Our enemies have not only overplayed their hand in a panicked spiral over these last few months, but have also demonstrated a shocking inability to read the new zeitgeist and learn from their mistakes. Mark my words: there is a 0% chance of a Democratic Presidential victory in the 2020 United States elections.

While the reasons for this are many and varied, I’ve done my best in today’s article to distill the three most prominent reasons for why I believe that any attempt at victory on their part will lead to nothing but yet another of the disastrous humiliations they’ve been subjecting themselves to since Trump’s victory.

November 8th, 2016, was a sign that the pendulum of American politics is now swinging in the other direction. As Rhythm is an eternal Law of Nature, it will now continue swinging rightward for at least several decades until hitting its peak and returning course in the other direction at some time in the future.

This being the case, I believe we should be conducting ourselves with a forward-thinking mindset, and putting more focus on what we will be building over the next decade than how to defeat an opponent that has already lost.

That said, let’s take a look at three concrete reasons for why the Democrats have already lost in 2020.

1. They Are Losing Constituents (And Gaining None) With Each Passing Day

Even their politicians are starting to abandon ship.

With each failed attempt to market Social Justice to the American public (and it fails every single time), more citizens “wake up” to what’s going on. Their minds piece together the grand tapestry on a higher level, and they feel the sting of betrayal from the establishment they had previously thought had their best interest in mind.

Every time this happens—which is now a weekly if not daily occurrence—more and more of those who grew up on the left begin to question their old beliefs. The questions that have been brewing in their minds for some time finally boil over into full-blown curiosity, and they start looking around for answers that can help them reconcile what they’re observing with what they’ve been told is the truth.

This does not–ever—lead to the conclusion that everything is “as it seems.” The deeper down the rabbit hole they go, the more exposed they become to the truth which has been hidden from them; this inevitably pushes them away from the left, especially as they begin to realize who is responsible for keeping it all hidden in the first place.

This same phenomenon is not occurring on the other side of the spectrum. There are no conservatives or traditionalists who, observing what’s happening in the world, are abandoning their beliefs in favor of “social justice.”

The only people “social justice” appeals to are those who have already made up their minds… and more and more change their minds daily. The Universal Mind of the American public is only traveling in one direction—and with the latest revelation that millions of illegals have been voting Democrat for at least eight years, it seems likely this has been the case for much longer than is now becoming obvious.

Their one and only hope of winning the popular vote is to flood the country with illegals and remove the citizenship requirement for voting. I don’t think this is going to happen, since more people than ever are now keeping a very close eye on this process and I suspect there will be some major criminal cases soon regarding those who have been trying to hinder the legal voting process from behind the scenes.

Our President obviously knows this, and I suspect his latest immigration act was drafted to hinder illegal leftist votes more than for any other reason.

2. They Have Boxed Themselves Into A Corner

An artist’s sketch of the 2020 Democratic candidate pool.

By having no more coherent message than “down with white men,” Democrats have automatically limited their leadership options to only white women, minority women, or minority men.

All three options lead to a fractured party (and an electoral loss) given the particular quirks of the leftist mind. I will detail these in a moment.

They cannot run a white male Presidential candidate, because even more of their rapidly-shrinking base will jump ship than is already happening anyway. Regardless of what the white male might say, most of their audience is not really able to grasp anything beyond surface characteristics, so even if he says things they agree with, they will feel bad if they cast a vote for a white man.


And at the end of the day, feelings is what leftists go with. He won’t win, no matter how much he throws his own race and gender under the bus attempting to do so.

For the record, I’d vote for a traditional Christian minority over a white liberal atheist 9 times out of 10. I very strongly believe that any form of nationalism without God at the center is bound to fail, and that ultimately faith is a stronger tie than ethnicity.

Theocratic Nationalism makes more sense to me than any other kind, and brings blessings which I frankly don’t see with less traditional forms of government.

Anyway, that is a matter for a different time. Back to the topic at hand.

Given the bewildering level of identity politics at play within the Democratic Party, the other options are also bound to end in nothing but division and in-fighting. If they run a white female, most of their constituency will still complain that she’s white and ultimately not support her.

White women themselves generally hated Hillary Clinton and many voted for Donald Trump, so they have already demonstrated that a candidate’s simply being white and female is not enough to win them over. They prefer more traditional values over the identity-politics game.

But if the Democrats run a minority female, the anti-white, anti-male message she will have to run on will invariably alienate the majority of the American population. If they run a minority male, the other minority groups will complain that 1) he’s a man, and 2) he isn’t doing enough to serve the minority groups of which he himself is not a member.

The leftist hoax of “intersectionality” is a lie. When the rubber hits the road, their constituency is nothing but a bunch of competing victim groups that each chooses its own interests over that of the others.

In other words, Democrats have no winning plays in the 2020 election. It’s already over.

Ultimately, the left simply cannot and will not appeal to the majority of the legal American population either way. They have made “whitey is evil” their sole point of rapport with their constituency, and—how fortunately for us—seem utterly incapable of learning from past mistakes.

Not enough people believe in this message to vote for them, and the vast majority of the legal American population has become unwilling to vote for candidates who do nothing but insult them.

Even the massive censorship on public utilities like Facebook and Google has been unable to contain the obvious shift in narrative which has occurred over the last few months.

Since the “mob-rule Democracy” we now live in basically means that whoever tells the masses what they want to hear wins (one of the Founding Fathers’ worst nightmares) you simply cannot win the Presidency by running on a message that the majority of the population does not want to hear.

3. We Will Probably Be At War

Whether it’s with Russia, Iran, North Korea or simply multiple factions of a Civil War here in America, I think there is a decent chance that the United States will be at war during the 2020 election. There will definitely be a war sometime during the decade, but it might happen a bit early.

If you look at American history, you will quickly discover that Presidents who run for reelection during wartime simply do not lose.

Whether it’s because the American public has decided it’s too risky to make that big of a change when things are already so tumultuous, or patriotism and “love for the leader” are heightened during times of conflict, we always stick with what we’ve got when the going gets tough militarily.

Ironically—and depending on which of these countries we’ll end up at war with by 2020—there’s a good chance it’ll be a result of the establishment’s saber-rattling. Yes, the same establishment that threw everything it had into the disastrous loss of Hillary Clinton in 2016 may well be entirely responsible for the fact that their next puppet will lose as least as soundly as she did (and likely by a wider margin).

So you see, gentlemen, the Democrats have already lost. And they’ve lost badly. Rather than continuing to ridicule them and pick apart their arguments (as fun and easy as that can be), it is far more prudent at this point in time to decide on what we want the shape of post-2020 America to look like.

It is time to formulate and verbalize precisely what we want moving forward, so that our leaders in the near future can begin building their platforms and policies now. Being ignored will sting the Democrats even more than all these recent losses have, since they seem to love drama and attention more than they like winning anyway.

Instead of wasting our time with fruitless debate, let us simply mock them for having already lost. Let them sputter and squeal in their desperate attempts to stay relevant; let us drown out their cries with our laughter.

As we begin to deprive them of the attention and respect they most desire, they will double-down on their insanity and simply push more and more of their already-shrinking base over to our side. All while we prepare and move our desired pieces into place.

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