Two years ago, Prince Prospero wrote about the wreckage of his homeland. His description of the Swedish political scene seems like a nation run by sociology and women’s studies professors. Worse, hordes of unassimilable migrants caused a horrific crime wave. He concludes:

The image I hope to paint is not that of a changing, or even failing state, but that of an already dead society. If you get the image of a struggling people making a last stand against an oppressive elite, I have failed as a writer. Study it, observe it, for it is your future should you choose the same path as Sweden.

He identifies feminism as the root cause of this mess. Although feminism certainly plays a role—and far be it from me to let those darlings off the hook—I’d also consider other varieties of cultural Marxism as contributing factors, and especially the closely related current of suicidalism. Let’s examine how this came to be.

Highlights of Swedish history

A scene from the Battle of Warsaw

The Roman historian Tacitus noted two Scandinavian tribes with some unusual peculiarities:

Arms are not with [the Suiones], as with the other Germans, at the general disposal, but are in the charge of a keeper, who is actually a slave; for the ocean forbids the sudden inroad of enemies, and, besides, an idle multitude of armed men is easily demoralized. […]

Closely bordering on the Suiones are the tribes of the Sitones, which, resembling them in all else, differ only in being ruled by a woman. So low have they fallen, not merely from freedom, but even from slavery itself.

Still, that’s not all to be told of ancient Sweden. To the south were the bold Geats, featured prominently in Beowulf. The island of Gotland was the ancestral homeland of the fierce Goths who conquered their way across Eastern and Southern Europe. In later times, Swedes were among the Vikings. The problems besetting their descendants today are not caused by defective genetics, but rather by ideology.

By the 17th Century, Sweden had an impressive empire centering on the Baltic Sea, even with toeholds in Germany. However, it was not to last. King Charles XII took on Russia. To make a long story short, unusually harsh weather took its toll, giving the Russians time to rebuild their strength and stage a successful counteroffensive; the same scenario occurring twice later in history.

Sweden in the 20th Century luckily escaped the carnage of both World Wars. They didn’t incur the suicidalist guilt trip still poisoning German minds.

Sweden today

John Hydenius also has painted a very grim picture; I’ll go over a few items. Aside from feminism and their crazy policies and demands, he’s written quite often about Muslim colonization of Sweden, and the crimes the invaders commit, basically overlooked by the authorities.

It’s a little anticlimactic given the above, but today’s Swedish culture seems mired in decadence. Then there’s the “mansplaining” hotline:

Unionen said the phone line, which will be staffed by a gender expert and a group of feminist politicians, comedians and scientists, is “about equality”.

While their ship of state is sinking, feminists busily scrub a smudge on the deck.

So how did the Swedes revert to the feminism and complacent pacifism that Tacitus found so absurd? The Vikings, Goths, and Varangians of the days of yore certainly wouldn’t have tolerated this nonsense, not for a minute. The real problem is ideology. Still, there’s a little more to the story.

The push for multiculturalism


Was the present disaster caused by feminism, other forms of cultural Marxism, or suicidalism? Are socialist rabbit people responsible? Could it be Sweden’s conformist culture, similar to Danish Jante Law? Perhaps a cucked interpretation of Christianity is to blame, as it apparently is for their relatives in Minnesota who rolled out the red carpet for tens of thousands of Somalis? All that poured gasoline on the logs, though ultimately influence behind the scenes struck the match.

And a disaster it is. They are inundated by aggressive outsiders who have nothing in common with their culture, attracted by Sweden’s lavish welfare benefits and lax law enforcement. Women are protecting themselves with modern-day chastity belts (an item in great demand), because the police can’t protect them from the hordes of violent, unassimilable migrants that the government let in. This is anarcho-tyranny at its very foulest.

Even leftist municipal authorities are taking notice; truly a sign that things are dreadfully wrong. It hasn’t led to a reversal of these suicidal policies, or even public discussion; in fact, criticizing this is forbidden.

60 year old man mugged at train station

Despite that, Ingrid Carlqvist is speaking out, and taking the even bolder step of naming names. When she researched it, she really got an education; the rabbit hole goes very deep. Carlqvist found that the impetus was brought about by David Schwartz, a holocaust survivor who moved to Sweden. He believed that implementing multiculturalism would neutralize the Swedish threat. This was pure paranoia as the Swedes had no quarrel with his small community, nor had any reason to resent them (before then).

Later, Barbara Specter came in from Israel and headed Paidea. This foundation pushed the multicultural agenda and pressured the Swedish government for funding. These efforts were unknown to the public, until they were featured on a TV show meant for an Israeli audience. So those are two influential individuals we know about, among untold others working behind the scenes.

This strategy backfired badly. Those who actually do have a grudge against their small community are the Muslim migrants flooding in; their anti-Semitic feelings are considerably more intense than their ungrateful hostility against the native Swedes. The paranoia motivating David Schwartz (and the others who followed) to push for multiculturalism became their tragedy. Their common folk suffered from the decisions made by their community’s leaders. What a lousy survival strategy!

The greater tragedy is that the native Swedes themselves may well lose their country, and obviously they can’t pack up and move to Israel if things get worse. This sort of sabotage in many Western nations isn’t very endearing, greatly damaging the Jewish reputation. Note that I don’t hold all the Jewish population responsible for this. I will say that they can do themselves a lot of good (and the rest of us) by prevailing upon their community’s leaders to stop doing things like this.

Who is the most blameworthy? Is it short-sighted manipulators behind the scenes, the unassimilable migrants, or even the naive Swedes (who sadly are more “unaware and compliant” than Americans)? Most deserving to go to hell is the Swedish government for selling out their own people. Protecting their citizens is their number one job, and they have failed. Perhaps their treachery might send them to hell sooner than they expect.

In the end

What cultural enrichment means

In the world’s incarnadine history, there are many instances of invading hordes conquering a civilization, preying on the helpless public, and exacting a heavy tribute. Today, warfare is no longer necessary. Treasonous politicians invite them in and tax their own public to give tribute in the form of welfare checks to the invaders who prey on the public. One might perhaps consider that a sign that the government isn’t working for the people.

Two results are possible. In time, the Swedes might indeed vanish from the face of the earth. On the other hand, there’s still the chance—perhaps remote—that they might wake up and resurrect their nation. The people of the West are patient and slow to anger, but there’s only so far that we can be provoked. Time and again, those who’ve taken our forbearance as a sign of weakness have come to regret it.

What about the politicians, and the powerful figures pulling their strings? As a Chateau Heartiste article on problems inherent in diversity concludes:

Historically, what was done to ruling elites who displayed such open, traitorous contempt for their people? I’ll leave the imaginative answer to this question as an exercise for the readers.

I could hardly put it any better.

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