For those of you who somehow missed it, on the June 2, 2017, edition of Real Time with Bill Maher, the HBO host dropped the dreaded “n-word” during an interview with Nebraska Sen. Ben Sasse. 

It is not without some Schadenfreudist relish that I greet the great Bill Maher “house nigger” debacle. After all, Maher has long been one of the most irritating ambassadors of Hollywood ultra-leftism, complete with a weekly television program that’s effectively an hour-long, Orwellian anti-Trump circle jerk interspersed with weed jokes.

And considering Maher—the person responsible for 2008’s vehement anti-theism agitprop Religulous—as an atheist, his public crucifixion (at the hands of his leftist brethren, no less) can’t be considered anything less than divinely poetic.

He thinks that dating black women will give him a pass

That a militant progressivist culture warrior and Obama financier like Maher can be cannibalized by the new wave left as a “racist” lends further credence to the hypothesis that today’s embodiment of liberalism has indeed stopped being a political ideology and transformed into a genuine religious orthodoxy. The hydra of multiculturalism, feminism and political correctness has fused into a syncretic moral dogma that leaves no room for ideological deviation of any kind. To refuse one plank of the Church of the Left’s holy doctrines is to betray the whole faith, and it was only a matter of time until a heretic like Maher was going to be excommunicated.

Heretical views

Yes, Maher has been a champion for gay marriage and globalization and socialism and climate change regulation, but on the issues of Islam and identity politics, he has long refused to toe the party line. He’s been one of the few mainstream liberal icons to pick up on the inherent hypocrisy of feminists and Islamists breaking bread, and rather than loudly and proudly support the theatrical hyperbole of today’s campus social justice warriors, he’s called them out on their hysterical childishness.

But today’s liberalism is not a’la carte. If you’re going to go all in, you have to agree with the entirety of the progressivist Tao. You have to think white privilege exists, that illegal immigration is good for society and that carbon taxes are essential to save the environment. You have to think policemen are nothing more than black child-slaying Nazis, that abortion should be publicly subsidized and that Islamic refugees should be embraced instead of shunned. You have to think marijuana should be legal and hate speech punishable by imprisonment and honestly, genuinely believe that more than 50 genders exist.

In the eyes of today’s hyper-liberals, to reject one holy pillar is to reject the entire canon. Perhaps Maher should have suspected the rest of the flock would turn on him sooner or later. After all, he did represent—in most regards—the embodiment of the New Left’s sworn enemy: the white, wealthy, and successful heterosexual male.


Frankenstein’s (liberal) monster

BLM has been given carte blanche to destroy cities and attack police, like they did in this scene in Baltimore

How ironic is it that the same people Maher stood beside as ideological bedmates are now the ones leading the charge to destroy him? The poetic justice of Maher’s career being derailed at the behest of Black Lives Matter figureheads like Deray McKesson—and not the sundry right-of-center groups Maher has made millions of dollars vilifying and demonizing over the years—is almost beautiful, and in some ways, rather befitting.

Maher should have seen it coming. For years, they’ve been preaching a self-deriding gospel that posits the straight, Caucasian male as the nefarious source of all inequalities throughout history. They’ve labeled themselves as undeserving beneficiaries of the system and, at their own expense, supported policies and programs to “level the playing field” for women, minorities and LGBT individuals. They’ve spent their whole lifetimes preaching to others that THEY are the big problem with society, with the hopes that minorities, gays and women would do the “social justice” dirty work for them while they lived lives of hedonistic leisure and conflict-free comfort.

Of course, Maher and his kindred wanted their pawns to only equate white privilege with those who fostered conservative and libertarian ideologies. However, alike Dr. Frankenstein, Maher and his ilk now have to watch the monster they created rampage against them. They inspired an entire generation of young people to despise whiteness, maleness and heterosexuality as symbols of oppression, and now the protective talisman of liberalism is no longer enough to ward off their Creature’s bloodlust. The New Left wants fresh meat, and sacrificial offerings like Maher are now a necessity.

The sin of simply existing

Not even disavowed whiteness or ashamed maleness is tolerated by today’s progressivist horde. The party of FDR and Kennedy has come to hate everything about their ideology’s most important founders, instead embracing a bizarre, open-borders socialist jihad that demands the straight white male fade into the background to usher in the next era of liberal idealism.

Perhaps Maher’s career will recover from his notorious gaffe. More than likely, however, he will not, and public pressure—or to be a little bit more accurate, party pressure—will eventually lead to his ouster from the airwaves. All it takes is one six-lettered word to derail his career, his profession and livelihood, sending him into the abyss of obscurity heretics like Michael Richards, Dog the Bounty Hunter and Anthony Cumia, who have likewise been sentenced.

Even if Maher does rebound, he’s destined to spend the rest of his life apologizing for his sin. Every positive thing he’s done for the liberal cause and culture war has been erased in the blink of an eye. His entire existence is now destined to become nothing more than a lifelong effort to make amends for that one regrettable second of live television.

Of course, secular-progressivist types like Maher are well aware the price they must pay for blasphemy. “For the wages of sin is death,” Romans 6:23 famously states. Unfortunately for Bill, his political orthodoxy isn’t as merciful – under the decree of the Cult of Modern Liberalism, his punishment will be nothing less than a lifetime of perpetual atonement for simply being himself.

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