It was not that long ago (2015) that we reluctantly gave gays the right to marriage, along with all its benefits. We didn’t want it, but like any other form of degeneracy that was being pushed by students of the Frankfurt School, we gently let it slide, because we gave them the benefit of the doubt that it would become the slippery slope that it always does.

We were warned by the staunch detractors again and again that acceptance of homosexuality into the mainstream and in institutions would inevitably lead to them pushing for more degeneracy—no matter how far it goes. The gays browbeat us, called us “Bible Thumpers,” shamed us through all forms of media, and got the legal system on their side to fine people who want to run their business the way they want

Homosexuals finally got what they wanted because people—specifically White Christians—are willing to give people a chance if their sob story is good enough, because we thought in the end we would just let ‘em have it. “It doesn’t affect us,” we said. “Who cares who they fuck as long as they don’t bother me?” Such is the case for any minority group, racial or otherwise, that wants to become a protected class and bully whites into submission.

Great People!

Homosexuals as a group are some of the most depraved, morally compromised, and mentally ill people you will come across in your lifetime. The level that they embrace and push for degeneracy and debauchery is astounding to the effect that it is consistent among the vast majority of them.

Not only do they all advocate for perversion, they are amoebas that shamelessly absorb any and all depravity which comes their way. A simple visual representation of this is the rapidly expanding acronym used to identify them: LGBTQIAPK2SAAP—no joke, this is the best official acronym that I could find considering the irony of them being formless.

More Rights!

Back in the 1980’s in the United States, when GRIDS (gay-related immune deficiency) was first popping up all around the gay community, people were scared stiff of this new super virus that meant certain death if you caught it. It had an unintended effect of catapulting gays into the very forefront of public scrutiny and discourse. Along with it came safe-sex education and contraceptive use as the fear of contracting the equivalent of the Black Death during the middle ages was very high. A brief period of advocates vs. detractors came to be, but in the end, sympathy was given to the gays.

Only in very recent times have we seen the level of perversion accelerate at a frightening pace, with it going from sex with other men, to trannies, sex with animals, 100+ genders, and finally sex with children. Merely a few years ago, the idea of normalizing pedophilia was completely off the table. Now it is being rapidly introduced and pushed for public acceptance just like homosexuality was all those years ago.

Here are some stats on how much homosexuals enrich our society:

-They make up approximately 3% of the population but account for 25%-40% of all child molestation cases.

-They make up over 80% of all male child molestation cases and the average pedophile victimizes between 20 and 150 boys before being arrested.

-Homosexuals account for almost half of all serial killers and child killers, no surprise due to their fragile mental state.

-Most child molesters, child rapists, murderers and serial killers are male. Homosexual males account for 1% to 2% of the population. That means 1% to 2% of the population commit 1/3 of child molestations, 1/3 to 2/3 of child rapes, 1/2 of all murders, and more than 2/5 of serial murders.

-Homos have a disproportionate representation in all media (Hollywood, TV, Stage).


-Children of homosexual parents are twice as likely to have emotional instability than with children from normal parents.

In 2014 alone, gays aged 13-24 accounted for 92% of new GRIDS diagnoses in their age group

-Over half the people affected with HIV are homosexuals

-Blind surveys reveal a gross number of homos that admit to sexual contact with a minor

Not All Homosexuals!

Hmmmm. Who has been known to shove degeneracy down our throats?

In the 1990’s, an organization by the name of Gay and Lesbian Adolescent Social Services (GLASS) was accused of abusing troubled youths that were situated in their homes. The kids in these homes were groomed and used for sex by the adults that were a part of and ran the organization. Books were given out to help children “discover” their sexuality, and some youths were believed to be “born gay.”

This group still exists to this day, despite continued abuse reports. These cases are not unique, as fags routinely like to use organizations that specifically target youths to get their rocks off. Think of the boy scouts, church youth groups, and social workers as other avenues for gays to insert themselves.

The push for pedophilia is being waged the same exact way that all previous “accepted” forms of degeneracy have been. This movement is real and growing in strength and influence. They begin first by changing the discussion from moral absolutes to moral relativism in the same way that homosexuality became about “love” instead of being completely amoral (i.e., antithetical to the Bible).

Instead of being an absolute depraved and sick offense on the moral fabric of society, they are now “born that way,” effectively taking choice out of the equation, which thereby absolves the offending party responsibility—and with it, blame for the consequences of their actions on society. Not only do we have this, but pedophilia is also being pushed on the medical science front as being a “condition” that needs treatment. And you know what kind of treatments are being suggested? Micro doses of a drug to ease them off their pedophilic tendencies. Guess what the “drug” is? Yup, children.

It’s not just the innocence of children that is under attack. The nuclear family and healthy relationships in general are under siege constantly by the gay agenda and many others. Same sex parents are not conducive to a stable and healthy family environment and any of the other dregs of society that the LGBT lobby accepts are fit to raise children either. To gays and their ilk, children are groomed to be both the filth that their parents are, as well as whatever deviant flavor the child’s malleable mind decides as well.


Homosexuals and the other freaks that associate with them are just more foot soldiers created by (((certain people))) to surround white people with enemies who want to tear down the healthy patriarchal civilization that they built. Unfortunately for us normal people, we have allowed the number of enemies and rabid dogs who hate us to grow in number, and when the inevitable conflict breaks out, it will be all the more difficult to cull the infestation, especially since gay laws are paving the way for pedophile rights.

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