A website such as Return of Kings has reached a quite impressive following and as a part of the greater manosphere, perhaps even affecting the presidential election. If one takes the alt light, alt right, 4Chan and other fuzzy movements and initiatives into account, there is a quite huge front against the matrix, which in turn hinges on the nexus between globalism, big corps, mainstream media, leftist politics and cultural Marxism.

Since the establishment opponent is indeed very powerful, it is crucial to have a significant number of influential people on one’s side. Consider Swedish Youtuber Felix ”PewDiePie” Kjellberg, who has managed to red pill more people than any relatively influential alt-writer can even dream of, and has realized what it means to swim against the mainstream current. I will explain why, how, and to which extent the works of PewDiePie matters in relationship to significant cultural and social change.

Massive fame and following

Born in 1989, PewDiePie dropped out of a technical university in 2011 while living in Gothenberg, Sweden, and started his later to be massive YouTube channel.

One year later, he had about 2,500 followers and was already in a relationship with his Italian girlfriend and likewise vlogger Marzia Bisognin, whom he – not surprisingly – met online. Today they live in Brighton, England, where their videos are produced.

Although the content has become more diverse over the years, his signum is to comment while playing various video games. While his techniques were rather simple, he took the advantage with simultaneous screens and mixed it with huge amounts of spontaneous humor and real or displayed outbreaks.

In early 2013 his following had reached over 15 million. Today that number is, despite some controversies along the way, 55 million! Paradoxically, controversy has helped his following to grow, since the events displayed the media’s lack of facts and reason, which led to increasing numbers of sympathizers.

In 2016, Time Magazine called PewDiePie one of the 100 most influential persons in the world. If PewDiePie says big boobs or the media sucks, a big portion of the Internet will repeat it.


Whether PewDiePie does something as trivial as playing a new video game or dissing feminists, social justice warriors, or the Wall Street Journal, his ability to persuade stems from his fame. However, that in turn has been created because of his particular personality and behavior.

In rhetoric, this is called ethos. Although a gamer, and not the type of player which ROK often refers to, he is good-looking, smart, funny, creative, has a hot girlfriend, and lots of cash and fame. He is the epitome of the global fame of youngsters, although not as impressive as let’s say Christiano Ronaldo, the world’s best soccer player.

He’s a symbol that any random guy can become someone big, without lots of formal education and/or establishment backing, while doing something as relaxing and undemanding as playing video games and uploading YouTube videos.

Although he can use fact-based, sound and coherent arguments (logos), and occasionally real or exaggerated feelings (pathos), it is the ethos which is PewDiePie’s main strength as an influential Internet personality.


The reason why PewDiePie has become controversial is largely because of accusations of sexism. One might even view his behavior, including the notorious bro fist, as a form of toxic masculinity. The way his eyes turn big while zooming in big boobs on slender girls in video games is a palpable manifestation of the male gaze, which feminists are obsessed about (likely because no high-value man will gaze at them in the way they look at attractive women).


This is magnified by his blonde looks. A straight white guy simply cannot remain unpunished when he quasi-drools over virtual Asian and Caucasian hotties.

Much of the so-called sexism is linked to when PewDiePie plays certain video games, but also with regard to how he responds to some of his critics (he has dissed Buzzfeed in the past). There is also no sign that he will stop pissing politically correct progressives off, especially real people who have the audacity to confront him without any real factual or logical basis, particularly if they try to reprimand males while just looking and behaving stupid themselves.

As the video below shows, he supports his young male fan base who often has to withstand young girls’ entitled and condescending behavior.

General political incorrectness and enfant terrible personality

Some of PewDiePie’s YouTube videos have caused outrage because they are “anti-Semitic” and “racist.” For instance, he has made multiple Jew and Hitler jokes and taken this a bit too far for the establishment to accept. Additionally he has also said the N word and commented on black persons, although without any explicit ”racism”.

It is also possible to find a little bit of “homophobia” in there as well, probably as a consequence of PewDiePie’s spontaneity while playing. The critique mostly shows how far things can be taken in current times in terms of thought-crime and newspeak.

In February this year PewDiePie was under a coordinated attack from the mainstream media and social justice warriors (the Wall Street Journal in particular), which caused him to lose his contract with Disney. Although he is still on YouTube and does his thing, he had to make amends and has toned down some of the controversial elements, as well as deleted some of the supposedly offensive material.

If anything, this indicates that even an Internet personality has limitations. On one hand he is part of a decentralized, digital global structure, but simultaneously he has to conform to big corps and Google hegemony, which is linked to computational science, network theory, information processing, and centralized control mechanisms.

If one loses the platform, and only has limited options at one’s disposal, then many will choose to be controlled opposition. At least they can get some purple pills out there. Ironically as it may seem, he is a product of globalization while also a threat to it.

And as far as the post-outrage content from the world’s greatest YouTuber indicates, PewDiePie will continue to annoy people, whether general SJWs, mainstream media outlets, and even some of the big corps. He has that type of enfant terrible personality paired with confidence, which makes him almost unable to stop. He might take a few steps back before he once again moves forward. And after all, why would a person with 55 million subscribers back down when dumb girls and petty cucks tell him what he should do?


PewDiePie hasn’t completely taken the red pill, but because of his massive influence and particular persona he is able to speak more truths and make his audience absorb them than any other alternative individual. And whatever he might lack in logos, he can get from sites like this, and then use his ethos to get the word out.

The end goal is not to have more guys into video game but rather the opposite, and to reach higher planes of individuality and personal development. Or as we Swedes say: Jävligt bra gjort, snubbe.

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