I claim to be a leader of men, who wages war against evil without cessation and without mercy. I also claim to be a protector of the weak who never recoils before the enemy.

Some have groaned and complained about these unrealistic, self-aggrandizing claims. Yet, I assure you, my rhetoric is purposefully and unashamedly grandiose. My prose is well calculated. There is method to my madness. Allow me to explain.

In the past couple of years, I have violently sauntered upon an incredibly severe truth – facts, reason and logic are not as important as I thought they were. Emotions trump reason, always. Why? Because reason can rationalize and justify, but emotion motivates.

Scott Adams, a philosopher and expert on persuasion has helped shape these views, and this article builds on many of his brilliant ideas. Here, I stand on the shoulders of this intellectual giant (and others).

Reason and logic are masculine

While reason, common-sense and logic are the social capital that men have used to drive civilization forward, to bring us to the moon, and to cure all sorts of ailments and diseases, they are ineffective when used to communicate to the general masses, and those of lower intelligence.

This is especially the case when speaking to women. Dr. Jordan Peterson has surgically extrapolated the consequences our historic gender roles have had on our political values, and how we view reality. Where men have pushed each other to explore, to produce, to invent, to protect and to build, women were tasked with distributing resources throughout the “in-group”. As such, for the female mind, equality and fairness trump conscientious virtues associated with male production (that are far more fact reliant).

Fairness and equality are emotionally driven, yet male endeavors of production and gathering of resources require a hard realism. Our male ancestors needed to fend off vicious predators to obtain resources. They needed to climb, to lift and to strategize to protect their women and children from the elements and barbaric armies. These endeavors are not emotionally compelled. They depend on intelligence, reason and pragmatism.

Why President Trump is a monster to the Left

For these reasons, many women on the left, and their effeminate beta-male orbiters, view President Trump so differently than masculine men. Where masculine men (like readers of this blog) see a great builder, a brilliant persuader and a man motivated by pragmatic common-sense (i.e. build a wall to keep illegal migrants out), the feminine Left sees him as a monster who endangers their ability to redistribute resources to those who are “vulnerable” and “oppressed.”

To evangelize the left and bring it out of its collective insanity, we will need to adopt this emotionally oriented message. That is the only way we reach the hearts and minds of these equality driven, culturally suicidal modern women.

Let me be clear. We will remain staunch and steadfast in our views. But our messaging will have to change and evolve, if we are to survive the impending feminist dark ages, and continue to build this movement.

Our enemies are using nukes while we use swords

For while we fumble in the manosphere with facts and figures, using the masculine virtues of reason and logic, our enemies in the Social Justice radical left along with their Alphabet Soup Nazi allies (LGBTQRSTUV etc..) deploy methods that are far superior – they appeal to the masses’ emotions and feelings, even if those appeals are devoid of truth and reality. And the Left eats it with the same vigor as solid game being delivered upon a young woman with ‘Daddy Issues.’

These truths have also been expounded by veterans of the game, albeit in a different context. Too often, us men, especially those with above average IQ’s, employ reason and logic, so that we are made impotent, unable to communicate and speak an emotional, less intelligent language that women understand and so desperately crave.


In this feminized epoch of history (perhaps the first ever), where many men have adopted a feminine-centric fairness-based outlook, we will need to re-orient our powers of seduction to seduce the masses into adopting our political views. Like ‘game,’ political seduction will need to be an emotionally driven pursuit. We will need to taunt and tease our ideas into the collective zeitgeist and slowly and vigorously thrust and penetrate our dogma into the feminine sphere, so that our superior seed of survival and self-preservation will bear us a new more masculine, sane political progeny.

Where once we relied on moral, pragmatic arguments, we will need to evolve them into emotionally based views that appeal to fairness and equality.

Example 1 – Abortion should be illegal

Let us examine how this would play out in a pro-life/anti-abortion argument:

While I, and many here would condemn abortion for its moral depravity, and for the hard reality that it destroys demographic continuity and eliminates a woman’s sense of self-responsibility, an emotional/fairness based argument spoken to a leftist would look like this: Why is it fair for you to kill fetuses who would develop into human beings, while you yourself were able to survive such a predicament and become a human being?

Example 2 – The West should avoid importing mass amounts of “refugees”

Another example, relates to mass migration of foreign hordes. The manosphere argument looks like this: it is wrong to import mass amounts of people with inferior values than us, since they will be unable to integrate with the rest of society, and cause social chaos (Exhibit A – Western Europe). This makes sense for moral and common-sensical reasons.

An emotional/fairness based argument looks like this: allowing mass migration is not fair to working class people, who will have to bear the brunt of the ill-effects of these migration patterns.

If the left counters with their relativistic nonsense, and claim that these migrants will not be a strain on social resources, but a benefit (since “diversity is our strength”), then the alternative argument would be: importing migrants en masse is unfair since it is exploitative and predatory. We Westerner’s should stop bombing their homelands and displacing them, sending them onto dangerous journeys where they put themselves at severe risk of death. It’s not fair to these developing countries that we then pluck out their young men and women, which causes major demographic imbalances for them.

These arguments are not morally, or pragmatically oriented. They are inferior since they are driven by fairness and equality, yet the conclusion is the same – abortion should be illegal/foreign migrants should not be imported en masse to the West. In order to evangelize and spread the red pill gospel, we will need to start appealing to the left’s emotions.

Know your audience

Back to my bio, I write these things because they are meant to invigorate and to inspire you – my fellow dissidents – so that together, we can reclaim Western nations. My prose changes according to the audience that I am addressing.

On our quest to reclaim Western lands then, we will need to win the hearts and minds of the masses, by speaking their language, by appealing to their emotions and their sense of fairness and equality. We will need to change our prose accordingly. While foreign hordes are knocking at our gates, our skills of seduction can very well save our societies. For us to survive, we must seduce, charm, manipulate, and enchant the female voter.

Only then can we lift our movement from the underground, into the mainstream, where we will achieve great victories for Christendom, for freedom and for truth.  We will protect our women, we will defend our brethren, and we will defeat the Globalist enemies who torment us like demons.

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