After the detestable propaganda contained in the latest #MoreThanARefugee and #ProudToBe videos, which Youtube actively promoted, they are doubling down by not removing a video called Parents Explain Masturbation, which teaches young children how to use dildos. This comes only three months after Youtube demonetized dozens of conservative channels.

You might need eye-bleach after watching the video. At least, the dislikes and comments show that people are not blind.

(((American Utopia)))

The channel that published it is WatchCut, a basic bitch leftist channel, sponsored by Those Who Shall Not Be Criticised. Those channels always have the same boring, liberal click-bait themes: “Donald Trump = Bad Bad”, “Homo = Good”, “Christian = Bad” (while obviously Judaism and Islam = Off Limits). They have probably bought fake subscribers too.

Sex sex sex sex

The subtle psyop is achieved by presenting what the Left wants you to believe are the new normal families of the Brave New Western World:

In the video, white men are portrayed as beta, single, without wife in sight, or married to unfuckable women of another race. White women are ugly feminists or obese single moms with race-mixed, bastard, overweight children. Siblings are depicted as having different fathers or adopted. Non-white women are slender and prettier, post-wall thousand cock veterans that look fun to bed.

If someone asks me why I believe it should be illegal for over-the-hill mad feminists to have their defective eggs fertilised, I will show them this picture.

Chosen bits

It kinda looks like a finger. Imagine like, they’d probably do it, like erm…

Beta dad explaining about female masturbation, something he absolutely knows nothing about as he probably has not seen a vagina since the conception of his son… if that really is his biological child.

Mother: Remember when you found mine and I told you that was a back massager? (giggles)

“That was… oh, Mommy…

Red pill dropped. Yes, your mother is promiscuous and you probably were an accident. The child is already so gay before reaching puberty for not having a father figure to teach him about being a man, I could not tell his sex until he spoke. He expresses himself like a toddler but is probably ten years old.

Have you ever masturbated before? It is OK if you do.

No one will know except the millions of viewers of this video that your mother dragged you into to give herself that “so tolerant” attention buzz to compensate for her dying eggs and your whole family turning their back on her because of your absent father.

Even if when I have a partner, I still like to masturbate. With that thing, you don’t even need a boy!

Translation: Even if I get a bang from a drunk chubby-chaser of Craigslist once every three years, I still masturbate to forget my cold, empty bed where I cry myself to sleep while blaming white men for the bad choices I am responsible for. Strong independent womyn don’t need no man. They need liters of Pinot Grigio, a rat-wheel career and three cats.


Mom, did you ever masturbate?

Oh yes, I think the first time was in Kindergarten.

The child’s awkwardness is palpable, she does not even want to be there.

YouTube keeps ignoring its users and will pay the price

Youtube, you will never learn. You have been revealed as the controlled brainwashing liberal machine that you are, slave to those in charge and peddling your filth to our youngest minds.

More than Bacha Bazi, Taqqiya, FGM and Jihad

Viewers did not wait to speak their minds

It is now clear that the gloves are off. With videos portraying children as sexual beings, celebrating homosexual mental illness, or praising radical Islam are acclaimed and sent to the trending section while conservative channels, just by exposing facts that do not fit the leftist narrative, see their content blocked or their videos demonetized, you know that we have crossed a threshold in the culture war.

Wrong on so many levels

A video showing kids how to masturbate is something I hoped I would never witness in my lifetime, but here we are. Who are the sick minds who push sexual education in schools, on the Internet, and in every media outlet so kids think it is normal to be sexual beings at their early age? I have an idea but I can’t quite put it in words.

If parents talk to their children about sex, it should be done in the privacy of their own home and when kids are actually approaching puberty, if it should be done at all. This decision is incumbent to the father and the media should not be involved.

This video has no other goal but celebrating the pride of being a loser. What those adults are really saying is: “I find non-reproductive, self-provided masturbation awesome and the media thinks it is trendy to teach it to my kids. I say it without shame. It is great to be a pussy, not grabbing life by the balls to find a partner, live happy, and have children. Thanks (((liberal media)))!”

It is not the first time that we raise the alarm on the left’s efforts to normalise the sexualisation of children. Here are a few articles we already published on the subject:

The fight is not over and we must expose this great evil until its promoters are defeated.

La censure est devenue la norme

While attracting people for its reach and the possible creation of revenue, Youtube takes dangerous steps against its users’ freedom of thought and slips into full blown censorship. We see this phenomenon becoming more frequent with the rise of dissenting voices.

The company also keeps deleting comments and dislikes on videos like#MoreThanARefugee and #ProudToBe that were featured in the Youtube Spotlight section to reach a maximum number of viewers, regardless of their recommended videos choices or disagreement with the political propaganda contained in the segments. As one commenter astutely put it “You can delete comments, Youtube. But you can’t delete the truth”.

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