I’ve always found it moronic—if not morosely comedic—that middle-aged women think the plastic proportions of Barbie dolls have a negative influence on the emotional well being of little girls.

Perhaps these “body positive” activists should try waltzing down the boys’ aisle some time. Row after row of miniature super-heroes and professional wrestlers, all sporting impossibly muscular physiques – surely, such perverse parodies of masculinity would have the same deleterious effects on boys’ developing body images, right?

Strangely, you don’t see 50-year-old men—with their sagging bellies and receding hairlines—raising a fuss about G.I. Joe’s “unrealistic” anatomy. Nor do you hear of any organizations attacking the NFL, NBA and bodybuilder magazines for giving boys unpleasant ideas about nigh-impossible-to-attain physiques.

Why? Because men do something that women simply don’t – when it comes to their own bodies, they take self-responsibility for the end-outcomes.

One look at the “fat activist” ranks demonstrates the “body acceptance” jihad is an almost entirely female phenomenon. Statistically, this makes sense, since the bulk—pun most definitely intended—of America’s obese populace is female. But therein lies a key difference between the sexes: while men wallow in obesity in relative silence, female fatasses are utterly obsessed with politicizing—and ultimately, weaponizing—their unhealthiness.

How a whale managed to get this far inland, I’ve no idea.

When irresponsibility becomes a “disease”

Obesity doesn’t just happen out of the blue. In fact, there’s an algorithmic process for how it happens – a person consumes far more calories than he or she expends on a day-to-day basis. One must marvel at the incredible gluttony that occurs for a 5’6 female to maintain a 300-pound-plus body weight. By one metric, to do so would require the person in question to gobble up at least 4,200 calories every 24 hours – more than double the recommended daily allowance established by the National Academies’ Institute of Medicine.

In that, being fat isn’t “a disease.” It’s the consequences of overconsumption and a sedentary lifestyle. But today’s third wave feminists can’t accept they and they alone are responsible for their miserable health conditions – and since it’s much easier to normalize their biologically suicidal lifestyles than hit the treadmill, naturally they try to make a virtue out of their biggest character defects.

Don’t you just love it when feminists use the phrase “unrealistic body image,” as if thin, beautiful women don’t exist anywhere in the world? As evident by the entire industry of modeling still existing, however, it quite obviously is possible to not be a lumbering, 300-pound wad of redundant adipose tissue. Of course, such requires moderation, dedication and vigilant repression of instant gratification wants – i.e., the kind of personal discipline and restraint fat women just can’t muster.

Care for a shag?

Why would anybody be proud of being unhealthy?

At least men are honest about this kind of thing. Average Joes like you and me admit we don’t have the kind of tenacity and willpower to have a physique like Brock Lesnar or JJ Watt. We don’t blame “genetics” and “societal norms,” we blame our damn selves for not having the proper impulse control and sticktoitiveness.


But feminists—the narcissists they are—don’t dare fathom blaming themselves for their problems. Instead of admitting they’re too lazy and undisciplined to look decent, they try to convince everybody else that there’s nothing intrinsically wrong with them and that their triple chins and high blood pressure should be idolized as “the new beautiful.”

So-called “fat-shaming” might just be the most pathetic event at the Self-Victimization Olympics. For one thing, since almost three-quarters of women in America are overweight, that actually makes them the majority and therefore logically incapable of taking refuge in “muh minority rights.”

Furthermore, fat isn’t an intrinsic characteristic, like race or gender – it’s the aftereffects of idleness and gluttony. It’s like being asked to take pity on a man who chose to saw off his arm for the insurance money, or feeling bad for a four-pack-a-day smoker with emphysema. Such fates could’ve easily been avoided, and the only person to be blamed for such pitiful circumstances are the individuals who CHOSE to engage in the dangerous behavior to begin with.

Civil rights revolve around what people are, not what they do. “Fat” is not an identity, it’s a consequence – dare I say, even a representation of one’s failing content of character. With more than 800 million people in the world at risk for starvation, how insulting is it that these fatass feminists dare posit themselves as “victims” of anything other than their own bad decisions?

It’s her body and her choice … only with *your* money paying the hospital bills.

Subsidizing bad choices

If we’re going to live in a welfare state in which almost 70 percent of the Federal budget is allocated to socialized medical care, fat-shaming is far from a form of discrimination – it’s actually a civic duty.

Right now, the health care costs associated with obesity is a floorboard-buckling $190 billion a year – accounting for almost a quarter of ALL healthcare spending in the United States.

Think about that. We could reduce one-fourth of ALL taxpayer-subsidized health costs if only these waddling, thunder-thighed, self-professed “BBWs” would lay off the Chunky Monkey and figure out how to use an elliptical every now and then.

If only those proud lardasses would drop a couple of pounds, the money used to pay for their Metformin prescriptions and motorized scooters could be diverted to fighting childhood cancer and finding cures for Alzheimer’s. Because these shameless Instagram whores are too vain to admit they’re killing themselves with terrible diets and too apathetic to stop cramming Ring Dings down their gullets like Tic-Tacs, millions of innocent children and senior citizens continue to suffer and die.

Don’t take it from me, take it from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – obesity, a totally PREVENTABLE condition, is now the greatest contributing factor to death in this country.

There’s nothing liberating or empowering about that kind of self-destructive behavior and there’s absolutely nothing noble or admirable about sucking funding from taxpayers’ coffers to deal with the dire consequences of your own poor choices. In that, ridiculing, mocking and belittling fat women isn’t just reasonable – it very well could save untold lives.

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