The developers of the massively popular ‘Game Of Thrones’ TV series, (((D.B. Weiss))) and (((David Benioff))), have recently announced that their next television project will be an alternate history dystopia called ‘Confederate‘. It will be set in a world where the Confederacy won the American Civil War, and the union of Dixie states are still fully functioning as of the late 2010’s.

Well now, if the Confederacy won the American Civil War, it just had to be a dystopia right?

Admittedly, at present there is only so much we can speculate on the project. However, if there is one thing that we know for sure, it will act as little more than a multi million dollar white-shaming and white-guilt showpiece. Over 150 years in the making.

The shows two Jewish developers will make sure that ‘Confederate’ will portray white Southerners as poorly as possible, sanctify blacks, completely omit Jewish involvement in the slave business, and hopefully get as many non-white Americans as possible to further browbeat Caucasians and reiterate the dangers of “white supremacy” in real life.

The Bullshit Premise

“Confederate” will be set in an alternate universe where the South successfully secedes from the Union and remains the Confederate States of America, and in it’s wake “gives rise to a nation in which slavery remains legal and has evolved into a modern institution”. Both nations will continue to have antagonistic relations with each other, with the Mason-Dixon Line serving as a “DMZ” of sorts between the two countries.

Furthermore, according to the press, “the story follows a broad swath of characters … freedom fighters, slave hunters, politicians, abolitionists, journalists, the executives of a slave-holding conglomerate and the families of people in their thrall”.

The Present Day Reality

The announcement of this show almost seems like prophecy, as little more than a month ago I penned an article called “4 Flagrant Lies About The American Confederacy“, highlighting some of the most preposterous myths that people on the (mostly) political left keep regurgitating about the Civil War. In fact, the very first point in that article was the classic dissenting argument “If the South won, we would still have slavery”.

While the Confederacy did indeed live and die with the institution of slavery (the country only existed for four years in the early 1860’s), the presumption that a hypothetical modern C.S.A. would still keep Sub-Saharan Africans as property is an absolute absurdity. Yet so many blue pilled African-Americans, liberals, or just those outright lacking in simple historical and international knowledge, vehemently refuse to dismiss the notion.


Wait what’s that? Brazil was the last western Christian country to abolish slavery in 1888? And a black Muslim country called Mauritania still practices it? Oh….. “I’ll have to get back to you on that one”.

As I mentioned (and history will agree with me 100%), the country of Brazil was the last western Christian nation to abolish slavery in the year 1888. A combination of sweeping changes in the moral zeitgeist of the west, and a series of major technological advances in agriculture, rendered chattel slavery both hopelessly outdated and 100% economically impractical at that point in time.

There is absolutely no reason to believe that a hypothetical Confederate victory in the 1860’s would also see the institution of slavery go the way of the dodo in a maximum of 25 years for similar reasons, or roughly corresponding to the 1880’s much like Brazil.


At an extreme, any notion of Confederate slavery seeing the first light of day of the 20th century is laughably preposterous, as there is no doubt the country would have faced severe international condemnation, isolation, and trade sanctions from the British Empire, French Colonial Empire, German Empire, and the now fractured (but recovered) United States. Simply put, both economic and public relations suicide with the world’s largest economies of the late 19th century.

Beyond the West, slavery did not finally end in Imperial China until 1910, and it took until the mid 20th century in many hopelessly backward Arabian countries (but it’s the religion of peace remember!). Furthermore, none of those non-white cultures are made to feel any ongoing guilt or shame for their late-bloomer / post-1900 manumission process.

But oh well, let the left live by their emotional hyperbole and virtue signaling, instead of factual and rational reflection on broader historical events. “The (first world) south would still have slavery in 2017″. Let me direct you to next weeks slave auction in Charlotte…

Calling Out The Cultural Marxists

confederate tv series

Oh look at all these “dumb” white southerners. They’re so “ignorant” aren’t they? 😉

Thankfully, a lot of people aren’t putting up with this crap, even if it’s ultimately fruitless online protest. People can read the fine print and damn well know this series is going to do nothing but tacitly humiliate whitey, attempt to turn African-Americans against whitey, and attempt to remind the whole country that “white supremacy” harms everyone. Therefore, massive non-white immigration policies must remain a national priority.

In the meantime, keep a look out for at least several of the following cultural Marxist attributes when this Hollywood diarrhea hits the small screen.

Southern Nazis: “Well suh (sir), I do have reason to believe you are hiding runaway slaves under your floor boards. Do you deny it suh?”

  • Insinuation that the C.S.A. maintained peaceful or even supportive relations (similar to or even beyond authoritarian Spain) with fascist Germany and Italy in the World War II era. This is despite the C.S.A. being a constitutional Republic, which would have despised any notion of authoritarianism/fascism.
  • The Confederacy is a true “white supremacy” the left always dreams about. All non-whites are 2nd class individuals who cannot vote and must give up their seats, tip their hats, step aside on footpaths, and open doors for whites without any expectation of reciprocity.
  • Slaves will be beaten with whips on a regular basis. Expect lots of close-up shots of bloodied backs, distressed and crying faces, and tear-jerking melodramatic music made to instill maximum white guilt and maximum anger among Hillary and Bernie bots.
  • Complete omission or mention of Jewish slave holders or traders, despite huge Jewish involvement in the slave trade. It must be 100% White Christians.
  • White southerners will be given atrocious and room temperature-IQ sounding accents.
  • Slaves will be bought, traded, or sold on Tinder-like smartphone apps (called it!).
  • Waffle House imitation chain will be staffed by slaves. “Mo’ grits suh (sir)?”
  • Chick-Fil-A imitation chain will refuse service even to free blacks (a literal interpretation of the joke that the expensive fast-food joint is a “white” place to eat).
  • “Dog The Bounty Hunter” like reality TV shows which follow runaway slave catchers.
  • White southern women having sex with black male slaves – (via love and mutual consent, and to get away from their boring and beta slave-owning husband).
  • White southern men having sex with black female slaves – (via rape only).

It looks like the efforts by those in Hollywood and the media to further divide-and-conquer the races will not cease.

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