All sorts of sub-groups of the regressive left, whether they are ‘anti-racists’, feminists, ‘Black Lives Matter’ advocates, or just lazy armchair activist social justice warriors, repeatedly pick on the same handful of countries whenever it comes time to criticize whatever they perceive to be an “injustice”.

The United States (racists!), Russia (homophobes!), Germany (Nazis!), the United Kingdom (colonizers!), France (you too!), and Australia (also racists!) always seem to bear the brunt of these criticisms, while by extension just about every western country can be held accountable for a firm scolding from the righteous finger of SJW indignation.

However, this article will expose their selective bias and explore ten different countries which are mostly ignored by all the aforementioned leftist subgroups, and furthermore give a rather simple explanation of why.

1. Jamaica (Homophobia)

jamaica runners

I love you guys! (No homo)!

Several human rights organizations have declared Jamaica to be quite possibly “the most homophobic country in the world“, with high levels of physical violence directed at LGBT people. The U.S. Department of State also shares a very similar sentiment on the matter.

Even in fairly recent years, public opinion is highly against granting homosexuals equal rights and privileges in the country.

In 2008, a poll of 1,008 Jamaicans was conducted that read, “Whether or not you agree with their lifestyle, do you think homosexuals are entitled to the same basic rights and privileges as other people in Jamaica?” 26 percent said “yes”, 70 percent said “no”, and 4 percent did not know.

While 2015 did see the very first LGBT Pride celebrations on the island nation, there was not any parade. It would have been deemed very risky for the marchers to take part without risking violence or severe verbal harassment.

Now imagine if this was the current scenario for homosexuals in any western country at this point. Furthermore, look how close Jamaica is to the ‘social justice’ obsessed United States of America on the world map. Why does this country largely get a free pass on criticism despite this reputation for rampant bigotry?

2. Liberia (Racism)

Liberia. Not only super racist, but clearly a “cultural appropriator” of another famous countries flag…

Liberia was founded in 1822 as a repatriation nation for freed black slaves from the United States, who wished to return to their (roughly) ancestral homeland in west Africa. The irony of the countries name, meaning “land of the free”, is that only people of black African origins have the liberty to obtain citizenship in the nation.

Article V, Section 13 of the 1847 Constitution which states: “The great object of forming these Colonies, being to provide a home for the dispersed and oppressed children of Africa, and to regenerate and enlighten this benighted continent, none but persons of colour shall be eligible to citizenship in this Republic.” The phrasing “persons of colour” was changed to “Negroes or persons of Negro descent” in a 1955 revision.

My goodness, even Israel allows dark-skinned Ethiopian Jews to immigrate to their country despite their vastly different appearance and cultures from their Sephardic and Ashkenazi counterparts, so why the free pass from global criticism? Now just imagine the thermonuclear reaction from social justice warriors if the United Kingdom, Germany, or Sweden implemented “White Europeans or persons of White European descent” nationality laws next week…

Three… two… one… initiate global Tsar Racista!

3. Japan (Xenophobia)

Leftist/Diversity/Tolerance crowd loving on the flag of Japan!   (Fun Fact: With this same national flag in effect since 1870, Japan committed almost the exact same fascist atrocities as Nazi Germany in WWII and more than 10 million Chinese were made to endure forced labor by Japan for 8 years between 1937-1945. An astounding figure, and twice as long as forced labor existed in the Confederate States of America.)

Interesting how Anime loving SJW’s can love on Japan so much and hold it’s national flag to a completely different set of standards, as compared to how they would otherwise treat the Nazi flag or the Confederate (battle) flag which they hate so much.

Anyways, the world’s 2nd most populous 1st world nation almost completely shuts it’s borders to refugees, and grants an incredibly small amount of permanent residencies and passports to people of non-Japanese ethnic backgrounds every year. Additionally, there are countless stores, shops, saunas, spas, and bathhouses which prohibit non-Japanese people from entering their premises all across the country. Japan is truly a 1st world nation like no other. So how do they get away with it?

japanese only

You mean the land of my ancestors is actually way more xenophobic than the American whites I am always trying to guilt-trip? OH MY!

4. China (Racism & Xenophobia)

Just trying to imagine this in any western country…

It is next to impossible for a foreigner to get citizenship, let alone permanent residency status, in Mainland China unless they are of Chinese descent. The best you could ever hope to be is a guest worker on a one or two year visa, which could be revoked at any time. That’s pretty racist considering it’s (insert current year) right now, wouldn’t you say?

Unfortunately that doesn’t stop Chinese-Australian and Chinese-American SJW’s from wanting to browbeat and guilt-trip the majority white population of their respective countries, particularly by constantly rehashing Chinese exclusion laws which were put in place in the late 19th century but have otherwise long since been repealed.

They completely and utterly fail to grasp their own hypocrisy, taking into consideration how their ancestral homeland would treat would-be Caucasian immigrants here in the 21st century. Access denied round-eye!

5. Bhutan (Xenophobia)


You pay now! Now!

Foreign visitation to the Kingdom of Bhutan (population 775,000) is extremely regulated under the seemingly Orwellian decree of “High Value, Low Impact” tourism, which is intended to minimize it’s impact on the country’s unique society and environment.


One of those regulations is an exorbitant fee just to be in the country, at anywhere between $200-250 U.S. dollars per day depending on the season. While it’s admirable of the country (any country in Asia, really) to want to keep out loud, drunk, profane, and degenerate Australian lager louts with such rules, the measure is quite extreme and just a tad hypocritical.

Just imagine the uproar if small western countries like Iceland (population 330,000) suddenly implemented such rules in order to minimize foreigners “impact on the country’s unique society and environment.”

6. Laos (Sexism & Xenophobia)

“Keep Your Hands Off Our Women” – Laos Government

The relatively quiet and uneventful country of Laos stipulates that foreigners may not have any sexual relations with Laotian women unless they are married. Accordingly, this also means that Laotian women may not have sexual relations with any foreign men (at least on paper).

Not only is this law very petty and somewhat reeking of jealousy, it’s also incredibly sexist and authoritarian by nature, as it forbids local women from having full control of their own bodies and how they choose to use them, right down to something as personal as intimate contact. I mean come on Laos, you’re not even a Muslim country and it’s (insert current year)!

Ever heard about any western feminists fighting for the rights of Laotian women to be foreign notch-collecting sluts if they want to? Yeah, I didn’t either.

7. Malaysia (Racism)

work discrimination

“Bumiputera Contractors Only” means only ethnic Malays can take this job. Clear racial discrimination against Chinese or Indian Malaysians.

On the surface, peninsular Malaysia is racially a lot like the United States in many respects. There is a majority race (though like white Americans a minor majority race) occupied by the ‘Bumiputera‘ or the ethnic Malays, and the two smaller but still highly visible Chinese-Malaysian and Indian-Malaysian communities. Both roughly corresponding to U.S.A. blacks and Hispanics, except generally of higher socio-economic status compared to the ethnic Malays.

The key difference between the United States and Malaysia is how the dominate race treats it’s minority brethren. The Muslim ethnic Malays give themselves the highest degrees of civil liberties and privileges, while there is repeatedly light-to-medium discrimination faced by the Chinese and Indian communities in regards to work opportunities and housing benefits etc.

Meanwhile, mostly Christian white America repeatedly does everything it can to prop up it’s statistically lower performing minority populations with affirmative action, relaxed college entry standards, and round-the-clock sympathy from the liberal news media.

‘Ethnic and religious enrichment’ would best describe Malaysia’s scenario regarding the Bumiputera, while ‘pathological altruism’ from American whites would be nothing short of an understatement.

8. India (Racism)


Give us that “H1-B” work visa or whatever you racist Americans/Aussies/Kiwis/Canadians/Brits!

The title of “most racist country in the world” can be rather subjective, but nonetheless India has never particularly had a reputation for wide-ranging tolerance and a sense of brotherhood. Research and surveys have shown that over 40% of Indians would be reluctant to have neighbors who are of a different race, while it was less than 4% in the United States by comparison.

Within the country itself, India’s caste system is also very racist in nature. Dark-skinned ‘Untouchables’ are generally relegated to be the dregs of society (ie. shit shovelers), while fairer skinned north Indians and Brahmins are top of the social totem pole.

9. Mauritania (Slavery!)

Come on “Black Lives Matter”! Why aren’t you getting them freed?

Mauritania’s endless sea of sand dunes hides an open secret: An estimated 10% to 20% of the population lives in slavery. But as one woman’s journey shows, the first step toward freedom is realizing you’re enslaved.

Western countries, and only western countries, are repeatedly reminded and guilt-tripped of any past experiences they had with slavery, despite the institution coming to a full close in 1888 with Brazil freeing it’s last remaining slaves that year. By comparison, China would not follow suit until 1910 and many Arab nations maintained slavery until the mid 20th century.

Unfortunately, the north-west African country of Mauritania, which is inhabited primarily by black Muslims, is the last major holdout of the barbaric practice which still exists in the world today. Yet western SJW’s, feminists, and ‘Black Lives Matter’ activists simply do not care about their plight. Does being both black AND Muslim grant a ‘social justice’ get-out-of-jail-free card or something?

10. Saudi Arabia (Racism, Sexism, Homophobia, Terrorism)

Paul Joseph Watson accurately describes Saudi Arabia as one of the most, if not the most, bigoted countries on Earth. A nation run by hardcore Muslims (that religion which western liberals seem to absolutely adore), there are innumerable features of the societal landscape which would have SJW’s triggered beyond belief if they were taking place in any western country.

Women cannot drive and must wear ninja garb in public? Sexism! Homosexuals will be hung from cranes if they are caught? Homophobia! Saudi’s are paid a lot more than foreign workers who are kept in near-slavery conditions? Racism!

What a festering turd of a country. Why does the left keep putting up with their crap when they would rather just attack Return of Kings in their spare time? We envision a world that women and homosexuals would be absolutely thrilled to live in compared to Saudi Arabia.

It’s Because These Countries Are Not White

white men

Countries predominately run by men of white European descent are the freest and most tolerant on Earth. They grant LGBT, women, non-whites, and non-Christians the highest levels of civil liberties, protection from abuse, equality before the law, and economic opportunity. Yet they are repeatedly browbeaten and demonized by the Marxist left and anyone who they infect with ‘social justice’ and victimology.

The image speaks for itself. The regressive left is constantly on the hunt to demonize, and only demonize, white-majority western countries and white South Africans for the sins of the past which are still widely practiced in many non-white countries around the world today.

They claim to preach “equality” all the time, which should also include equal opportunity in regards to dishing out criticism, but picking on Russia and the United States (the only two countries on Earth with white populations in excess of 100,000,000) constantly seem to be their prize targets.

Instead of coming to terms with their hypocrisy and cultural Marxist subterfuge, they would rather just continually point out how awful Russia is for not taking in migrants or treating homosexuals like nothing short of Gods. Furthermore, they would rather show white Americans yet one more picture (in a rare incident) of a black man being lynched, in an era so long ago that cameras were only capable of taking their photographs in low-resolution monochrome.

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