Is it a coincidence that the best countries to find women in are the same ones where abortion is a crime? Think Thailand, Brazil, Costa Rica, the Philippines, Poland, and Argentina. If not outright illegal, abortions are heavily restricted there, with massive fines if not jail sentences for doctors that violate the rules. In Thailand, every abortion requires a court order.

The worst countries for finding a woman—the U.S., Canada, Sweden, etc.—have abortion available on demand and even subsidized by the state. And women have been getting worse in those countries as abortions become more available.

Abortion hasn’t always been legal in the U.S. As recently as 1967, abortion was a felony in 49 of the 50 U.S. states, until activist judges whittled away at the restrictions, finally eradicating most of them in the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision, which effectively made abortion legal across the country.

This unleashed the ultra-hypergamous dating and marriage culture that men suffer under today.

The good old days

Back when abortion was a crime, you could be a decent guy with a middle-class or even lower-middle class job and you would probably be able to find a reasonably virtuous woman to marry and start a family with. You didn’t even have to have game — just be a decent person. There was a reason. Although the Pill had been approved by the FDA in 1960, an “accident” with the wrong guy could ruin a woman’s life.

“Getting pregnant without being married was wrong, and if a girl did get pregnant then she and the boyfriend who had gotten her in that fix were supposed to get married,” writes Charles Murray on 1963 America in Coming Apart. “These were conventional views shared across the political spectrum.” In that sexual marketplace, nice guys weren’t invisible: they were the only sensible option.

But since the 1970s, American women have had a “choice” whether to saddle a man with a pregnancy or terminate the unborn child and look for a different father. This has distorted the sexual marketplace, creating the perverted dating scene we have today. Roe created new generations of arrogant, entitled women—and a generation of dateless, dis-empowered and desperate men.

Men foolishly bought into abortion in the 1970s, thinking it would liberate them from unwanted fatherhood and turn men’s lives into hedonistic sex fantasies. Male sexual liberationist heroes of the day, like Hugh Hefner, donated heavily to Planned Parenthood. But  men should have seen that abortion was a ruse, like the pornography Hefner peddled. The future that was being created would mean less sex for the vast majority of men, and turn the nuclear family into an endangered species.

Abortion perverts the balance of nature

By perverting the balance nature, abortion corrupted women and actually made commitment-ready men less attractive. “Choice” meant that women could now strategically target high-status males with a “chosen” pregnancy while the “wrong” pregnancies, produced with attractive but irresponsible bad boys, could be conveniently snuffed out in the womb.

No woman better exemplifies this arrogance than feminist columnist Jessica Valenti, who wrote about her abortion experience in her new memoir.

Abortion lover Jessica Valenti

“I had a job, money, and enough family support to have a baby,” she wrote in her memoir, Sex Object. “But I also had a shitty boyfriend, a lingering love for an even shittier ex-boyfriend, and was in the process of finishing my first book.” In Thailand, she would have needed a court order to terminate the pregnancy she had with her “shitty” boyfriend.

In the post-Roe sexual marketplace, women can freely fuck the bad boys without consequences. If a high-status guy does show up, she can either get pregnant with him or marry him. Valenti did eventually find a high-status man to marry, bearing a kid with him before having yet another abortion.

Choosing who pro-creates

For high-status men who don’t want to get married, the post-Roe dating marketplace became one where they have to effectively abort their own ability to pro-create to avoid being unwillingly “chosen”. The whole purpose of purchasing a costly male vasectomy is the ability to present a paper in front of a judge that effectively says, “He couldn’t be the father.”


Perhaps not coincidentally, less than two years after Roe v. Wade, the U.S. child support enforcement system was set up to ensure that government power would guarantee that the ‘chosen’ providers would pay up whatever the state demanded. A disturbed or immature woman now had no need to grow up and form a nuclear family to grab financial resources from a sperm donor. She could marry him or, if he wasn’t up for that, hit him with a lucrative support order. It helps to score a celebrity: Eddie Murphy paid $60,000 a month, Mel Gibson $20,000 a month, Donald Trump half a million a month. No surprise the “choice” in these cases was to keep the baby.

A pregnancy from a “shitty” guy, like the ones Jessica Valenti fucked, can simply be snuffed out in the womb. If the guy’s rich, you just keep the baby. “Pro-choice” has been hypergamy crystallized.

Which brings us to the “normal” middle-class guys, neither “shitty” nor high-status, that used to serve as the safe choice for a woman. These guys were the dating ideals of 1963 — eager to commit, marry and father children. There was one for every woman. (And a woman for every man.)

Well, they are the official losers of the post-Roe dating marketplace. In today’s sexual marketplace, there are the “shitty” hot guys women have abortions with, and then the high-status providers they actually have babies with. The middle-class “decent” guys — the ones that once formed the basis of nuclear families for a thousand years or more — are un-chosen for either sex, marriage or fatherhood. Once the ideal mate, they are now invisible.

If you are one of these guys, you have to try hard to be “shitty” so you can at least get laid once in a while. But have a kid or a family? Think again. You need status for that.

Abortion is the disease that created this perverted marketplace — not a symptom of it, but the cause.

The wisest thing for single American men who want a wife to do has been to get out of the country and go to places where abortion is still restricted, and many are doing that. Why are women so wonderful in Thailand? The reason is Article 305 of the Thai Penal Code, which states that abortion is illegal unless a woman has been raped or the pregnancy threatens her life.

A woman’s ‘choice’ to destroy Western Civilization

“Choice” is at the very cornerstone of feminism’s open agenda to undermine and destroy the nuclear family and Western civilization along with it. In fact, self-identified “pro-life” feminists were banned from participating in anti-Trump women’s marches because “inclusivity is not about bolstering those who harm us“, as Valenti put it.

“Choice” is codified by cultural Marxists in the mainstream media and educational institutions as a precious human right, more sacred even than Freedom of Speech. In December, Lena Dunham admitted she hadn’t had an abortion “but I wish I had” because sharing abortion stories had become so empowering for women. Perhaps it shouldn’t be a surprise that the Soviet Union was the first nation to legalize abortion in 1921.

The man who will end of Roe v. Wade?

The reason there were so many tears from feminists on the night of Trump’s surprise election was the threat he poses to Roe v. Wade. Now with the likely retirement of swing voter, Justice Anthony Kennedy, and the advancing years of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Trump seems likely to swing the court against abortion.

Unlike so many other institutions set up to dis-empower men, the abortion status quo is actively opposed in the United States. 70 percent of the public believes abortion should be illegal under some circumstances, and 20 percent believes it should be outlawed under every circumstance.

If Roe v. Wade can be overturned, it won’t just end a morally questionable, and probably murderous industry — it may save the American sexual marketplace, and Western Civilization with it.

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