Shooting guns, blowing shit up, and working out. Shouldn’t that best way to express masculinity? It’s not, especially since feminism has taken over the military. This is not the military of WWII. Welcome to the feminazi military.


Just a Number

Being masculine has a lot to do with being in control of your life. You make decisions about what you eat, when to sleep, how you make your money, where you go and much more. You have the final say and thus determine where you go in life. The military is not like that at all. A soldier has replaced his parents with the government. Your life is in the hands of incompetent officers, most fresh out of college. They determine your life. They decide whether you party in Japan or spread “freedom” in the Middle East.

The sad truth is: a soldier is a slave. He sold his soul under the illusion of doing something noble and most importantly, for the few thousand dollars in his sign-up bonus. The monetary benefit has since been reduced by Obama through cuts in tuition assistance and a soldier is not even allowed to speak his mind because Article 15 allows punishment by court-martial if he says the wrong thing. He is only allowed to follow orders like the good little dog he was conditioned to be.

You can be the general of the entire Army but you are still the commander-in-chief’s bitch. Hell, you could be the president but you would still be the bottom bitch for those who got you there. No matter what rank you are, you are just a tool. Easily replaced by the next poor minority from the slums.


Statistics more skewed than a feminist’s point of view.

Calling a female a “bitch” is grounds for sexual harassment. I shit you not. Feminism has spread and corrupted everything that was once masculine. Virtually everything is made to accommodate women. As a result of this feminist infection, false rape reports are now increasing in the military.

“From 2009 to 2012, the number of sexual abuse reports rose from 3,244 to 3,374 — a 4 percent increase. During the same period, the number of what the Pentagon calls ‘unfounded allegations’ based on completed investigations of those reports rose from 331 to 444 — a 35 percent increase.


Thirty-five percent! More and more men’s lives are being destroyed by liars! And for what? Removing the opposition for promotion? Attention? Fun?

“Elaine Donnelly, who runs the Center for Military Readiness, said the Pentagon’s Sexual Assault Response and Prevention Office (SAPRO) is ignoring the problem of false reports... ‘Something should be done to reduce the numbers of false accusations, the first step being an admission that the problem exists.'”

Even a female agrees that something is wrong. God forbid a male says it! Regardless which gender points out the obvious injustice, the military is not doing anything to combat false rape reports. Why? Because false rape does not exist according to feminist dogma. At the very most, two percent of claims are false. By hamster logic, the rest of these “victims” and “heroes” for speaking out and the “criminals” should be executed. Inequality? Hell yes! Especially since the military fails to mention anything about women sexual assaulting men (but does include man-on-man).

How are these snakes able to get to these positions to ruin lives? Simple, the military lowers the physical standards for them. The minimum amount of push-ups for males is 35 while females have 13.

They can barely move their own body weight and the military is deciding whether they should be on the front lines with men. Imagine a female, barely weighing a buck ten, trying to carry a wounded man, twice her size, to safety. Not going to happen, feminists.

As you can see, the military today is nothing like the military of our grandfathers. I could go on about how promotions are based on race and gender rather than merit, how the military will squeeze every single last drop of whatever they want from you until you are useless to them, and so on, but the main point is that the American military and men do not mix. If you enjoy being a man, stay as far away from it as you can.

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