All across the Western world, but most notably in the United States, we keep on hearing about how awful “white supremacy” is. Apparently, white people (and particularly white men) have too much political power in society, keep taking all the best jobs, keep taking all the biggest movie roles, and have a hard-on for beating up black men on the street for “no reason” via the modern day slave patrol or “police force”.

Rather than acknowledging that political power tends to come naturally with majority demographics, lucrative jobs favor a culture which emphasizes good education and marketable skills, the movie industry is actually exceedingly Jewish, and black criminal responsibility is equally as important as police brutality, white society just needs to regularly be browbeaten and demonized at any chance by SJW’s and their Marxist media platforms.

White men who are right wing, heterosexual, and Christian are particularly sidelined for criticism and scorn, and treated like they are all closet Ku Klux Klan members and Nazi’s in their private lives.


A rather silly looking outfit which a lot of SJW’s think is hiding in every right wing heterosexual Christian white male’s wardrobe.

This “white supremacist” power structure is treated like it’s the scourge of the modern age, and it must be “dismantled” (ie. white men removed from positions of power and influence) around the globe at all costs. Because according to SJW’s, “everybody suffers from white supremacy”. Even other white people which seems rather odd…

However, this article will let you know in four key points that white supremacy as the left describes it is a farce. White supremacy is a good thing, and it should be celebrated in the same way the left thinks meaningless diversity should be “celebrated”.

Please note that the frequent use of “white supremacy” in this article is meant to be tongue-in-cheek and to mock SJW publications overuse of the term. Additionally, my definition of white supremacy in this case is not to denote a country where whites are superior and have special privileges, but a country where whites maintain a clear demographic majority and the national culture is centered on white European traditions and free market capitalism.

1. They Have The World’s Highest Standards Of Living

The Top 20 countries on the Human Development Index. All but 5 (Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Israel) are white supremacies. The white supremacies graciously allow various levels of non-white immigration, while Israel, South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, and Singapore have very restrictive immigration policies. In fact, Israel’s migration policy is outright RACIST against anyone who is not Jewish.

White supremacist countries like Norway, Australia, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, Germany, Netherlands, New Zealand, Switzerland, Canada, and the United States all share the distinction of having the world’s highest standards of living. In these countries where people of northern European extraction predominate, infrastructure is reliable and well-maintained, corruption is low, civil rights and liberties are high, technological innovation is high, jobs are on the cutting edge, and hospitals and universities are world class.

To put it mildly, things just work.

Meanwhile, the bottom 20 countries are almost exclusively black African nations. Liberia ranks 177th, a country which was founded by freed African American slaves in order to (oddly enough) escape white supremacy.

On the other hand, much of the rest of the world’s nations vary in their levels of infrastructural, educational, and political dysfunction. Additionally, these countries are often plagued with grinding poverty, substandard healthcare, poor job prospects, and questionable civil liberties for the common citizenry.

Even in the wealthy northeast Asian countries (which don’t allow foreign migrants beyond token numbers), many people in those lands still desire to move to white Western countries for greater variety of employment opportunities, access to much more spacious housing, to escape cutthroat standards of conformity, and to embrace the west’s much greater respect for individualism (which helps foster Thomas Edison and Elon Musk types.)

The various peoples of the entire world reap innumerable benefits by living within a nation which is considered white supremacist. However, those benefits are greatly called into question if the dominant group which is responsible for making those countries so desirable in the first place (white people) are being dispossessed by mass immigration. White demographics need to stay high in all of these countries so that the non-East Asian minority groups living within them can equally thrive.

2. They Have The World’s Lowest Levels Of Racism And Intolerance

Cultural Marxist agendas constantly try to insinuate that white Westerners are very intolerant and well, just act sort of outright cunty towards non-white and non-Christian foreigners. The preceding clip of a man in a New York City dentist office being told by a white woman not to speak his scary “Muslim” language is a perfect example of this melodramatic propaganda.

This is absolutely not the case, and countries which are demographic white supremacies are in fact the most tolerant and most accommodating nations on the entire planet. For example, the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Uruguay, Australia, Finland, New Zealand, Ireland, Canada, and Iceland were named the world’s 10 most tolerant countries. All of these nations are white supremacist in their racial and religious (Christian) demographics.

japan discrimination

Some of the wealthy northeast Asian nations like Japan are NOT very tolerant as you can see. White supremacies the world over would not put up with this sort of ethnic and linguistic discrimination for a SECOND.

By comparison, even the wealthy nations of northeast Asia express their intolerance and unaccommodating nature by accepting hardly any immigrants, and some even forbid foreign tourists of any race from using many hotels and shops at various locations throughout the country. Well that’s not very nice is it!?

As for many black or Muslim countries, don’t even get us started. African countries like Liberia clearly state in their constitution that only people of black African ancestry can become citizens, while not a single white country on Earth has such racist clauses anymore. Furthermore, Muslim nations are among the most intolerant and barbaric.

The religion of peace still executes people in some countries for saying “I quit” (apostasy).

Women cannot show their faces or drive in Saudi Arabia, homosexuals can be killed in many Muslim nations, apostasy can be punishable by death, gay marriage is legalized pretty much nowhere, and non-Muslim minority groups like the Coptic Christians of Egypt are treated like 2nd class citizens at best.


White countries, with all their guaranteed freedoms of religion and expression on offer, and the great liberties that women, homosexuals, and other groups enjoy, don’t sound so bad now do they? White Christian societies made all of those liberties happen.

3. They Have The World’s Best Salaries And Career Opportunities

usa black family

Despite lower levels of economic prosperity compared to other groups (primarily due to personal choices and their potential consequences), the approximately 45 million African Americans enjoy a median household income of $35,500 (compared to $350 in nearby Haiti). Black Americans additionally benefit from white-orchestrated affirmative action policies designed to further increase their employment opportunities and economic standing. The “white supremacist” U.S.A. also has over 35,000 black millionaires. More than the ENTIRE CONTINENT of Africa.

As you can see from the preceding factoids, via living in a white supremacist country, African-Americans enjoy the highest annual earnings of any highly populous black population in the entire world, and by a considerable margin. As politically incorrect as it may sound, and with no desire to cause (butt) hurt feelings, there is not a single truly prosperous and high-income black country elsewhere on the entire planet.

People from all over the world desire to relocate to one of many white countries, as they offer a level of career advancement, along with their generous corresponding salaries, which are essentially non-existent in their home nations. In fact, certain non-white ethnicities (Indians & Chinese for example) in “white supremacies” earn even higher average salaries than the white majority, while the irony of the situation is that their ancestral homelands are noisy, polluted, and low-income.

indian student

A university student in India, a country where people still defecate in the street and the nominal per capita income is less than $1,600. Ask him where he wants to go to get a lucrative career and he will probably say Australia, Canada, the United States, or the United Kingdom. All of them white supremacies.

The benefits of having a generous income cannot be understated. An abundance of money offers peace of mind in that healthy food will be on the table every night, the rent or mortgage will be paid, the motor vehicle will be full of gas, and that much desired overseas holiday can be paid for. White supremacist countries offer this kind of economic security which is lacking in most of the world.

And speaking of travelling overseas…

4. Their Citizens Have The Most Visa-Free Travel

Sadiq Khan, the shitty Pakistani-British SJW mayor of Londonistan. His white supremacist British passport allows visa-free or visa-on-arrival access to 173 countries and territories. By comparison, a passport from his dysfunctional homeland would only allow visa-free or visa-on-arrival access to 29 countries and territories.

When you are the citizen of an economically prosperous country with a strong human rights record and representative government (ie. most countries predominated by people of northern European extraction), you are rewarded with a privileged passport which offers well over 150 countries that they can visit either visa-free or visa-on-arrival at worst.

Why? Because the citizens of most white countries are accurately considered to be low-risk candidates for people to overstay their visits (illegally migrate), be unable to afford their journeys duration and departure, and be highly unlikely to swarm the local refugee or political asylum offices.

black woman europe

A jovial African-American woman travelling abroad on her white supremacist U.S. passport, ranked 3rd in the world with 174 countries and territories visa-free or with visa-on-arrival. By comparison, most sub-Saharan African passports are among the world’s most restrictive due to the continents rampant poverty, corruption, and instability.

Such passports are not inherently white supremacist and “racist” of course, as the wealthy and peaceful Asian countries of Japan, South Korea, Singapore, and Hong Kong etc. also have very strong passports. It is purely due to the economic and political standing of the country in question.

Since white Europeans and northeast Asians have proven themselves time and time again to maintain the most advanced (and therefore unfucked) societies, it is for the benefit of everyone in high-performance white majority countries that the white population remains in the clear majority. Your passports power depends on it, because the wealthy northeast Asian countries are certainly not very well known for taking in immigrants who are not of their core ethnicity!


Sundar Pachai, the Indian-born CEO of Google, one of the white supremacist USA’s largest corporations. In his oppressed minority position, he has the power to terminate white male employees who express thought crimes (red pill truths) about gender, and point out the obvious discrimination against conservatives in tech companies.

As you can see from the preceding four points, “white supremacy” really isn’t so bad after all. Butthurt SJW’s of many various factions seem to be complaining about it all the time, but we don’t exactly see them filling out their forms to move to Liberia, or return to whatever third world nation (like India) they originally came from to try and escape white supremacy or carve out a successful career there in any considerable numbers.

Why? Because life is good, healthy, functional, accommodating, innovative, financially abundant, and tolerant in white supremacies. And it is the white European natives, and their majority white settlers in the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand which made all of these wonderful things possible for non-Europeans in the first place.

In short, the left has got it all wrong. White supremacy is not a horrible thing. White supremacist countries are in fact a fantastic thing for everyone who lives in one.

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