it a job well done and celebrate the golden peace between men and women? Did they give us even a crumb of gratitude for acquiescing? No, demands just became even shriller.

A decade later, they got abortion, which by now has even exceeded the body count of FDR’s good buddy “Uncle Joe” Stalin. Yet even that wasn’t enough to placate feminists. Were the gods of liberalism thirsting for blood?

During stage 2 feminism, diseased individuals (including some who are literally crazy) spread this mind-virus. During this phase of infection, this new contagion infects great quantities of normal females, lacking any natural ideological immunity. Feminists suffer chronic irritation, some even shrieking with rage.

Infected individuals irrationally fear all males, no matter how benevolent or harmless. Social heart disease begins as male-female relations are poisoned. The divorce rate reaches 50%. Reproduction slows; some individual lineages start becoming extinct.

Stage 3: Tertiary sybaritic syndrome

Res ipse loquitur

The third wave of feminism began during the early 1990s. The fever abated slightly, but the infection was far from running its course. Some even questioned what they were doing, but quickly got shouted down. Then, screeching about oppression quickly renewed. Feminists began exacerbating comorbid cultural Marxist conditions, a symptom called “intersectionality”.

Stage 3 feminism profoundly affects the life cycle of individuals. In the past, males and females would pair up and form families, a biological fact quite displeasing to second wave feminists. Stage 3 feminism promoted “alternative lifestyles”. Sterile same-sex pairing is just the beginning.

Youthful high-class female individuals are encouraged to enter college. That wouldn’t be problematic if not for other factors. They’re indoctrinated and have massive debt by graduation, educated to serve corporations and generate more tax revenue. During their most fertile years, they consume large quantities of ethanol and mate frequently. However, a constellation of arbitrary criteria (not flashy enough, too short, middle class, too nice, etc.) are grounds for rejection.


Only when the bloom of youth fades is “settling down” acceptable. Marriage requirements include having adequate resources and not minding used goods. If he displeases her (usually expressed as “I’m not happy”), then she can terminate her vows of “till death do us part”, steal half his money in court, and then find another sucker. Reproductive rates are low; feminism encourages them to keep slapping the “snooze” button on the biological clock until it’s too late.

A different disease progression creates low-class females. They internalize “you don’t need a man” to include raising children. Beginning at an early age, these specimens spawn several children by multiple absentee fathers. Often they’re observed in discount stores, having double the normal body mass, with their underdisciplined illegitimate offspring in tow. The government buys their votes through tax money collected from males and high-class females.

Stage 4: Artificially-induced domestic strife

In the USA, feminism metastasized into the fourth wave about ten years ago. Stage 4 feminism is tightly aligned to cultural Marxism. Its practitioners are difficult to distinguish from Social Justice Warriors. Many male individuals also are infected by now, unaware that they’re being played as useful idiots, much like chickens persuaded to vote for Colonel Sanders.

While feminism was mutating, cultural Marxism itself was mutating too. No longer having Soviet ideological guidance, its former proxies in Western academia started pushing things in very strange directions. For example, the Frankfurt School wanted to turn Americans into a nation of wimps, reduce social cohesion, and inflict guilt complexes useful to their ideology. However, they wouldn’t in their wildest dreams have imagined the US military paying for sex change operations, or school children encouraged in that neurosis too.

Stage 4 feminism profoundly affects the reproductive life cycle of individuals even beyond stage 3 dysfunction. Heterosexual activity is discouraged: cockblocking, “street harassment” rhetoric, dreadful lies about “rape culture“, etc. Unfounded accusations obtain great publicity; when discovered to be false, there are no consequences for the accuser.

By this time, multitudes of invasive bodies are entering the nation because of comorbid multiculturalism. Rather than establishing symbiosis in the new society, they freely consume its resources.

Stage 5: Terminal phase

Welcoming collective suicide

The nation is near death. The feminist agenda is completely unopposed. Individuals are infected early in their growth stages. Dissent—something that could inoculate against infection—is prohibited. The high viral load causes individuals to reproduce at only half the rate needed to sustain the nation, which begins to wither quite rapidly.

Then invasive bodies attack the host with impunity, just as happens to an AIDS patient. The government (the nation’s cerebral executive function) will even encourage this, because all the while it’s been infected by the alien microbes that released the cultural Marxism toxins. The law (the nation’s immune system) is utterly paralyzed and can’t control the invaders. Several case studies show that it will not react at all if massive numbers of female individuals are targeted. However, the law will still punish free speech by healthy individuals trying to halt the diseases killing the nation.

The USA isn’t at stage 5 yet, though Sweden is nearing terminal infection, and some other Western European nations show symptoms of full blown compromised immunity. At this point, curing nations of malignant feminism and comorbid cultural Marxism becomes extremely difficult. If untreated, death is inevitable. The invaders will die off too after they’ve devoured the nation’s corpse, and so will their enablers, but they’re oblivious to this.

The cure

Where’s Augusto when you need him?

If feminism reaches stage 2, the best course of treatment is to deploy powerful ideological remedies attacking the root cause of cultural Marxism. This should begin as soon as possible, before the nation becomes gravely ill. If feminism reaches stage 5, then emergency surgery might even be necessary to try to save what’s left of the body politic.

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