As every person on the right knows, the left loves to control language. Whether it is through so-called “hate speech” legislation or political correctness, the left strives to dictate what words can and cannot be used in society-at-large. And the left seeks to do this because they know that to control a person’s language is, quite literally, a way to manipulate and steer that person’s thoughts. It is a means of creating self-censoring thinkers.

Thus, language-control is a way of gaining power over people. Furthermore, it is a power that makes people fight the left using the left’s own chosen terms, which means fighting the left on its own rhetorical terrain. And, as any strategist knows, you never want to fight an enemy on ground that he has selected. This is why refusing to use the left’s 1984- language is so crucial, as is positively fighting back against that language control.

Now, in recent years, when it comes to the battle for language, everyone and their dog has experienced the explosion of the left’s ‘-phobia’ and ‘-ism’ propaganda war. You have homophobia, Islamophobia, transphobia, and so on. At the same time, you have racism, sexism, ableism, etc. All these terms are designed to elicit a positive emotional reaction from the left’s true believers while simultaneously seeking to shame the individuals or groups at which those terms are aimed. And, for a surprising number of years, these terms have been quite effective at shifting the cultural landscape in the left’s favor.

However, as times change, and people stop caring about being labeled with these aforementioned terms, their effectiveness has decreased. Of course, leftists, being leftists, have not given up on using these terms; rather, they have doubled-down on their use. In fact, they have even started seriously pushing relatively new terms, such as transphobia, which has only become mainstream in SJW circles recently.

So, in light of the left’s drive to create more and more ‘-phobia’ terms, here is a prediction of which presently obscure ‘-phobias’ we will see pushed into the mainstream by the left in the coming years.

Term 1 – Pedophilophobia

Hey, he was just born that way!

SJWs and leftists are so degenerate that in the next few years, I expect the term ‘pedophilophobia’—which already exists—to start being pushed in a serious and concerted way. After all, in 2015, leftist outlet published an article titled “I’m a pedophile, but not a monster”, which was an apologia for pedophilia.

While the article was roundly criticized, never forget that this is the way the left works. It puts out its feelers, gets a taste of the culture, then adapts its message. After all, nobody a generation ago would have dreamed that Western society would be seriously promoting the idea that men who call themselves women actually are women, and yet here we are.

Plus, remember that the left’s homosexual “born this way” rhetoric works with noose-worthy pedophiles too, so that is an angle the left will also push to claim that fear of child-molesters is a “phobia”.

Term 2 – Polygamophobia

Polygamy…the next frontier of “marriage equality”, likely pushed by an alliance of leftists and Muslims.

Ever since the homosexuals achieved victory in the marriage debate, the polygamists have been waiting in the wings getting ready to claim that their rights “to love and marry multiple people” have been infringed as well. So expect a term like polygamophobia to appear on the cultural mainstream soon.

Now, while polygamy is not nearly as objectionable as homosexuality—at least reproduction is possible with the former—the fact remains that polygamy is neither good for men, nor women, nor civilization. It ensures that many men have no female partner for sexual reproduction, thus transforming such men into either self-created eunuchs or societal de-stabilizers (perhaps not such a bad thing in our present age). And while women get a high-end man, they are also transformed into little more than sexual objects, rather than being respected matriarchs, which the nuclear family, and monogamous patriarchy always them to be. Thanks feminism!


Term 3 – Fetishophobia

Really, when confronted with something like this, there is nothing to say…

Again, just like with pedophiles and polygamists, fetishists are very likely to get in on the ‘phobia’ action as well. After all, are you an adult who likes to wear diapers? Well, you were born that way, and so no one has the right to hurt your feelings and call you a degenerate! Hell, if a man can become a woman merely by claiming to be one, it’s not that much of a stretch to claim that a grown man can be a baby on the inside either.

The fetishists won’t just be men with diapers. There will be people who demand that their “marriages” to inanimate objects be considered normal and valid. In fact, we might even see such deviancy as necrophilia being pushed as normal and potentially permissible, so long as the person had given consent to be used sexually once they died. After all, once the slippery slope of sexual deviancy begins, there is a long and dark way to fall.

Term 4 – Incestophobia

Did George Lucas have a dark side? Or did he just have no idea where his story was going?

Yes indeed, incest will soon start to be pushed heavily as well. The leftists will start to claim that the taboo against incest is just a relic of our religious past that needs to be discarded in the interests of enlightened progress.

Furthermore, the idea of incest is right in-line with the leftist’s morality, for incest can be consensual, which is all the leftist needs for something to be considered permissible and moral. So brace yourself, because incest is the next frontier of progressive progress. Except it won’t be called incest. It will be called something “scientific” like Genetic Sexual Attraction, which—surprise, surprise—is a term already in use.

Term 5 – Bestialophobia

Not just for wool anymore!

Finally, the idea that sex with animals is wrong will no doubt soon be pushed by leftists as a phobia. In fact, such prominent leftist “philosophers” as Peter Singer defend the idea of consensual bestiality, as do many others on the secular left (just check out the Conservapedia page on “Atheism and bestiality” for more details). Thus, in the years to come, don’t be surprised if, say, Patrick-the-pig-poker starts pushing for his innate love of swine to be recognized and respected as the beautiful expression of diverse love that he claims it is, rather than as the shame-worthy degeneracy that it actually is.


While we should all recoil in disgust at these terms, we should nevertheless push for the left to embrace these phobia labels and use them as much as possible. Why? Because it is using the left’s own ideas against them, for once many normal people see what being a leftist entails, they will recoil in horror at the thought, thereby naturally moving such people to our side.

At the same time, certain people of the leftist persuasion will no doubt embrace these fake phobias, and their embrace of them will be to the right’s benefit as well. Why? Because by embracing such absurdities, leftists will make their battle-lines that much clearer. They will help to expose their side more clearly, thus allowing us to see our cultural enemies better. Additionally, they will help to show us who our allies are and who the neutrals are as well. And such knowledge is a strategic gift. Thus, if at all possible, let us promote the left’s use of these future phobias, for it is our benefit to do so.

Finally, just for the record, note that it is 2017, and so let’s see how long it takes for my prediction about the left’s mainstreaming of these terms to come true. I say it will take no more than a generation—as with homosexuality—but who knows, in this climate, it could take less than a decade.

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