Since the beginning, there has been a semi-formal social contract between the sexes which worked for the good of men, women, and their children especially. This existed is because men and women are different. These differences aren’t social constructs; they’re based in biology. In a healthy society, these differences complement each other.

Feminists generally deny all this. They start from the belief that everyone is supposed to be the same, then use privilege rhetoric to press for advantages. In so doing, they’ve disrupted the social contract and made things worse for everyone. Let’s examine a few particulars.

Men and women should respect each other

In times past, guys were taught to treat all women with respect. As I’ve heard it said, “You even tip your hat to the town hooker.” In return, women respected them back. Men were gentlemanly; women were ladylike. After the mid-1960s, men were still expected to act gentlemanly, but women could act however they want. Although most women still have pleasant personalities, many act in ways that before would’ve been considered verging on madness.

Why this used to work: Mutual respect was great while it lasted, making society happy and harmonious.

Why this stopped working: Feminists, wanting an unhappy and disharmonious society, declared us the enemy and started lying about us. We’re still expected to uphold our end of the bargain (though paradoxically, giving too much respect can cause guys not to be taken seriously). Meanwhile, women infected with the feminism mind-virus believe they have license to act as nasty as they want. (It doesn’t help that hordes of thirsty guys have enabled them to think they can get away with anything and still be desired.) This is a major reason why the social environment sucks. However, individual beauty is fleeting, and the sexual marketplace is overdue for a correction.

What can be done: Give default social respect to the deserving. Feel free to call out those who act snotty. Calmly explain that unprovoked rudeness is very unattractive to any self-respecting guy. If all men refused to tolerate the intolerable, attitudes would begin to change.

Men and women don’t fight each other

This is a very difficult and ugly topic. Initiating force is wrong, no matter who does it. Those who disregard this should be prepared to accept the consequences of their actions.

Violence between men—fistfights and even duels—was once tolerated by the law. That now seems a bit savage, like animals fighting for pack hierarchy. (Today, delivering badly-needed attitude adjustments, literally fighting for your honor, or even legitimate self-defense could get you a criminal record. Settling disputes through lawyers is far from perfect, but all that’s another story.) However, even during those rougher times, hitting women was considered a foul deed. Offenders got subjected to shunning, charivari (basically a jeering crowd), or even mob justice. The law took action too, and flogging posts were once considered.

Why this used to work: Civilized men don’t use their natural advantage of strength to lord it over their wives and girlfriends. Civilized women don’t take advantage of this prohibition to strike us with impunity.

Men were expected to exercise self-restraint, and women likewise in their own way. Both parties acting civilized benefited everyone. Also, women in earlier times could be quite spirited, but provoking us to the limits of our patience was abnormal. That wasn’t ladylike, and reputation mattered. Further, chronic “scolds” got their own penalties, such as the ducking stool.

Why this stopped working: Violence by men against women is still strongly discouraged (though paradoxically, it’s not exactly a turn-off for some women). However, violence by women against men is considered far more acceptable. On TV or in a movie, it’s dreadful when a man slaps a woman, but a woman kicking a man in the nuts is depicted as funny. Too much “you-go-girlism” is doing a great disservice. Think of the Antifag member who set out to take “100 Nazi scalps”, but when she tried to choke a guy, she got decked in two seconds.


In any event, it’s a myth that women are never violent. Some of them even think it’s cute enough to admit online. A Jezebel article “Have You Ever Beat Up A Boyfriend? Cause, Uh, We Have” says:

According to a study of relationships that engage in nonreciprocal violence, a whopping 70% are perpetrated by women. So basically that means that girls are beating up their BFs and husbands and the dudes aren’t fighting back. With Amy Winehouse busting open a can of whupass on her husband last week, we decided to conduct an informal survey of the Jezebels to see who’s gotten violent with their men. After reviewing the answers, let’s just say that it’d be wise to never ever fuck with us.

Four specific anecdotes follow. Let’s just say that it’d be wise to never ever pick fights with people who are stronger than you. In any case, contrary to the stereotype, apparently lots of men are showing incredible self-restraint.

What can be done: I’ve had two past girlfriends who hit me. I never retaliated, or even shook my fist. Eventually I dumped them, though for other sub-par behaviors. Today, I have less tolerance. If a girlfriend hits you, I recommend one warning, at the very most; after that, she’s out the door. Without going into a long legal discussion, you’re always “wrong”, and it doesn’t matter that you were legitimately defending yourself. You might think (as I once did) that it doesn’t matter because she hits like a girl, but that’s still an intolerable level of disrespect. It’s even better to bail before things get that toxic. Who wants to deal with a bunny boiler anyway?

Men should be masculine and women should be feminine

I swear I wasn’t the one who recommended this.

Blurring the distinctions between the sexes was one of the first goals of cultural Marxism. Today, this has succeeded beyond Comrade Marcuse’s wildest dreams. However, all that’s unnatural. It’s another reason why today’s social environment sucks.

Why this used to work: Straight men are hard-wired to desire feminine traits, and straight women like masculine guys. It doesn’t take an evolutionary biologist to understand why. This includes both appearance and behavior.

Why this stopped working: Beginning in the mid-1950s, second wave feminism started denigrating male traits, and they’re still at it with this “toxic masculinity” baloney. Through their rhetoric, they convinced a lot of guys that women don’t like masculinity; take a wild guess how that worked out for guys who believed it!

Feminists also tricked millions into believing that femininity was beneath them. The way they told it, the “patriarchy” somehow made them take on these natural and endearing attributes. However, we don’t like unfeminine, unladylike women any more than women like wimpy guys.

Earlier I mentioned women who blow you off if you show too much respect, and those who go for violent guys. One could chalk up these paradoxes to irrationality, self-esteem problems, Daddy issues, or confusing obnoxious behavior with confidence. Still, surely this is made worse by the shortage of decent guys unafraid to act like real men.

What can be done: On our part, men must ignore feminists when they tell us that masculine traits are bad. One of the best things the Manosphere has done is to show how absurd that is and prevent men from further sabotaging their love lives. There are also ways we can encourage femininity too. For example, once I talked a pretty girl out of getting a piercing through the bridge of her nose. I might be deplorable, but I’m capable of the occasional good deed.


Hit the SJWs where it hurts, their credibility

Feminists want to keep all the privileges that chivalrous treatment gave them. Meanwhile, in the name of equality (which they already had under the law by the early 1960s), they keep pushing for preferential treatment. Could it be time to bring back the ducking stool?

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