If proof were ever needed that marrying a commoner with a ‘colourful past’ is an extremely dangerous undertaking, look no further than the antics of the Norwegian royal family on their balcony in Oslo.

Princess Mette-Marit, a former tart, and her dweeb husband stand with the gauche reverence of nouveau riche parents at a posh prep-school sports day while the children betray their true stock under the glare of the nation’s cameras.

Their son, Prince Sverre Magnus, has the mannerisms of a rascal groundsman while his cousin – a mere suckling in SJW problem-glasses – already effects a matronly authority over his antics. Doubtless it is a rôle she has learned from observing the interactions of the adults in her family. A tenner says she’ll be photographed topless before she’s twenty.

This pubic appearance of the Norwegian royals was reported by the Daily Mail as part of King Harald’s birthday celebrations. At the banquet, ‘prankster’ Crown Prince Haakon shaved off his beard between courses (Good grief! Sneak the hip flask under the table Haakkers – this party’s about to hit a new level!).

The Daily Mail’s choice of words is depressingly apt. A ‘prankster’ is someone who is trying to be funny. But it’s not the pranks which indicate the social decline of this family so much as their desire to be liked. If you are royal, you can afford to behave like a social wrecking ball provided that you are imposing your precepts upon those beneath you. Alarmingly, however, this family have adopted the suburban escapism and celebrity worship of those they are supposed to lead.

Why this has happened 

In 2001, the waiting room magazines in every nail salon and sexual health clinic from Stavanger to Skjervøy indulged readers with a tiresomely predictable 21st Century fairy tale: a slag was marrying the crown prince.

Allegedly from a disadvantaged background, Mette-Marit learned to sail, studied in Australia, found very good lodgings and an enviable job in London (Cockspur Street apparently). She seems to have led a very international lifestyle – and all before managing to graduate after several extra years of study. Any alarm bells ringing yet?

By the time she won the heart of Norway’s Crown Prince, she was a single mother by another man.

Their union was endorsed with the ‘love conquers all’ narrative, in which both male lust and female opportunism are rationalised as ‘love.’ This neatly disguises a scenario all too common in the wake of the sexual revolution: beta male demand for physical intimacy outstrips female supply, causing men to submit to lesser women.

Fast-forward to 2017, and we see that Mette-Marit’s Alpha Fux Beta Bux strategy has come into conflict with itself, because nobody can seriously square her colourful past with her pretensions of being a dignified wife. So the last card her family can play to distract from the conflict at its core is to act progressive by pandering to the tropes of the sanctimonious egalitarianism of those below the social mean.

Attempts to dismiss regal protocol as stuffy and passé from a balcony of a royal palace will prove disastrous. The only people who genuinely applaud such familiarity do so out of a desire to destroy the social hierarchy. Thus, the fairytale ends with the decline of the prince, not the elevation of the slag.

Bring a Ho to Heel

The advice that a wealthy friend of mine received from his elderly father was:

Never marry with a woman who has opened her legs to another man. If you do, I don’t want to know about it, and if your marriage breaks down, don’t you dare come to cry on my shoulder about it.

That’s certainly a good start, but the faults with this approach are obvious:

  • It drastically limits your pool of potential women
  • It vests too much power in female behaviour
  • It would lead to the extinction of the Western family if everyone were to follow it

If we are going to save families from feminism, we have to equip porn-addled white knights and supplicating incel rookies to tackle the expectations of women who have been joyridden through their primes and expect investment into their old age.

Set your standards

A man who puts his purpose at the centre of his life will attract a woman who puts him at the centre of her life. But if she gets the idea that it’s one rule for ‘special her’ and another for everyone else, you’re going to be screwed.

Look at Melania Trump, for instance. She has a colourful past but, unlike the wives of beta men, she has the invigorated look of a woman whose heterosexual husband fires anyone who displeases him.


Likewise, the wife of a man who aspires to godliness has little option but to do the same, provided that he isn’t the sort of pussified protestant whose faith exists to excuse the sins of women and impress obligations on men. Here is the Spanish royal family at their daughters’ first holy communion.

Now have a look at ‘couldn’t have done it without my amazing wife’ Michelle Obama. She neither dresses for her man nor covers herself in church, preferring to impress her go-grrrl friends by wandering around dressed like some Boko Haram hostage.

You don’t have to be Donald Trump to lay down the law, but you do have to have a modicum of self discipline, because a man’s double standards present a diabolical way for a woman to destroy him (diabállō, from the Greek: ‘διά’ and ‘βάλλω’ literally: to get between and throw apart).

Stick to your game

Much of the purpose of Game is to create the impression that you are someone whose life’s purpose comes above the woman of the moment. However, an LTR will quickly collapse into a blue pill frame if you can’t continually demonstrate that you really are the less needy partner in the relationship. A good way to achieve this is to discipline your own carnal appetites.

Practicing #nofaps is good, as is practicing chastity for a while. If you remove sex as an immediate personal need, you remove the only bargaining chip that hot women have and present them with a choice which they have often never faced: woman up or be rejected.

Having conquered yourself, you can make your asceticism a part of a broader structure of religious discipline, pushing things further and demanding more. Be ruthless in your scrutiny. Would you want this woman on your arm at a party? Is she going to try to sabotage her husband’s successes because she fears that he will be as fickle in his prime as she was in her own? Does she meet even the most basic cultural standards required in the mother of your children?

I’ll leave you to decide what you are after, but my own approach can broadly be summarised as:

LIBERATED GIRL: “I’ll become a good Christian when I’m married.”

LIBERATED ME: “That’s nice. I’ll marry someone I consider already to be a good Christian.”

I have turned at least half a dozen girls back to altar-rail in this way; most of whom still had some milage on the clock before wall-time; a few of them even stuck to it despite me not marrying them (so genuine conversions, I guess). I’m not a handsome Scandinavian prince nor the president of the USA. My only leverage is a refusal to be pussy-whipped and an ability to set the boundaries from the outset of a relationship (because its very hard to set them later).

If ‘liberated’ women are unable to set the moral standards of the West, conservative men will instead. Welcome to the patriarchy.

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