As our society rots in peace along with the materialism and hedonism that comes with it, it is becoming clear that the only way to bring back true masculinity is to return to our warrior roots. Men were meant to battle for domination and conquest, and the fact that our modern society has relegated us to be useful money-making drones is what’s leading to the degradation of masculinity. It is no wonder that we are all lost as to what our true purpose is in this world.

Masculinity is man’s capacity to be a warrior

While there is much debate as to exactly what constitutes masculinity, I believe that it is defined primarily by men’s capacity as tribal warriors just as wolves are defined by their ferocity and their propensity to hunt in packs. You simply cannot be a man without being a warrior.

Now, some will disagree and say that you don’t have to be a warrior to be a masculine man. They will point to men of accomplishment in areas of money-making, creativity, and philosophy. But we should remember that being talented and great doesn’t necessarily make you masculine. These are different qualities.

Some others (especially the MGTOW crowd) associate masculinity with making scientific breakthroughs and contributing to the technological advancement, bringing up examples of Newton, Nietszche, Tesla, and so on. While their profound minds are admirable and their genius is undeniable, can we really say that these men were masculine?

To take a more modern example, we all saw what happened to the scientist Matt Taylor when he was targeted by feminists over a shirt he wore: he broke down into tears. While men certainly have higher logic than women and more productive minds, I wouldn’t tread too far and say that intelligence alone makes one masculine.

Masculine traits as warrior traits

Battle-hardened soldiers of Syria’s Tiger Forces who’s been fighting the Jihadists for years. These men won’t be cucked anytime soon.

Manhood is intrinsically connected to testosterone and testosterone is what fuels us to assert our violent will against the world. If you analyze all the core traits of masculinity, you’ll realize that they all correspond to traits that are both necessary attributes of warriors and cultivated through fighting as one. Those are:

  • Physical strength and skills necessary for combat.
  • Endurance, resilience, and the power of the will.
  • Bravery and decisiveness in the face of danger.
  • Stoic disposition and mental toughness.
  • Discipline and austerity.
  • Propensity for violence and aggression.
  • The drive for dominance and power.
  • Focus on a mission and a sense of purpose.
  • Intelligence and cunningness.
  • Honor and loyalty.

It’s also no surprise that many warrior traits are related to the Dark Triad traits that women find so irresistible, which explains why serial killers seem to activate a deep-seated sexual attraction within many women. To take another recent example, a woman who was working for the FBI flew to Syria to marry an ISIS fighter she was investigating. I guess all the other clean-cut, male agents in suits she was working with didn’t exude the raw and untamed masculinity of an Islamist soldier.

But even without such extreme examples, the facts are clear: women love and respect violent men who possess the warrior spirit. Just ask the wives of Vikings and Samurais if they ever thought about cheating on their husband or asking for equality.

Warriors are the backbone of a strong and healthy society

While many lament the demise of nationalism and traditional nuclear families, I would say that the disintegration of strong male groups is, by far, the greater calamity that is leading to the societal decline that we are witnessing all around us. In fact, hierarchical male order is the backbone of a strong and stable social order that allows vigorous national identity and patriarchal family formations to thrive. You can’t have nationalism and nuclear families without there first being men who are warriors.

Of course, the problem is that there is no need for strong group of organized men in today’s consumerist society. Our “civilization” has disintegrated male order in favor of an atomized population that is easier to exploit as economic units by the elites. Masculinity is becoming systematically obsoleted.

Being a warrior gives man a sense of purpose

Unfortunately I can’t remember nor find the the journal I’m referring to here from years ago, but the gist of the psychological study I had read showed that young European men in the military enjoyed the time they served as they were better adjusted, healthier, and formed deep social bonding with each other. They actually liked going through a routine, being told what to do, and having a sense of purpose. But once they were discharged and back home, many started to become lazy, unmotivated, and even depressed to a point of not wanting to get out of their beds.

While we use Alpha-Beta divide to (wrongfully) distinguish between masculine men and men who are emasculate and supplicating to women, we should remember that Alpha-Beta actually refers to male hierarchy (the actual antonym of alpha males would be the omega males). In the primal world, being a beta doesn’t mean that you aren’t masculine, but that you are subordinate to the alpha leader. Beta males are capable warriors in their own right and often challenge the alpha to become the new leader.

Knowing this, you have to wonder just how many “betas”—from effeminate cucks to frustrated youth full of angst—are merely men who never had a chance to be led by a strong male leader. When we don’t live in a warrior society, when we don’t have any brotherhood to belong to, we become lost and without a purpose like the European men who had just gone out of the military.

Men long to be warriors

I have a new friend who told me how much he loves the television series, Vikings. On a whim, I asked him if he wished he could live like a viking. His face brightened up and he answered with a resounding “Yeah!” And this is a shy and awkward young man who grew up under a domineering sister and without a father, a classic “beta” who barely works out and spends his free time watching anime. But in spite of it all, hidden inside his heart was his desire to be a warrior.

All men strive to become warriors whether they know it or not. They are fueled by the same testosterone that makes them desire sex. We know that boys who reach puberty want sex without ever having experienced it before as it is one of our core primal drive. The same is true for men and their desire to be warriors—it is something that is imprinted in our genes.

Why else do you think men enjoy aggressive sports and video games? Why else would men enjoy watching tribalism and violence through movies and television shows like The Expendables and Walking Dead? What other motive would push men to train in MMA, shoot guns, and join a gang or the military?

We all long to be warriors and we all enjoy the adventure, brotherhood, and the excitement that comes with it. The problem is that all we have today are surrogate activities as we no longer live in a warrior society.


Surrogate activities and compensations

An example of a modern day warrior: Level 90 Night Elf

As our society discourages and forbids our primal drives, it’s no surprise to see hordes of men dedicating themselves to surrogate masculine activities to compensate for their inability to actualize their lives as warriors. And those drives are often exploited by governments and corporations for their own gain. Masculinity has become commercialized.

Think about it: what are competitive sports if not surrogate activities that simulate war? The most popular sports are the ones where two opposing group of men, the modern-day gladiators, fight for victory in a controlled battlefield. And they exist for the sole purpose of keeping men’s testosterone in check by providing them an outlet to vent out their masculine energy while profiting from it.

The same can be said of other forms of entertainment. It’s not by accident that men love television shows and movies that depict violence, survival, and power struggle. And the most popular video games for men are RPG’s and first-person shooters where the player is a warrior in an adventure or a solider in war.

The compensatory activities also extends to other areas such as bodybuilding, money-making, picking-up women, Internet tribalism, and political struggles. They all use fragments of our warrior traits to achieve a section of our masculine needs. But they are never complete for they don’t honor our core identity that is buried deep within us. Surrogate activities cannot bring us contentment.

We should open our eyes and realize that all the hyped-up, macho entertainment exists only to keep us doused. No matter how many “masculine” and “red pill” films you watch, they will not make you a man for the same reason watching a marathon of martial arts films isn’t going to turn you into a Kung Fu master.

Masculine Intellectualism as just another surrogate activity

Reading about men who fight and conquer won’t make you a fighter and a conquerer. Drop the damn book and create your own legacy.

It wasn’t long ago that I wanted to read classic works like the Iliad, Count of Montecristo, Fight Club as well as the philosophical works of Seneca, Nietzsche, and Evola—not to mention the countless history books that recount the achievements of men. But now I find myself wondering: what the hell for? What will they add to all the works that I’ve already read? For example, I’m currently reading a book from the manosphere circle that is highly rated, but I find it far too trite to continue.

I used to believe that reading books, especially the timeless tomes of our forefathers, was a worthy task in cultivating our masculinity. And it is—up to a point. The problem with indulging in books is that it doesn’t take long before it turns into just another surrogate activity, one that traps your ego high up in the ivory tower. It becomes an exercise of intellectual masturbation to satisfy one’s own deep-seated longings: a way to escape from the modern degeneracy so that one can take refuge in words and thoughts instead of fighting in the real world in flesh and blood. It is just another way of compensating for our inability and unwillingness to move the world around us.

No book will ever compensate for lack of experience in real life. The brutal truth is that even if we spend our entire lives reading thousands of books on masculinity and the lives of great men from history, none of it will actually make us a masculine man, let alone change the society and culture. It’s safe to say that one month of fighting in a brutal war will harden a man into masculinity more than decades of reading “manly” books.

We have to admit to ourselves that we read and write on the topic of masculinity as a compensatory activity because our society prohibits us from exercising our warrior spirit. I’m sure that without the life-time of social conditioning that has made us passive and weak, most men would jump at the chance to live a life of a warrior instead of just reading and writing about it just like how no healthy man would prefer watching porn over real sex. And that’s exactly what “masculine” literatures are: porn for men who thirst for a masculine existence.

We have been robbed of our way of life

It pains me that I didn’t grow up in a warrior culture like these boys.

Much is said about how men today are turning into low-T betas and cucks, but why should they be any different? What motivates them to keep their masculinity sharp? The men of today’s West live in infinitely peaceful conditions and live in a culture that values safety over bravery. And since our society has no need for warriors (save for the professionals who will fight like dogs for the elites), they have absolutely no incentive to be masculine except when it’s time to pretend being tough for ego-validation.

For today’s technology-addicted, materialistic, and “progressive” men, maintaining masculinity is like still wearing a coat when it is summer. They have no use for masculinity and they don’t want to make the effort to cultivate it. The women, in turn, have no reason to respect men and behave feminine, which explains why our society is becoming more androgynized with each passing day.

And what about men who still value their masculinity? What serious options do we have? There are almost none. We have been robbed of our lives as we’ve been trained from childhood to serve a matriarchal system with “tolerance” and “equality” as our religion. The society doesn’t want us to be men; it wants us to become mere cogs for its machines. It wants us to be tied down to some soul-sucking and meaningless jobs.

I personally lament the fact that I never got to experience being a warrior in my youth. And what other meaningful activity should I be pursuing in my short life? I’m not interested in writing endlessly to vent out my repressed masculine drive; I’m not interested in making money or chasing “success” to compensate for emasculation; I don’t want to develop blabbering skills to attract women; I don’t want to continue pissing my life away on the Internet; and I certainly won’t be wasting any more of my time with entertainment and books.

My only real opportunity to be a warrior is to join the armed forces of a country I have no love for (Canada) just to be shipped out to fight people whom I have nothing against. And that is pretty much the choice of all men in the West: your only outlet to be a true warrior is to be a pawn for the state, risking your life in wars to benefit the globalists.


So, to answer the question: Can men be masculine without being warriors? The answer is yes and no. I suppose if you engage in just the right surrogate activities, train aggressively like a fighter, and put yourself through many life experiences that challenge your mind and body, you could simulate being a warrior and develop the masculine traits listed above. But ultimately, it will not be authentic and men as a whole (on average) will continue to be stripped of their masculinity.

Warrior is the only way for a man to be and all our social problems related to masculinity can be attributed to the decline of warrior culture. Any and all talk of defeating feminism and restoring masculine order is futile until we are willing to become warriors again.

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