Italian philosopher Julius Evola wrote a book in 1934 entitled, Revolt Against The Modern World. The book is prophetic in that Evola was able to accurately diagnose the ills of modern civilization while they were still only ideas awaiting implementation. But Evola doesn’t give a lot of practical guidance as to how a man can revolt against the modern world. Here are some ideas for how we can implement Evola’s ideas.

1. Go outside

Evola was an avid mountain climber before an allied bomb robbed him of the use of his legs. For Evola, alpinism was something more than exercise, it was a spiritual experience. The concentration involved, the sheer danger of climbing, and the magnificent scenery all help to purify the mind.

Many Americans today never actually go outside. They take their car to work where they spend nine hours in a temperature controlled cubicle. When they get home they either go to their air conditioned gym, attend happy hour at a bar, or play video games. The only time they might be outdoors is during their vacation. We have to take vitamin D supplements because we don’t spend enough time in the sun to derive it naturally.

Most of us don’t live near a mountain range, but we can still make a small act against the modern world by spending more time outdoors. Make regular use of your local parks (trust me, they’ll be almost empty). Go on weekly hikes. Plan regular camping and hunting trips with your friends. If you live near the coast, go surfing or sailing. Make it a point to spend as much time outdoors as possible. You’ll function a lot better when you are closer to nature.

2. Increase time with friends and family

One of the worst side effects of the modern world is atomization—we are all made to think and live is individual units with little connection to our community. This is by design. Atomized units can’t get together to join a revolt. United we stand, divided we fall.

Social media can be a powerful tool in bringing together like-minded people—just take a look at what it is doing for the growing right-wing in the US—but is usually harmful as it takes us away from having real encounters with people. New technology is only going to accelerate the process of atomization: Recently Facebook announced it was developing a virtual meetup up room where friends could “touch” each other remotely. Why bother interacting in real life?

To swim counter to these modern tendencies, lessen your use of social media and try to meet with friends instead. And try to stay close to your family. Tribes are made up of families. In the West, we no longer have tribes but we are still permitted have families. Take advantage of the fact that blood is usually thicker than water and build strong relationships with your relatives.

3. Ignore the current political scene

Laura Loomer

Politics are important but paying attention the current political scene is a waste of time. This is true even of so-called rightwing politics. Take the most recent case of Laura Loomer, an employee of the alternative media outlet, The Rebel. Loomer burst into the public consciousness when she ran onto the stage to protest a leftist rendition of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar that featured the assassination of a character that was obviously meant to be Donald Trump. Loomer instantly became a media sensation and a major celebrity in the alt lite.


The problem is that Loomer’s protest was little more than a publicity stunt. She knew that she would get arrested and even created a “Free Laura” fundraising website before the arrest. In other words, Loomer created a fake incident with the express purpose in gaining notoriety within rightwing circles. As soon as she gained prominence is the alt right/alt lite circle, she immediately tried to impose her own views on the movement, which, as Roosh points out, is classical entryest behavior.

Loomer is an example of why it is not worth your time to engage in the clown circus that is contemporary politics. It is filled with parasites who don’t really give a damn about creating a healthy society—only gaining notoriety and riches. The antidote to degenerate modern politics is to fill your mind with solid material that will give you a good foundation on how to approach politics. Here are a few authors that are worth your consideration:

Joe Sobran
Mel Bradford
Richard Weaver
Julius Evola
Alain de Benoist
Joseph de Maistre
Nicholas Gomez Davila
Dominique Venner
Tom Sunic
Hans Hermann Hoppe

4. Get off the hamster wheel

The average life of a modern American is a hamster wheel to nowhere. We watch commercials that awaken in us lust for items we don’t need. We go out and buy those items and saddle ourselves with debt. We indenture ourselves to employers for decades to pay the debt and keep up our consumption.

After 50 years of employment, we hope and pray that the stock market will not have a downturn immediately before we retire. If everything works right and our health holds up, we might be able to enjoy life for a few years before we die.

To revolt against the modern world we have to get off the hamster wheel. There are two ways of doing that. First, we can build multiple streams of income—if one gets cut off (getting laid off, for example), you still have income to keep you afloat.

Second, we have to be able to say ‘no’ to overconsumption. Even the truly rich can burn through their fortunes if they have no fiscal responsibility—just ask Johnny Depp. Your goal should be to reduce your fixed expenses to the lowest possible levels. One strategy to do this is to try to live interest-free.

You are only free when you are free to voice your opinion without fear of being financially ruined. Few of us have reached this level, but all of us should aspire to it.

5. Eat well and lift

The famous yoga master B.K.S. Iyengar once said that one cannot experience true freedom unless your body is functioning at peak efficiency. It makes sense, because even if you obtain financial freedom, it will be of little value of you are weak or sick.

The modern world is built (by accident or by design) to make us weak and sick. Corporate food is laden with excessive carbs and unhealthy fats and should be avoided. Instead, eat whole foods whenever possible. A good rule of thumb is that if it wasn’t available in 1900, it should be avoided.

Another trend in the modern world is to celebrate soy-fed manlets with no muscle tone. There are men walking around who look weaker than their girlfriends. Fight this trend. You don’t have to become a bodybuilder, but start hitting the weights at the gym. And don’t skip leg day.


These are simple steps but they will dramatically improve your life if you practice them. More importantly, you will be laying the foundation for a true revolt against the modern world.

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