Montreal, the Canadian city that desperately tried to intimidate, assault, and perhaps even kill Roosh, has a new “hero”: an eight-year-old “drag queen” going by the name “Lactatia” (real name Nemis Quinn Mélançon Golden). Hundreds of members of the city’s gay, lesbian, and transsexual population have lauded the poor youngster as being “adorable” and as a role model for kids everywhere.

Despite the left’s ongoing minimization of children being sexualized, including through a series of now deleted pro-pedophile articles by Salon, Nemis Quinn Mélançon Golden’s plight represents a worrying new chapter of socially sanctioned child abuse.

Let’s start with the name “Lactatia.” The clearly troubled Nemis says that the moniker was the invention of his older sister Kashmyr. Nonetheless, why the child’s parents would allow him to run around on the internet with a name used to describe a biological process for sexually mature females is beyond me. Unlike some parents dealing with a seriously confused child, Nemis’ mother and father actively encourage his performances.

For anyone who doubts, if they could even do so, that the boy is being flagrantly sexualized for the entertainment of gays, lesbians, and transsexuals, take a look at the following clip:

What the confused boy displays with his dancing from 3:00 is simply a watered-down and certainly more eclectic version of the common pole dancer or other sexual performer.

A creep who says these things on the internet to 8-year-olds would be be arrested, so why can they be said about a child drag queen?

Absolutely no words.

…the younger queen charmed the dress off the older queen…

— “Journalist” Neal Broverman describing 8-year-old Nemis Quinn Mélançon Golden’s “performance” with Bianca del Rio.

In my native Australia, and also in the United States, Canada, and Britain, entire police units are devoted to monitoring those who look to chat with or make unsuitable comments about prepubescent children online. But even more real-world sexualization like the kind being directed at Nemis Golden is conveniently forgotten.

A man typing about lingerie to an 8 or even 14-year-old girl (and not even talking about sex) would be rightfully tracked, but it is highly likely that at least one journalist writing about Lactatia will be getting a pass for his bizarre description of the child’s interactions with an adult drag queen, Bianca del Rio.


Gay magazine The Advocate‘s Neal Broverman said that “the younger queen charmed the dress off the older queen.” How is this ever acceptable language when describing an 8-year-old boy? If someone talks about charming the dress off a woman or the pants off a man it often means they’re about to have or have had sex, regardless of any other non-sexual meanings the phrase can have. I’m no prude, but this is hardly the sort of commentary even a third-party observer of this situation should be writing.

One fairly balanced take on the matter points out that Bianca del Rio called Nemis a “bitch” and talked about giving him a “shot.” This mirrors the sexually provocative, catty banter drag queens normally engage in ad nauseam. It also exacerbates the already flirtacious, promiscuous demeanor of Nemis, which is far more like that of an adult gay man on the prowl for sex than an eight-year-old who should be focused on playing outside with friends and doing his homework.

Gays have enough problems of their own to deal with

Maybe focus on issues like HIV/AIDS, guys.

As I wrote earlier this year, gay men account for a truly shocking percentage of HIV/AIDS infections. Instead of focusing on their own substantial issues, and HIV/AIDS is just one of them, a number of gays and others from the LGBT scene are simply adding to society’s woes. Clearly demarcated divisions between adults who can be sexualized and children who cannot are being persistently ignored.

Though poor Nemis Golden may seem like the archetypal social engineering experiment for notoriously leftist Montreal, we need to look at the exploitation of him through a wider lens. Drag queens are already being rolled out in New York public libraries and bogus concepts such as gender fluidity are being progressively (pardon the pun) taught in schools to mere five-year-olds.

Perhaps the most chilling aspect of Nemis’ story is that he is coached to say that a child whose parents don’t let them become a drag queen “need[s] new parents.” And if the present efforts of the left are anything to go by, a lot more indoctrinated and vulnerable young children are going to be screaming for new parents.

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