The Australian academic researcher Frank Salter has written many relevant books and articles, as well as edited ditto anthologies, on topics such as ethnic nepotism, immigration and genetic diversity. In On Genetic Interests he argues that individuals have genetic interests, and that those often are connected to larger demographic patterns in one’s society and the world. For instance one can argue that in the United States, both whites and blacks have common interests in not letting too many Hispanics and Asians in.

But even if a person would focus less on the bigger picture, it is still in a man’s interest to pass his own genes on. Of course it is also in his own interest to live a good life, and under current circumstances it might be questionable to get married although there are still some benefits. From the premise that the marriage market in the West appears gloomy, many men will remain childless, and although men always have had a lower reproductive value than women, the number and share are shrinking because of cultural decline.

Therefore it can be wise to think a little bit outside of the box and propose several mating strategies of which monogamous marriage is but one. A good thing is that us men can have children when we are 20 as well as 40 (and of course in some cases even younger and older than that). Thus at some point you will have the opportunity to secure your genetic legacy by means of some strategy.

1. Conservative marriage with a good female

If one happens to find a decent and attractive woman, preferably young, with a penchant for more traditional and conservative values and ways of life, then a monogamous marriage is the way to go. It will bring stability for oneself, one’s wife, one’s offspring, and enable a greater degree of nurturing and family planning.

Even if divorce eventually occurs, all included have still benefited from the bulwark that is marriage until it happens.

2. Having kids out of wedlock

Another strategy for securing your divine DNA is to convince a girl, preferably in a long-term relationship, to have kids. Perhaps you have to use some Machiavellian cunning in order to get what you want in some cases, but she might want it too under some phase of her life.

Since a large share of women are hypergamous, slutty, and egoistic, it is likely that the relationship will end at some point, but at least you are not stuck in a bad marriage, waiting to be divorce raped, and can have partial control over the situation. You haven’t lost what you didn’t have because you knew that was likely going to happen.

3. Importing a wife from a poor and conservative country

The topic of importing a wife from a poorer and somewhat more traditional country has been touched on several times on these pages, and besides from all the logistical, practical and economic difficulties – and then we have not even considered to actually find that particular girl who is in accordance with your standards – it is likely that she will quickly become Westernized and leave you for something better or different. In fact she might even have ulterior motives to be granted a citizenship in the first place.

However, as a cynical person you already knew that could happen, and likewise you haven’t lost what you didn’t have. It is not the best starting point for a healthy upbringing of children, but your own genes are invested and you have to deal with the consequences accordingly.


Another potential “benefit” is that if you find a wife in let’s say Moldova, that poor person has little options, and could be hesitant to do something stupid that might harm herself. Make sure that if she’s cheating on you, you will make her life miserable from a financial standpoint. But if she is a good mother and loyal partner then she will be rewarded with material comfort that she could not have in her home country. If possible, stay out of urban environments.

4. Impregnating lots of women and let the government support them

If you happen to be an egoistic and Machiavellian player you can have sex with multiple girls within a year, and the chances are that some of them want to keep the child if a pregnancy occurs. Especially if you have made them believe that there is something serious going on.

The wise man, or the fox as Machiavelli refers to, makes sure to remain anonymous but to have the contact details of his female sperm vessels, so when the big fat daddy government comes to look for him and want him to support he is nowhere to be found.

As for immoral behavior one can think about that two minus poles become a plus. In a negative environment a person sometimes have to tackle a problem with the same type of measures. Something good could still come out of it in the end. And evolution does not care about morals; it cares about adaption and concrete results.

5. Use love tourism as a means to serve your genetic ends

The fifth strategy that I am suggesting is to use so-called love tourism to pass your genes on. Some countries, like Japan and South Korea, are about as infertile as those in the West so even though you may relatively easily get free access to local vaginas, the females will likely be hesitant to have unprotected sex.

In developing countries such as Indonesia and the Philippines on the other hand, the situation is different. Many of the girls, who often have lower IQs and few if any career plans for the future, live only for the moment. Some have even called them little brown fuck machines, and that might be a reason why Indonesia has about 250 million inhabitants.

Furthermore, in a pigmentocratic society in which a white pehenotype is associated with higher socio-economic status, many of these women dream of a mixed-race Eurasian child. Something similar is the case in locations like the Caribbean, Brazil and Colombia as well.

While you might not see much of your offspring in the future given that you choose this strategy, you know that he or she is likely going to have increased social status, and might even become a model, actress or pop star in the future. And your genes have been passed on to the next generation.

Although less risky than in one’s home country, as long as you get the fuck out of there in due time, it would be wise to not let the girl(s) know your real identity, but if you have some kind of contact information you can perhaps send some money in the future and/or figure out where they live and make a visit at some point. Of course, you can also be completely open about your intents and move there permanently.

In summary

To draw a parallel to game, a man would be less sanguine if only one strategy existed (say online game), but if one realises that several such exist things suddenly do not look so bad. Even though some of these options are far from the most optimal, they might still be pragmatic under certain circumstances. It is up to you to decide have much your own genetic interests matter.

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