Assumed-to-be-retired Return of Kings author “Hamish Rangi“, who contributed two articles to the site in the middle of 2016, has been the latest target of social justice warrior witch hunts directed against the non-violent members of the manosphere.

His article “6 Reasons New Zealand Women Are The Worst In The Western World“, which addressed problems which are inherent to the female persuasion in his self-described home country, recently went semi-viral and attracted the attention of the New Zealand Herald (in a laughably sloppy article with asleep-at-the-wheel quality control and seemingly non-existent grammar checks), and a woman by the name of Millie Elder-Holmes.

Who Is Millie Elder-Holmes?

Millie Elder Holmes

Degeneracy 101 – Exhibit A: Millie getting the “Goddess!” treatment from her beta orbiters, who clearly love her copious butt-ugly tattoos that look like she landed on a giant griddle.

Millie Elder-Holmes (the hyphenated family name and rampant tattooing are automatic red flags) is the stepdaughter of Paul Holmes, a prominent New Zealand radio and television journalist who passed away in 2013. Her main preoccupations are lounging around Greece (probably on her fathers inheritance) and maintaining a by-the-numbers “progressive lifestyle blog” where everything is of course about “wellness”, “empowerment”, “healing”, and “letting go” among other cookie-cutter female fluff.

Further investigation into her background shows that previous years have been rife with self-destructive behavior and choices. This includes having had a taste for methamphetamine, and shacking up with a New Zealand ‘Head Hunters’ gang member who was later murdered.

head hunters

Nice choice of boyfriend Millie. Great foresight.

Two things can be summarized about Millie. First of all, she fits perfectly into a female archetype which has existed for as long as the written word has survived. She is “world-famous-in-New Zealand” for being nothing more than a semi-attractive wife or daughter of many a man who has actually accomplished something big in life, and has successfully been able to ride off their husbands or fathers coat tails with “no sweat equity”.

Second, she is another poster child for exactly what is wrong with modern dating, relationships, and the choices that young women make all over the west. They prefer to ride the cock carousel with degenerate, damaged, and even outright dangerous men while in their aesthetic prime, while completely sexually ostracizing nice and normal guys who are genuinely respectful, mannerly, don’t pierce or ink themselves, and won’t lead women on a path of self-destruction.

Those guys are just too “boring” or “not exciting” enough for an adventurous and “empowered” Kiwi lass. And now without further ado, we come to the prominent point of the article.


The Smoking Gun

millie elder-holmes

BINGO! Tacit approval for preemptive violence against Hamish means that Millie and her New Zealand Zerglings completely lost the moral high ground.

New Zealand has a lot of problems, such as cultural Marxist migration policies which are meant to displace white New Zealanders as quickly as possible from the country, gang violence, wildly overpriced and poorly insulated homes, and as we can now clearly see… belligerent women who want to violently lash out at a man who has brought no harm (nor any threat of harm) to any person, animal, or property.

Millie Elder-Holmes consciously decided to use her 77,000 follower Facebook page, “Clean Eatz NZ”, as a mouthpiece which would only end in a witch hunt against Hamish. Threats against him for his thought crimes (like his desires for Kiwi women to use less profanity, dress better, not disturb men just trying to get some dinner at McDonald’s, and not threaten to “fuckin’ whack” people over the phone) included dick punching, throat punching, and even stoning. Millie herself would never denounce any of these words, and even gave tacit approval to a preemptive dick punch.

Also, in a rather bizarre victimhood twist, a group called “White Ribbon New Zealand” denounced the article as “more toxic masculinity that only leads to violence”. Now just who exactly is making threats of violence? The ‘Roosh Right’ at Return of Kings, or the liberal left blood-thirst of Kiwi women?

White Ribbon New Zealand Hamish Rangi

White (Knight) Ribbon New Zealand thinks ‘toxic masculinity’ in article will lead to violence. Maori New Zealand woman with toxic femininity then proceeds to desire violence.


millie elder-holmes

Calls for throat punches and medieval executions (with laughter), and rampant profanity by New Zealand women. Hamish Rangi… we now see your point.

While Mr. Rangi’s article is undeniably chauvinistic (so what else is new with Return of Kings?), it’s claims are nonetheless backed up by several examples of factual evidence, such as the “twenty fuckin’ whacks” phone call, the number of sexual partners to stable marriage ratios, and the country of New Zealand clearly emphasizing too much masculine behavior for their women folk.

The article is also safely within the grounds of free speech that we are (supposed to) enjoy in representative democracies like New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Britain, and the United States. While presenting information that many may not like, it does not under any circumstance call for any violent actions against people or animals, destruction of property, or political insurrections/coups/riots. No article gets past the Return of Kings pending process which advocates any of those preceding no-no’s.

The fact that Ms. Elder-Holmes and her mostly female Kiwi followers made so many tacit or even outright blatant calls for violent action against Hamish, along with the copious amount of “cunt” filled profanity from their Facebook feeds, only comes to show that he was correct on a lot his assertions about degenerate New Zealand culture.

Women of Aotearoa, you ought to be ashamed of yourself.

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