By now, every Canadian is aware of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s $10.5 million cheque to Omar Khadr, a convicted Canadian terrorist. Khadr, who manufactured roadside bombs for al-Qaeda, and murdered an American soldier, pled guilty to terrorism-related charges in 2002, and was interned in Guantanamo Bay for a decade. Although Khadr’s Constitutional Rights were violated during his tenure, even wrongfully-convicted criminals do not receive so sizeable a settlement.

How to become a multi-millionaire in Trudeau’s Canada? Be a convicted terrorist with a unibrow.

The good news is that Canadians are annoyed: 71% of Canadians, including 61% of Liberal supporters, are against Trudeau’s largesse towards Khadr. The fact that the liberal government chose to settle, instead of going to trial, also raises uncomfortable questions.

Yet none of this is surprising. We are, after all, talking about Justin Trudeau, a man who gleefully exposes his children to gay pride parades, while wearing virtue-signalling ‘Eid Mubarak’ socks. Trudeau’s SJW degeneracy is nothing new, and has been well-covered in this outlet.

Justin Trudeau flirting with some dude

Justin’s Dad: Pure Alpha Male

What is surprising is this: Justin’s father, Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau, was the definition of alpha. Pierre’s response to terrorism was to invoke the War Measures Act, implementing martial law across Canada in 1970. When a CBC journalist was foolish enough to question the decision, Trudeau responded in a thoroughly masculine manner:

Indeed, Trudeau the senior seemed phased by little. When confronted by rioting Quebec separatists, while campaigning in 1968, Trudeau rejected his aides’ pleas to take cover, and publicly faced the rioters.

Pierre Trudeau’s background is also impressive: he attained a world-class education, attending Harvard, Sciences Po, and the London School of Economics.

His game was air tight. When Trudeau was first elected Prime Minister, aged 49, the press described him as a ‘swinging young bachelor.’ He dated the much younger Barbra Streisand, and in 1971, married 22-year-old Margaret Sinclair, whom he first met when she was 18. When he later divorced Margaret, he returned to his playboy ways: Allan Gotlieb, the Canadian ambassador to America, complained that Trudeau once brought three girlfriends to a dinner.

So how did such an alpha father engender such a shriveled excuse for a son? There is a simple explanation: leftist ideology.

Pierre’s Degenerate Leftism

While I respect Pierre Trudeau’s hard work, style, and intelligence, I deplore his leftist politics, which started early; when Trudeau was at Harvard, he wrote his dissertation on Marxism, and later fell under socialist Harold Laski’s influence in London.


As Canada’s Minister of Justice, he liberalized divorce laws and legalized abortion. During his second tenure as Prime Minister, he alienated resource-rich Western Canada with his National Energy Policy, a centrally-planned (i.e. ‘socialist’) program to dispel so-called affordable energy across the country. Most disturbingly, perhaps, he was responsible for the widespread adoption and promotion of multiculturalism, a policy which has wreaked havoc on true Canadian values.

Of course, such corrupt ideas politically translate into bad personal choices. According to The Globe and Mail’s Margaret Wente, Pierre Trudeau enjoyed women who were ‘young, gorgeous, lively, artistic, left-wing and a bit flaky.’ While the first four of these attributes are admirable, the latter two are certainly not, and Trudeau made the unfortunate decision to marry a slut.

Justin Trudeau’s mom: a whore who enjoyed clubbing

Margaret Trudeau, the woman who made Justin Trudeau a feminist, was a terrible wife to Justin’s father. While Pierre was busy crafting policy, Margaret was bored, and entertained herself by going out clubbing, sleeping with random men, and snorting cocaine. For her sixth wedding anniversary, Margaret ‘partied’ with Mick Jagger in the back of his limousine, and, later in her life, expressed regret that she hadn’t had sex with every Rolling Stone band member.

The Prime Minister’s wife herself admitted to affairs with Lou Rawls, Tom Sullivan, and Jack Nicholson in her autobiography, and some even allege that she had sex with Fidel Castro and Ted Kennedy. In addition to these adulterous liaisons, she abused cocaine and other drugs.

Is it truly shocking that this woman is mother to a cuckolded Prime Minister? Pierre Trudeau, as alpha as he was, left his son’s rearing in the hands of an incapable and unstable woman.

A Cautionary Tale

The cuckolded Prime Minister of Canada

Although this is purely speculative, imagine if Trudeau senior had been more conservative and traditional: he would have chosen a pure girl to marry, or at least would have kept Margaret in her place. He would have been more active in young Justin’s education, and we would have been spared a SJW feminist Prime Minister today.

I have heard that towards the end of his life, Pierre Trudeau returned to his Catholic faith, and attended mass every day. Perhaps he realized the errors of his ways.

Regardless, the point is not to dwell on the past, but rather to use its lessons to inform us as masculine men. While it is certainly necessary to be an alpha father, it is not sufficient. Degenerate ideologies, like feminism, multiculturalism, and leftism, will cause your children to stray down a dark, dangerous, and ultimately self-destructive path.

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