Postmodern leftism is not a coherent set of ideas. Much as we may hate the losing forces of “Conservatism, Inc.” that ooze timidity, we can at least say that they generally try to stay consistent with their overall philosophy.

The forces of the modern left are not this way. At the same time they decry an entirely imaginary “rape culture,” they can import a real one en masse. While shrieking in an entirely unpersuasive manner about the environment, they can invite mass illegal immigration that is terrible for the environment (among many other environmentally unfriendly measures). Furthermore, they can do this without any self-doubt or hesitation because they genuinely don’t see any contradiction in these beliefs.

Why? Because they’re motivated solely for the destruction of the social order of their own civilization, and in that one category, all of these beliefs are consistent. In their minds, they are pure angels surrounded by an ever-encroaching Zerg creep of darkness, with monsters everywhere charging against them on all sides. This is why leftists have increasingly become violent and demagogic since Trump’s inauguration and why they will likely get worse as the public continues to reject them.

How they see their opponents.

That said, while the public does keep rejecting them, don’t kid yourselves: the leftist paradigm is still dominant. Its orthodoxies have weakened, but are still supreme. Leftists still control the academic and cultural institutions and still largely set the parameters of political debate and acceptable thought, especially when you have cowardly Republicans who shrink in fear at the thought of changing the frame. Why is this? And what should be done to change it?

Leftists haven’t been dominant because of their ideas, which are merely an inconsistent clusterfuck masking the destructive impulse that drives them forward. Rather, they’ve been dominant because of these two pillars which we’re currently undermining, and here’s how we can continue to do so.

1. Make them Uncool

Since the 60’s, leftists have controlled popular culture. Given the stifling atmosphere that prevailed before then, it was understandable that the left would become dominant by challenging the prevailing attitudes. Being part of that effort was “cool.”

The right certainly didn’t help to change that attitude, with its older population, seemingly uptight religiosity, and endless 50-page white papers that nobody outside of “think tank” echo chambers wanted to read. Meanwhile, the left had all the artists and celebrities. Who’s gonna make more of an impact on the hearts and minds (and therefore, political beliefs) of the people – Kurt Cobain or the National Review staff?

You can cry and moan about it all you want, but the former is the answer, even if it is self-destructive (the analogy was, as you may surmise, deliberately chosen). Celebrity status, innovative art and entertainment, subversive humor, and attention-grabbing trolling will always be more influential than “think tanks” in determining the makeup of the Overton Window.

But recently, it’s been the left that have become the lames and the squares of the established orthodoxy. It’s they that have become humorless, spouting the same tired moral preening and driving toward censorship, which of course, only makes the humor against them edgier. In the same way that cultural elites raged at George Carlin’s infamous 7 Dirty Words, they now rage over CNN memes to the point of persecution.

Before, it was the religious right raging about scantily clad women. Now the left does it. More than that, they actively promote fat acceptance and blue armpit hair as being paragons of beauty. Despite pretensions to the contrary, this is decidedly not beautiful, and therefore, not cool. In the meantime, right wing people are more physically attractive and several prominent right wing social media celebrities that are physically attractive (like Lauren Southern) are quickly “red pilling” Generation Z.

Want to really make an impact and become more persuasive? Don’t try to out-logic the other side. Logic isn’t the most persuasive track by default (as Caesar knew), and the left won’t respond to it because, as we have seen, it has no internal logic. Instead, lower the social status of your opponents. Point out their ugliness and the ugliness of their women compared to your team’s physically attractive women. Want to get a hot girl, or, if you are a woman, be a hot girl? Don’t go with them, go with us.

Don’t produce 50-page whitepapers. Instead, produce comedy that mocks leftist “polite society.” Produce art and entertainment that pokes at the politically correct orthodoxy and promotes the values of the new emerging rightist counterculture. Point out that their work is merely derivative and full of the same bland, sterile, puerile virtue signaling rather than promoting anything new or thoughtful.

The current standard practice in Hollywood is merely to take an established franchise, produce a sequel or remake, and then repackage it with “social justice” dogma, often to horrendously disastrous results. The remake of Ghostbusters took the cake on that one.


Want to undermine leftist orthodoxy? Don’t explain why your side is better. Make fun of their icons like Star Wars (which they’ve appropriated with the derivative sequels) and create your own, new ones.

I suppose the best analogy I can give of what should happen, oddly enough, stems from the world of professional wrestling. During the 90’s boom period of the industry, both of the major companies (WCW and WWF) ditched cartoonish, over the top, “family friendly” products and launched a far grittier, edgier, realistic form of entertainment, with the nWo story in WCW, followed by the WWF’s Attitude Era.

The constant vulgarity, scantily clad women, bitter feuds, and high intensity, brutal matches and vignettes left primarily right wing moral crusaders, then on the tale-end of their power, highly offended. Yet, it was these same aspects that made this period of wrestling must-see TV that brought in tens of millions of viewers every week and had all the kids hooked, myself among them.

I believe we have the talent and the reach to create something very much like an Attitude Era of our own, with new ideas and new entertainment that gets attention, shatters the lame, boring leftist stranglehold, and changes the culture in our direction.

We now need the capital and the venues. Mike Cernovich has been whispering about a CPAC style “big event” for people in our sphere, an idea I pitched to him myself in February. Picture segments and workshops with Mike and Ann Coulter on humiliating the fake news media, Paul Joseph Watson on how to grow a big YouTube following, perhaps even Roosh and Quintus on reinvigorating masculinity and masculine virtue. The sky is the limit, and that’s what we want to aim for.

This is the kind of cool versus uncool dynamic that changes the political frame. The right just hasn’t been doing it until very recently. It’s time to expand.

It’s also worth noting that when Roosh did this kind of thing with his tour two years ago and the meetups at the start of last year, there was a worldwide outrage, which to me was a definite sign of fear. The leftist power structure doesn’t want this budding counterculture to go off the internet, and that’s precisely why it should.

2. Make them Immoral

Equally, if not more important than their stranglehold (until recently) on popular culture is the moral high horse that leftists try to put themselves on. Nobody wants to feel like a bad person, and this dynamic is the other big part of why leftists have controlled the terms of political debate. The right has been so pathetic in fighting back on this front, so cowed by leftist buzzwords, that “Conservatism, Inc.” gladly resigned itself entirely to economics while leaving everything else in society to the left.

The truth of the matter of course is that leftists are often completely immoral and depraved people, which is why they need to hide behind moral relativism. The way they’ve acted since the election of Trump should leave little doubt about their true character. And instead of being cowed by their pretended moral superiority, now’s the time to pounce.

They want to undermine Trump at any cost? Say that they want the economy to fail and for people to lose jobs. Say they’d rather see people in breadlines than getting jobs. Say they’d rather see people die from crumbling bridges than giving someone they don’t like credit for passing an infrastructure initiative.

They want to crow about Russia endlessly? Call them demagogues that would rather see American troops die in a confrontation with a nuclear power or in silly, needless interventions in Syria because Trump is in office. They don’t want Obamacare repealed? Say they want middle class families and small business owners to suffer and maybe die because they can’t afford health insurance. Laura Ingraham said it best recently:

Laura gets it. Paul Ryan and his kind of Republican don’t and haven’t for decades, which is why they’ve been losing.

More important than exposing leftist hypocrisy is exposing leftist immorality. We’ve gained in no small part thanks to the censorship drives and the Antifa ferals. This is something to continue and expand. When leftists try to dominate space of the political debate, don’t go for hypocrisy (which rarely works), go for showing the world that they’re bad people.


The formula is simple. The left has used two pillars to power – popular culture and moral preening. To undermine them:

  1. Make them uncool.
  2. Make them immoral.

Doing this will hurt them far more than any “conservative think tank” ever could.

I wish it wasn’t this way. I’d like a more genteel, logical, healthy level of discourse. But when your opponent is using total warfare against you with carpet bombing and long range artillery, trying to fight limited, gentlemanly battles with muskets and brightly colored uniforms and salutes becomes suicidal.

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