Lately, society increasingly resembles Roman decadence as described in Juvenal’s Satires. The historical parallels are hard to miss. Indeed, Juvenal may be the grandfather of the alt right just as Ovid was the grandfather of the PUAs. Still, it seems we may be outdoing Rome’s decadence. The latest evidence is the transsexual agenda dictating to the prison system. Let’s see how this developed over time.

Richard Speck

(Warning—the following can’t be unseen.)

The first notable transsexual in prison was Richard Speck, a habitually drunken career criminal, and overall an evil and dirty man that no one wants to know. In 1966, he raped and murdered eight nursing students. A lone survivor hid out and later identified him. This oxygen thief was convicted and sentenced to ride the lightning, but the story doesn’t end there.

Although guilty as hell, in 1971, the Supreme Court ruled that his death penalty conviction was “unconstitutional”, so the state of Illinois must redo it. The next year, it became a moot point, since the liberal SCOTUS overturned all death penalty convictions in the USA. So Speck got re-sentenced, for 400-1200 years. Although he was doing time in a tough, maximum security prison, apparently he was having a blast. As one summary describes:

In May, 1996, five years after his death, a pornographic video made secretly in prison began airing on Chicago’s WBBM-TV showing the mass murderer wearing woman’s panties, doing drugs, having sex and bragging about living the good life at Stateville prison. A total embarrassment for Illinois lawmakers, the tape, believed to have been shot in 1988, shows Speck handling $100 bills and casually snorting from a huge pile of coke. At one point he says, “If they only knew how much fun I was having in here, they would turn me loose.”

A feminine-looking Speck appeared to have taken hormone shots and, like fellow killer Bobby Joe Long, seemed to be sporting a pair of tits. It is unclear how the jailhouse Tarrantinos obtained the equipment to make their porn video. Besides Speck two other inmates appear on the tape, Speck’s black lover, or in prison lingo, “his bitch,” and the film maker himself who casually pops in for a line of coke. After viewing the video, Illinois state Representative, Al Salvi, said the demeanor of Speck and the others suggest “that they had the run of the place.” On the tape, the convicts do not appear worried about getting caught. At one point Speck acknowledges that he killed the eight nurses saying that it, “just wasn’t their night.” For years he claimed to have “blacked out” on drugs, and couldn’t remember anything about the killings.

It’s been speculated that becoming a prison punk with chemically-induced breasts was a means of survival, or possibly a strange form of atonement. However, given his statements, those explanations don’t hold up. He clearly wasn’t sorry about anything, and he was partying it up behind bars.

No doubt the female hormones (like the dope) had to get smuggled in. However, in the Current Year, all that’s different. In some places, that will be provided by the state, because Constitutional rights.

Robert Kosilek

Cuter than Andrea Dworkin at least.

Unlike Richard Speck, Robert Kosilek (who now goes by Michelle) first took female hormones as a young adult and grew breasts. Despite this, he got married, but—as you might guess—things didn’t turn out well. As the legal papers say:

About two and one-half years later, in October of 1992, the defendant gave a series of recorded interviews to a television news reporter. An audiotape recording of one of the interview sessions was played for the jury. During the interview, the defendant stated that: on the day of the murder, he and the victim had been in an argument; the victim threw boiling tea into the defendant’s face; he then knocked the victim down; she grabbed a butcher knife and chased the defendant into another room, threatening to kill him; he picked up a piece of wire that had been on a table; and this was all he was able to recall until he woke up days later in the hospital. The defendant stated in the interview that he “probably, because of the trauma of it… went into a black out at that moment.” He also said, “Apparently, I did take her life. It was probably in self-defense.”


We don’t have the wife’s side of the story, of course, because she’s dead. She had been strangled by both a rope and piano wire. That seems strangely like the “suicide” of Rudolf Hess. Be that as it may, note well that leaving loops of piano wire on your coffee table is just plain bad luck. Don’t do that.

In 1993, Kosilek was convicted by a Massachusetts court to life without possibility of parole, and became famous for filing lawsuits about transgender issues. In 2002, the court granted hormone therapy and psychiatry, based on 8th Amendment protections against cruel and unusual punishment. Ten years later, a district court ruled that denying sex change surgery was also unconstitutional. Thus, refusing sex change operations to lifers is the same moral category as drawing and quartering.

And taxpayers foot the bill

At least it wasn’t a bad hair day.

The barriers the above trailblazers encountered are on the way out. The transgender agenda has reached complete convergence in California (of course). The state that used to gas murderers will now give them free sex changes. The New York Times reports:

The policy, which took effect this week, grew out of a pair of successful lawsuits filed by inmates. In one, a federal court in April ordered the state to provide surgery to a prisoner, which transgender advocates hailed as a landmark victory, but the inmate was paroled while that ruling was on appeal, making the point moot.

Then, after years of fighting such requests, the state settled the other case in August, agreeing to surgery for Shiloh Quine, a convicted murderer formerly known as Rodney J. Quine, who is serving a life sentence. California’s prisons already provided hormone therapy to transgender inmates, but experts said the Quine settlement was the first time any state had agreed to taxpayer-funded surgical reassignment for an inmate.

I do love California despite all its faults (geological and otherwise), but come on, people! Indeed, early in 2017, Shiloh Heavenly Quine—a 57 year old lifer—became the first to receive a sex change surgery at taxpayer expense. Who says crime doesn’t pay?

As the article states:

Ms. Quine told a prison psychologist who recommended her for the operation that it would bring a “drastic internal completeness.”

So the story has a heart-warming ending, right? As for Quine’s victim, he doesn’t have the opportunity for self-actualization, of course, because he’s dead.

Logic time

Denying someone an emergency appendectomy would be cruel and unusual punishment, but nobody dies from not getting elective surgery. That’s right—a sex change operation doesn’t really turn a man into a woman; it’s just extensive cosmetic surgery.

It’s a controversial point. There are two ideas concerning what a “trans-woman” is:

  • A woman trapped in a man’s body; or
  • A delusional man who thinks he’s a woman.

The first proposition isn’t supported by hard science, though psychologists with agendas offer plenty of mumbo-jumbo. Occam’s Razor favors the second proposition. Delusional people certainly do exist. They’re easily observable, unlike female souls inhabiting male bodies (which can’t be proven to exist). So then, why exactly are highly controversial and unproven psychological notions treated as Holy Writ?

Is penal trannymania confined to liberal states like California and Massachusetts? Apparently not. In 2013, the authorities in Harris County, Texas ruled that inmates will be placed in jail according to whichever gender they claim to be. Before that, Harris County Jail was notorious primarily for pizza that tastes like cardboard with cheese baked on top. (So, what do they do if someone claims to be non-binary or an attack helicopter?) If Juvenal were still around, he would’ve had some witty things to say about the law bending over backwards (or forwards?) for the transsexual agenda.

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