Monday, 7AM. Already late, I hop into the shower.

After quickly rinsing off, I pat myself dry and head to the sink.

I smear on some shaving cream and grab my razor. Stroke by stroke I remove the cream, and with it my facial hair.

Fuck. I have mauled my neck once again. Blood oozes out and travels downward towards my chest.

My Quest For The Perfect Shave

I need to shave. I was not blessed with facial hair that grows to form a sexy five o’clock shadow. Clean shaven, on the other hand, I am quite sexy. It’s my only option.

So after mauling my own neck more than a handful of times, I decided to find a fix.

My first stop was the electric razor. I scoured amazon until finding an option with solid reviews. It sucked. While it didn’t irritate my skin, I looked like a homeless crackhead with patches of unshaven hair scattered across my face and neck.

Then one day I was getting a haircut, and chatting with my barber. I decided to probe further into his area of expertise.

How To Shave Like A Barber

The following is what he told me. I use this method and consistently have incredible shaves that are quick, effective, and leave my skin intact and feeling refreshed.

1. Shower

shave like a barber 4

Take a shower and head directly to the sink. The sooner, the better. A warm, steamy shower opens up your pores and softens your skin, so that the razor can smoothly glide across and do its thing.

2. Apply Noxzema

shave like a barber 2

“This is my secret,” the barber told me.

Yes, women use it to remove makeup. And it has a crazy smell – that I like. Wet your face and neck with warm water and then apply a healthy amount of Noxzema.

It creates a smooth surface for your razor, cleans your skin, and leaves it feeling fresh and tingly.

3. Apply Shave Cream



If you do not have sensitive skin, skip this step. The Noxzema may be enough for you. In my case, I go ahead and apply a layer of cream on top.

4. Grab A Sharp Razor

shave like a barber 3

This is where I used to make my biggest mistake. Yes, razor heads are expensive, but this is not something you want to skimp on. You should ideally change your razor every 2 weeks.

And don’t worry about how many blades you’re sporting. 3 million dull blades will fuck up your face just as badly as two or three – if not worse.

5. Shave (Across The Grain)

shave like a barber 1

Long, gentle strokes are key.

Don’t shave with the grain – you won’t get close enough.

Don’t shave against the grain – you will remove skin.

Shave diagonally across it – this insures a close shave that is still gentle on your skin.

6. Rinse Off


Use cold water – it feels refreshing and closes your pores.

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