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Dr. Lawrence Dunegan attended a Pittsburgh Pediatric Society lecture in 1969 where he listened to Dr. Richard Day, an admitted “insider” in the “Order.” The lecture was about the “New World System,” also called the “New Order of Barbarians” in which he defined the changes that would be accomplished by the year 2000.

Procedures and people had long been positioned to implement this nefarious system where the rulers want to become human gods who enslave the few people who are allowed to survive – just like Lucifer wanted to become an almighty God in the Bible.

At that time, Dr. Day was a Professor at Mount Sinai Medical School. He had previously been the Medical Director of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America. He reiterated that people would have to get used to change. He also said: “People are too trusting; people don’t ask the right questions.”

Dr. Richard Day – Insider Of The Barbarian Order

Nuclear terrorism, world wars, depopulation, world religion, mass euthanasia, LGBT, falsified science, death of the family, death of religion, vaccines, mass surveillance, free sex, bad food, chip implants, no private property, luciferian world religion, destruction of young people, secret cancer cures for the elite, etc. They are responsible for all these things and their purpose is to depopulate large parts of mankind and enslave the survivors under their tyranny. Who gave them the right to play God?

Dalai Lama Performs Kalachakra Rituals All Over The World

Dr. Day disclosed that there is close cooperation between the east and the west – communism of the east has the same hidden leaders as the capitalist system of the west – in line with Hegelian dialectics.  The term Barbarians have a striking connection to the Kalachakra prophecy which Dalai Lama promotes across the whole world as “absolute truth” with ample support from Western puppet leaders. In this prophecy, the non-Indian “Demon King of all Barbarians” attacks the whole world from India – a country where non-Indian Dalai Lama resides since 1959.

We can see that most of the predictions of Dr. Day have come true or are on the verge of becoming true with nuclear terrorism and/or a quick World War III being on the charts, because these globalists want to seize absolute power by threatening the masses into submission. Make no mistake – whichever countries that oppose each other have traitorous leaders serving the same globalist masters and the purpose is to enforce their Satanic world state. Dr. Day mentioned falsified science in 1969 as it applies to the Theory of Evolution.

The Theory Of Evolution Has Deceived Many

I was one of those completely deceived by the evolution theory as a youngster. First of all, who was Mr Charles Darwin? He was the grandson of Erasmus Darwin, a top mason and a sorcerer who was involved in the French Revolution. Facts prove that Charles Darwin was a complete fraudster too.

Mike Sutton’s book ‘Nullius’ proves that Darwin told six deliberate lies in order to achieve primacy over Matthew (another researcher whose theories Darwin stole). Having destroyed the myth of Darwin, the honest gentleman of science, we can turn to his mysterious love of Karl Marx, who lived in London from 1849, and sent his book Das Kapital to Darwin. Darwin even wrote an affectionate letter to Karl Marx expressing his deep admiration of Marxism. Were they both part of the same secret society in London?

Karl Marx set out the link between Darwinism and communism as follows:

Darwin’s work is most important and suits my purpose in that it provides a basis in natural science for the historical class struggle. (Letters: Marx-Engels Correspondence, vol. 2, p. 126).

Stalin said:

There are three things that we do to disabuse the minds of our seminary students. We had to teach them the age of the earth, the geologic origin, and Darwin’s teachings.

“Darwin Revalued” (1955) by Sir Arthur Keith states that Darwin made a fortune through investments. Darwin lived as a gentleman on a huge estate with up to eight servants. Yet he received no wages from employment, and earned only about 10,000 pounds from his books during his lifetime.

Could Darwin’s fortune and triumphant investing have resulted, not from fortuitous newspaper picks, but careful guidance by financial powers? Might this also explain his son’s good fortune in landing a bank partnership?

Ernst Haeckel (1834–1919) was a German professor of zoology and an icon of Evolution Theory. His schematics of embryos have been published in virtually every textbook. Yet he was proven to be a great fraudster already during his own career and he admitted it openly and stated that the whole “elite of evolution science” were fraudsters.

During the trial, Haeckel confessed that he had altered his drawings, but excused himself: “I should feel utterly condemned and annihilated by the admission, were it not that hundreds of the best observers and biologists lie under the same charge. The great majority of all morphological, anatomical, histological, and embryological diagrams are not true to nature, but are more or less doctored, schematized and reconstructed” (Bowden, Malcolm (1977), Ape-Men: Fact or Fallacy?)

“Natural Selection” Will Create A Master Class And A Goblin Class – “Modern Evolution Science”

Scientist To BBC: The Enslaved Class Will Become Goblins

A leading evolution scientist claims in a BBC interview from 2006: “Humanity may split into an elite and an underclass”, says Dr Curry in an interview with BBC. The article further states, “The descendants of the genetic upper class would be tall, slim, healthy, attractive, intelligent, and creative and a far cry from the ‘underclass’ humans who would have evolved into dim-witted, ugly, squat goblin-like creatures.”

We all know from the Jewish Talmud that the Jewish masters of the world are supposed to rule all “goyim” as “animal like” slaves in the future. Now we see how they plan to turn people into goblins – we already see how people have more and more trouble to keep in shape due to poor diets, GMO, computers etc.

Do we believe that people will become goblins “naturally” as in “natural selection” or do we believe that the evil rulers deliberately transform people into goblins by engineering and feeding them poisonous stuff? Do we really believe that Globalist rulers will become tall, healthy and intelligent people because nature favors them?

David Kills Goliath – Mankind´s Epic Battle To Take Back Freedom?

We see how the rulers mock people with fake science. I know for a fact that there are many men out there that would fight until death for their freedom if they knew that complete enslavement and loss of their willpower and human body was at stake. Many ROK readers know the hidden rulers of their country and this world by now. It´s a small group of hidden people. If they have unveiled the monstrous truth shouldn’t they get a chance to fight for their freedom?

The Upcoming Epic Battle Of Good Vs Evil

Above: Viking Battle Prayer.

Man’s life is short; and therefore an honorable death is his immortality. —Publilius Syrus

From ancient history, we know of Samurais, Vikings and American Indians. Upright men of those cultures all wished to die an honorable death in battle. Their enemies seem very civilized compared with modern man’s monstrous enemy.

Man’s enemies are almost completely identified and they hide behind labels of media tycoons, government advisors, zionists, intelligence agencies, super bankers, leaders of secret societies, religious leaders, politicians, multi-national companies etc. These people work for Satan knowingly or unknowingly and they destroy our human civilization. What will happen next? Prophecies have real answers.


 ..when the Church and her servants are denied their rights, the monarchies have been abolished and their rulers murdered, then the Hand of Almighty God will work a marvelous change, something apparently impossible according to human understanding… The powerful Monarch, who is sent from God, will uproot every Republic. (Ven. B. Holzhauser, 1650)

This is first and foremost about Faith. There are only two sides in the conflict: In favor of the Lord or against the Lord! (Katharina aus dem Ötztal (b. 1883))

Ancient Prophecies – A Hidden Source Of Inspiration

We have investigated many ancient prophecies and found hope, truth, and inspiration. If modern people have become brainwashed weaklings how can they battle these satanic globalists who control every country with their MSM, puppet leaders, intelligence agencies, and central banks? There is no chance to fight them unless divine support appears. What was prophecied in ancient times for our modern age?

  • Subversion of all religions from the inside. Collapse of divine belief.
  • The rise of antichristian governments controlled by traitors who sell out their countries and suppress their own people.
  • The birth of a worldwide Marxist culture including destruction of the family, Marxist education of the children, feminism, free sex, materialism, high technology, computer age, drugs etc.

Prophecies: Falun Gong´s Arrival And Persecution By The CCP From 1999-2017?

  • The birth of a new spiritual belief which spreads across the world very quickly and which can heal diseases. It’s upright and the evil can’t control it from the inside and becomes extremely jealous. Its subsequent persecution in China was prophecied to start in 1999. This evil persecution will last for 18(6+6+6) years until 2017 when the evil will be eliminated and Gods will reappear according to prophecies. The only matching spiritual belief is Falun Gong and it focuses on cultivation of mind and body in daily life without dogma, priests, membership, monasteries or fees.

Dalai Lama – Supported By All Countries And Religions. Prophesied Antichrist?

  • The arrival of the non-Indian Antichrist who will attack the whole world from India. Dalai Lama travels to our world leaders using India as his base. He openly promotes the Kalachakra prophecy as absolute truth and he tries to play the role of the Barbarian Demon King in the prophecy.
  • The sudden appearance of a warrior king from the north in 2017 with divine abilities who will help people overthrow their traitorous governments. People will face a choice to either fight the Antichrist or become enslaved by him. If one dies fighting Antichrist he will go to heaven. The return of real Kings (Monarchies) – “Return Of Kings” will come true according to prophecies.
  • From 2017 – 2024 there will be cleansing of the earth from all evil through many battles between good and evil people. In the end, even water will become undrinkable. Finally a new, wondrous earth will be born with a few good people surviving.
  • Traditional culture will be reinstated and good men will rule again.
  • Towards the year 3000 people will have developed spiritual powers and they will know about their previous lifetimes and they will have supernormal abilities like levitation, telepathy. They will know how and when to cure their own diseases. People will take good care of the earth and they won´t waste resources. They will remember our wretched era and they will have a heart for helping each other since they know that without unity the world collapses.

Why Was This Evil Era Arranged For Mankind?

Why are bad people allowed to rule the world today? According to polymath and prophet Emanuel Swedenborg, all people need to be tempted by this evil culture to let each person choose between good and evil under very trying circumstances. In physics there is a balance between positive and negative charges and there must be a similar balance between good and evil human beings. After this era is ended, bad people will perish. Good men have suffered greatly and they will be given the honor to cleanse the world from evil.

Nordic Warrior God Thor Is Prophecied To Kill The Midgard Snake

A warrior King´s arrival is prophesied in 2017. Below some examples of his mission and how he will wipe out the evil republics:

That valiant duke [MONARCH] will exercise a fatal vengeance on all kings and princes who have betrayed their country. Woe to those who have made a prey of the kingdom of their forefathers, as well as of the Church. They must pay everything back with double interest. No safety will be in the house of those thieves. (Matteo Ricci, 16th century. Beykirch 1849 – “Prophetenstimmen”)

Through the power of the Most High he shall confound the tyrants, the heretics, and infidels. He will gather a grand army, and the angels shall fight for them; they shall kill all God’s enemies. (St Francis de Pau, 1470)

Nostradamus stated in his ”Centuries, 10:86”:

Like a griffin will come the King of Europe,

Accompanied by those of “Aquilon”:

He will lead a great troop of red ones and white ones,

And they will go against the King of Babylon.

Nostradamus Was Right? The Sky Shows Us The Time?

From the MSM, you might get the idea that 2000 and 2012 were the big years in prophecy. They were not. 1999 was the prophesied start of the spiritual battle of good and evil. That’s when 100 million Falun Gong practitioners were persecuted in China by the CCP.

Except for the Mayan calendar, many prophecies, including Buddhist prophecy, have targeted 2017 as the starting point of the golden age. That’s 18 (6+6+6) years after 1999 and exactly 2500 years after Buddha passed away in India. The stars and planets are said to be aligned with Revelation 12:1 for the first time in 7000 years when the Feast Of Trumpets kick off in the evening of Sept. 22, 2017 in Jerusalem.

Norse Mythology similarly claims that the End Times Battle, “Ragnarokkr”, will kick off when “Heimdallr” blows his horn to the world. People on hell roads will quake from fear while good people will dance from joy. Good and evil will then fight each other until the end, which is the birth of a new and wondrous earth after all evil has been defeated. It sounds rational, plausible and yet unimaginable to modern people. However, Queen Elizabeth recently stated that 2017 must be the year of WW III.

What will the end of 2017 really bring us? Expect the unexpected, have hope, stand on the good side at all times.

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