There has been a lot of talk about crypto-currencies in the mainstream media (lately, among RVF forum members) and I want to explain how it relates to men in a life altering way. But first, what is a crypto-currency?

Crypto-currencies are digital forms of money you trade in your fiat (paper) currency for but with a twist, it’s decentralised, which means it isn’t stored on a giant server computer somewhere.

Do you remember Napster and Mega Upload? Their headquarters were both raided and shut down by the government. Torrents or peer-to-peer file sharing are still around because it’s decentralised, this is also the case with crypto-currencies. Crypto-currencies are also encrypted which means the best hackers on the planet can’t get access to them. You can convert your fiat currency into crypto and convert it back when you need cash on hand.

Why crypto-currencies are so useful

Crypto-currencies touted in the media like Bitcoin and Ethereum represent a convenient way for men to tuck away their savings where the hands of government can’t reach. It’s possible to squirrel away your savings so virtually nobody but yourself knows about or can access it. Family courts cannot audit your crypto-currencies and see how much you have nor can they retrieve any of it without your password authentication.

This gives you real power over them. They don’t know where your money is, how much you have, what you purchase with it and they will be unable to touch it. I suspect many men will discover ways to avoid various forms of taxation and begin starving the welfare state which cock-blocks men from their own women.

The benefits for men are numerous. Your money is protected from inflation and likely to gain value because the demand for it is increasing each day. You can protect your money in a virtual location thieves and money-hungry women cannot reach. It will be safer and more accessible to you than any vault.

Crypto-currencies are not going away

In less than a decade it will be used by everyone just like credit cards are today. I know this might be difficult to imagine but in a few years you will see cards that pay using crypto-currency. You will witness home and car purchasing done via e-mail without any bank officials or lawyers, just crypto-currency with built-in smart contracts. The applications of this new programmable currency are still unknown.

Recently it came to my attention that PayPal shut down Roosh’s account. A group of SJW’s complained that his insensitive words hurt their feelings. With crypto-currency you can get around this effortlessly. It takes seconds to transfer money and all you need is a virtual wallet address and you can transmit the internet currency. With third parties we all know transfers can take days and are subject to their whims and political machinations.

Like everything there are obvious drawbacks to using crypto-currencies:

Price volatility — your Bitcoin (BTC) might be worth 2694USD right now but could be up or down 200 dollars three minutes later. Less volatile crypto-currencies such as the USDt that are pegged to USD exist to address this. At the time of writing this, crypto-currencies tethered to the Russian Ruble and Singapore dollar are being rolled out.


Liquidity — Most retailers do not accept crypto-currency as a payment but it is slowly being adopted. Furthermore, only 2 or 3 crypto-currencies are readily convertible to cash at the moment. Crypto-cards and smart phone apps that convert your digital assets to fiat before paying are also on the horizon.

Abundance of alt-coins — There are now several hundred virtual currencies ranging from Bitcoins to meme coins flooding the market. I believe the free market and government legislation will both curb the number of circulating alt-coins.

Crypto-bubble — This is actually the biggest fear of crypto-holders and cannot be addressed within the scope of this article. All I can say is that historically bubble bursts have been followed by recovery and stronger resurgence as was the case with Bitcoin.

As more masculine men realise the benefits of this new technology, they are being converted and are taking the steps to mitigate risk, protect themselves, and occasionally turn a huge profit.

How you can acquire crypto-currency

You must first go to “gateways” where you can send fiat currency from your credit card or bank and convert it crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum. Here are some websites that do this:

You can then store your Bitcoins/Ethereum there (not recommended) or withdraw them to your wallet address for safe keeping. Here are examples of free wallet apps that would allow you to store your crypto on your computer or smartphone:

You can send your crypto-currency to other people or purchase items where accepted. You can also send your money to online exchanges to trade crypto-currencies. Here are some examples:

Many manosphere issues can now be addressed with crypto-currencies and I’m certain I am only scratching the surface of its potential.

Don’t be cowed into believing the frame that the mainstream media puts on crypto-currencies. It’s all too common to hear them refer it as a tool of drug dealers, thieves, and terrorists. They say it so the elite can deny opportunity and protection for the men that build and maintain civilisation as we know it. They know this is a game changer, something that can destroy the corrupt establishment of governments and banks that keep men poor and enslaved with debt.

Crypto-currencies represent a new hope for men everywhere and the future looks brighter each day. I hope you will reflect on this and consider exploring it.

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