While many of us are aware of the basic tenets of red pill philosophy and masculinity, such as lifting, learning game, dressing well, and earning an income, there are other less popular activities that are not featured much, yet still have a place in every man’s repertoire. The five activities mentioned below are, in my opinion, the best for ensuring one is a well-rounded masculine male:

1. Gymnastics

Can you do this yet?

While many men view this activity/sport as “gay” for whatever reason, I would have to disagree and maintain that this is perhaps one of the best full-body workouts that you can get, apart from swimming.

Numerous benefits I’ve noted since joining include: increased spatial awareness of one’s body; humility (after having done some bodybuilding for a while, gymnastics really makes you realize what you CAN’T do); and of course, contributing to a lean physique.

Haters gonna hate…

I challenge any man who thinks he’s strong but has never tried gymnastics movements to go ahead and give this one a go. You’ll be surprised at how many muscles many gym-goers fail to work when performing their exercises.

There comes a sense of pride when one is confident in their ability to control their body. Gymnastics helps to achieve this by teaching handstands, flips, balance, coordination, and flexibility.

2. Martial Arts

Block this, you degenerate Leftist!

Many guys lift and are into fitness, but can they defend themselves in a fight? Sure, girls might be initially impressed by your great physique and it might intimidate fellow men from picking a fight with you, but it is still crucially important to know at least the fundamentals of fighting.

These can be learned quickly in basic boxing and grappling classes. Although I love them, kicks are not very practical in a street fight, barring low kicks and knee strikes, but if you’re into that then MMA classes would be perfect for you.

Wouldn’t wanna be that guy on the Left…

I personally would recommend Krav Maga, having done it for three months myself. It teaches you no-BS street-fighting tactics and techniques that incorporate boxing, lots of knee strikes, grappling, and defending against surprise attacks from armed assailants (knife, stick, gun, etc.). Some schools also train students to defend against multiple attackers.


3. Running

Time to evolve, man…

Our Paleolithic ancestors, not having the modern luxury of cars and other forms of transport, had to run just about everywhere they went. Especially for men, to be able to able to run (fast) was an important trait in many hunter-gatherer societies, as these guys had to catch moving prey or else go hungry.

Left or Right?

I am a big advocate of both short and medium distance running, however I must emphasize the importance of short distance sprints especially, for its muscle-building, fat-shedding benefits. Middle distance will help build stamina and endurance and compliment the short distance sprint work so that your legs get properly conditioned.

Long distance generally leads to muscle catabolism which is bad for those guys looking to get ripped. On a side note though, long distance running ability could help you save money on transport costs.

4. Dancing

I can already see many guys frowning at this one. Nonetheless, learning to dance (mainly classical forms such as Waltz, Ballroom, Foxtrot, etc.) can do wonders for the masculine man.

What better foreplay can there be?

Good dancing ability in men almost automatically makes women visualize how you would be in bed, thus it is a useful skill to have. And in today’s world where it is quite difficult if not foolish to show our strength by fighting other males, dance is a form of passive demonstration of high value to females.

Granted, I cannot dance to save my life (yet) but it is in my plans in the future, after I’ve got my priorities sorted out in terms of finances, game, looks, etc.

5. Manual labor

Gym? Ain’t nobody got time for dat!

The last one on this list, and rightfully so, as it is perhaps the most important. Manual labor has long been a primarily masculine pursuit, and any self-respecting man ought to make a point of partaking in such, as frequently as possible (or necessary).

The cool thing about manual labor is that there are many different types so you’re bound to find something you enjoy doing, and also that you can get paid for this. Oh wait, there’s another one: you’re also getting a good workout in in most cases.

Most useful manual labor types:

  • House painting – ever painted an entire room? Your shoulders, neck and back will be burning like hellfire
  • Cleaning windows
  • Washing cars – my personal favorite
  • Basic car maintenance – changing tyres, removing an engine, etc.


The above five activities are those that I personally believe to be great activities for masculine men. Some of them are already well-accepted in the community, others not so much. Regardless, if you’ve never tried any of the above and you’re looking for new ways to improve yourself, I encourage you to do so.

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