In recent times, the “one percenters” have received considerable criticism. The USA’s top 1% is estimated to own 40% of its wealth, and it wasn’t like this a few decades ago. There’s much to be said about the negative effects of vast extremes of wealth (observe any Third World country for the end result) and how this developed, but here we’ll set the sights higher and examine the oligarch class: the international coterie making mere millionaires seem like middle class suburbanites. Some are famous, but the public is quite unaware about many others.

Actually, some are okay folks. I’ve worked for two multi-billionaires. Besides cheapness and some prima donna moments (both come with the territory), those two were pretty normal. They were self-made; likely that helps. I did a week-long installation job for the daughter of one; a really great lady. On a shorter installation job, I’ve met the wife of the CEO of one of the world’s largest companies. We didn’t talk long, but she seemed pretty nice.

Unfortunately, others are quite decadent and suffer from a God complex, throwing around money to impose their will on many ostensibly democratic nations. Many Arab oil barons are notoriously dissolute and meddle with politics. The same can be said for upper tier Wall Street types, secretive globalist foundations, richer-than-God bankers, and international financiers.

Weird Ways of the Elite

An interesting documentary called Weird Ways of the Elite contains some pretty shocking charges. If even half of it’s true, that’s pretty disturbing. Actually, some is verifiable.

First we’ll consider what seems improbable. I’m pretty skeptical about some of it. David Icke makes a few appearances; he’s pretty “out there”; and I don’t buy his space lizard idea, which was hinted at. They’re just people, who have the unfortunate habit of acting like space lizards.

Concerning Illuminati bloodlines, as it describes, some families listed became rich relatively recently in the 19th and 20th centuries. Thus, connections to the 18th century’s Bavarian Illuminati are pretty unlikely. Really, we needn’t trace an org chart back to a defunct group of nihilistic whack-jobs who, at most, inspire some today. Modern covert power structures, though, are another matter entirely. In fact, hunting for improbable Illuminati ties is a good smokescreen for present-day globalist foundations and other meddlesome sorts. Babylonian lineages (if the oligarchs really believe it themselves) are even more fanciful.

How about the Satanism angle? The spirit cooking stuff is the real deal, and the Bohemian Grove certainly does exist, though this could be basically entertainment for bored plutocrats; a spookier version of frat parties. Aleister Crowley (pictured a few times) isn’t really a Satanist, despite his considerably eldritch symbolism. He kind of played with it, much like many 1980s rock stars. Other than that, I’m quite familiar with his OTO organization; there’s no overlap with the oligarch class, although they’d be tickled pink by several passages in Liber AL Vel Legis. Finally, we’ve covered the Shabbatai Zvi hypothesis, based on an actual antinomian oddball, though it’s a bit flimsy. So all that seems somewhat overblown.

How much is verifiable?

Twins separated at birth?

The documentary opens describing child abuse. This does happen in some wealthy families. (Whether it’s psychological conditioning—or merely because their parents are sick bastards—is debatable.) As for the featured twins, heirs to the Doris Duke fortune, our buddies at HuffPo wrote about them:

The teens say they grew up in misery, despite fabulous wealth that allowed them to own a pet lion and bring diamonds to school for show-and-tell. In a Rolling Stone interview published Tuesday, they detailed horrific abuse inflicted on them by their father at their South Carolina mansion before he died of a meth overdose in 2010.

Apparently some oligarchs act like the stereotype of “trailer trash”.

This goes way back. Sigmund Freud’s wealthy patients often were victims of childhood sexual abuse. Eventually he rationalized it away as them only having a complex. Perhaps overlooking incestuous skeletons in prominent closets avoided career damage. Freud was a sharp cookie, but really dropped the ball there.


Then there’s the strange case of the serial pedophile Jimmy Savile. He even schmoozed his way into the good graces of the British royal family. Despite likely hundreds of victims, he wasn’t prosecuted. Further, he was protected by his fellow media figures until his death. Need we mention Hollyweird and especially Roman Polanski? There are even more shocking speculations about what might have happened in Washington itself.

The documentary correctly describes the wealthy spending enormous sums on art, some of pretty dubious quality. (However, none of the several wealthy homes I’ve been in had anything like that. Actually, some do have good taste in art.) The featured painting of Saturn devouring his son was acquired by a baron, but later he donated that Francisco Goya collection to Spain’s museums. What about the really weird stuff depicting cannibalism, jars of maggots, and all that? Apparently some really like that garbage. One particularly disturbing featured item—among several others in that collection not shown—is the real deal; let’s just say I know someone who knows someone.

Buying organs for transplant is illegal as hell in most places, but not everywhere. Stories about waking up in a hotel bathtub full of ice are pretty far-fetched, but abductions for organ harvesting have happened.

What about blood consumption for life extension? If that occurs, it won’t help, since red blood cells only last a month on average, two at most. Still, Elizabeth Bathory did exactly that, if the stories are credible. Despite a certain prominence in cultural references, adrenochrome probably isn’t the real deal; sniffing coke is the drug of choice for the wealthy. Having known many cokeheads, I’ll stick to beer even if I win Powerball.

Finally, just as featured, many oligarchs are indeed buying disaster-proof luxury bunkers.


Ooh burn!

The ultra-rich aren’t demigods as they’re portrayed by tabloids; they’re just people. Even so, the oligarch class inhabits a rather different universe. Their isolation from the public is problematic even when they believe they’re acting benevolently. Celebrity airheads and champagne socialists live in gated communities, avoiding street crime and other ill effects of soft-on-crime policies, population replacement immigration, and other reckless leftist policies. Therefore, they wipe their feet on the common people while thinking they’re doing the Lord’s work.

The main problem is that they consider themselves “beyond good and evil”, as per Nietzsche. It’s always been this way. From my considerable research into King Henry VIII—actually an early forerunner of modern asshole dictators—he very much considered himself above the law. Indeed, he was the law. Still, he was a saint compared to some other nobles, such as Ivan the Terrible, Vlad the Impaler, Gilles de Rais, and again Elizabeth Bathory.

It’s still a problem in modern countries ostensibly based on the rule of law. The very wealthy can get away with quite a bit. For example, Ted Kennedy drove off a bridge in Chappaquiddick (probably while drunk) and left his passenger to die, but the judge let him off because poor Teddy had suffered enough.

The full range of behavior can be found among the ultra-wealthy. However, there are some psychological effects of being kissed up to all their lives, seldom being told “no”, and being exempt from the common man’s daily struggles. This leads to “trust fund kid syndrome”, irrationality, and hubris. However, they’re not as smart as they think; their miscalculations can be counterproductive or cause embarrassing revelations.

The oligarchs certainly have their share of sociopathy. Middle-class crooks are usually smart enough to maintain appearances and not take unnecessary risks. However, sociopaths who are effectively above the law know no such restraints. That’s where the problem is. Unaccountable plutocrats and “king-makers” have no business meddling with our ostensibly democratic countries anyway, especially with their irresponsible track record. They’re not demon spawn, but still, they can take their Feudalism 2.0 and go to hell.

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