Popular music has long been a major outlet for disseminating degenerate SJW trash. While the godlike radio airplay and online viewership of the likes of Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry, Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus, and other teenage girl corrupting singers do the heaviest damage, the less mainstream rock world also rubs some unwanted salt in societies proverbial wound.

This article will address five groups, of varying degrees of exposure, that no red pill masculine man should make any monetary contribution towards. Bleed the beast, one riff at a time.

1. Stray From The Path

I never heard of this group until Paul Joseph Watson gave them a well-deserved troll job. Affectionately dubbed a “cuckcore” band (it’s funny because it’s true), these guys lyrically hit just about all the SJW buttons you can think of.

Lots of profanity, cries about “racism”, cries about “hate”, cries about “Nazis“, cries about “supremacy”, “It’s the current year!” nonsense, what a supposed “threat” the KKK entails to everyone, and advocating wanton blood-spilling violence against people they disagree with.

Thankfully, their video for “Goodnight Alt-right” has been getting the lightsaber treatment online, and their underwhelming riffage and sky high cringe-o-meter reading should help ensure that their musical foray is either short-lived or unsuccessful. Hopefully both.

My best advice for these relatively unknown axe-wielding cucks is to set aside a sufficient amount of whatever cash they make for their tattoo removals. Because, in their own words, they are largely going to get “knocked the fucked out” of the two-figure-per-hour labor force unless they get rid of their degenerate neck ink.

2. Green Day

Green Day’s heyday was back in the mid 90’s, stretching from their 1994 megahit ‘Dookie’ album to their 1997 effort ‘Nimrod’. It was fun, simple, and catchy punk rock that mostly addressed social alienation, boredom, and relationships. Any faults you could find largely just boiled down to the juvenile music theory, and the fact that they weren’t much beyond juveniles themselves (all members were in their early 20’s during Dookie days).

However, ever since they sort of reinvented themselves with 2004’s ‘American Idiot’ album, intended for a new generation of youth, they have been on a systematic SJW downward slide. Aging into their 30’s, and now even their 40’s, while still paint brushing their hair in neon green or blue, also seems as ridiculously out of place as their late-bloomer liberal college campus politics.

Try and cherish the memories of a 1995 era Green Day, because they are a cringe-inducing shadow of their former selves, and not deserving of any concert attendance or merchandise purchases while they choose to remain active.

3. Anti-Flag

Anti-Flag are an anti-capitalist middle-aged ragtag of punk rockers from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Once signed to the major label RCA Records (oh how capitalistic!), their far-left talking points delve into just about every whiny topic from the SJW playbook.

They love to bitch and moan about how “unfair” everything is, “slavery” somehow still exists in the United States (and Jim Crow too), history is “white-washed”, profits are “fascist”, and that “terrorism” is in plain sight (must be that KKK again. They’re everywhere!)

At least they haven’t been advocating violence against the right, or not yet anyway…

4. Millencolin

Ah Sweden… if there was one country on this list that had to make an outside-of-the-U.S. appearance, you were always going to be a top choice. Millencolin have been around for quite awhile (they are in their 40’s too), and while not as widely known to American audiences, they have been popular throughout Europe and Australasia since the days of 2000’s ‘Pennybridge Pioneers’.


A lot of their earlier material passes the SJW seismograph, but the bands leftist/progressive/anti-racist politics, which has jointly coincided with their nations demise, has come out in full force in recent years. Read the lyrics of ‘Sense and Sensibility’ closely and you can see how it hits everything we have known about SJW’s for years.

I always thought I was a tolerant man
The kind that’d always try to understand
But there’s a darker force inside of me that wants me to
Be as bad and be as sad, sad as you

And that’s the side of me I turn to
When I think about the world, well
That’s not my cup of tea
Yeah, it’s the side of me I take
That tells me you’ve got it wrong
Well, how clear we disagree

Yeah, it’s the side of me that said
I would like to kick your head in
You’re so far out at sea”
This state of mind is hard to get through
Makes me hate as much as you do
It clearly makes me see
You’re just a racist clown to me

You’re just a racist clown to me
You’re just a racist clown
A racist clown to me

That “I’m gonna stab you” stare when you dare to disagree with an anti-racist modern leftie

As you can see, they are anything but “tolerant”, they have many sinister issues/intentions, they “hate” a lot more than right-wingers ever will, they shout “racist” when they have run out of things to say, and they are increasingly fantacizing about violence against the right. You don’t want to get “your head kicked in” for daring to disagree with social justice in real life do you?

5. Rage Against The Machine / Prophets Of Rage

Pretty much sums up the young left-wing attitude towards everything

Rage Against The Machine have been on hiatus since 2011, and as far as I’m concerned they can stay that way. The quality of their music (politics aside) has been down the crap chute since their 1992 debut album, and they have been perhaps the most popular Marxist rock band in contemporary history.

Their fairytale views are considered to be Anarcho-communist in nature, and to date the best known example of an Anarcho-communist society was the anarchist territories of Spain during their 1936 Revolution. Now just how exactly did that turn out? Worthy of emulation again?

Unfortunately, Rage 2.0 now lives on through ‘Prophets of Rage’, which is a new SJW side project of several Rage Against The Machine members and B-Real from ‘Cypress Hill’, among several others. Get a load of their brilliant hive-mind lyrics like “No hatred, fuck racists, and unfuck the world”, and also their tacit approval to the use of violence (Richard Spencer sucker punch 0:58).


I appreciate the irony that a modest amount of Youtube clicks might actually make some of these groups a couple of dimes in advertising royalties, but ensuring that as many people as possible don’t fork out $60 for a concert ticket, $30 for a T-shirt, or even just $5 for a digital album download are the main prizes to help spring a leak in their coffers.

If you are a father, do not finance your children to attend one of their shows, and carefully check the lineup of music festivals to gauge the level of SJW infiltration. Just one ‘progressive’ spouting band might be one band too much.

Finally, by all means write in the comment section if you are aware of any additional rotten eggs that should be added to this basket of cringe lyric deplorables.

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