Washed up comedian Kathy Griffin thought it would be funny to take a picture of herself holding a fake bloody head of the president. Imitating ISIS-like terrorist acts somehow qualifies as comedy to the breed of fake comedians who are nothing more than abrasive political commentators. Griffin’s stunt didn’t go as she planned and now she is paying the consequences.

What Griffin did qualifies her for psychological therapy. If America wasn’t infected with the social justice mind virus, the police would have checked her into the nearest psycho ward, not solely because of her actions, but due to the fact that she thinks it was a harmless bad joke that, according to her press conference, was the fault of the white man.

Her fake comedy frightened 11-year-old Barron Trump

According to reports, the president’s youngest son Barron Trump was terrified of the picture, believing it to be real. Claiming that her actions were a mistake is a cop-out because just last December she declared that going after Barron was fair game.

Her claims of it being an accident has no merit what so ever. This was a clear attack against President Trump and his family.

The fake apology

Griffin tried apologizing at first, stating, “I beg for your forgiveness. I went too far. I made a mistake and I was wrong.” Then she hired liberal lawyer Lisa Bloom and quickly changed her position to blaming Trump and white men (forward to 22:40 in the below video). At first she brags how she will stand up to the “bully” Trump and then she breaks down in tears saying Trump “broke” her.

No one buys Griffin’s bullshit

CNN let her goAll her scheduled “comedic” events were cancelled. This sends a powerful message to elites who think everybody is on board with their hate mongering against decent Americans. The time when liberals could get away with these stunts are over, and from this point on they will be increasingly held responsible for their actions. In the case of Griffin, it appears to mean the end of her career.

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