In another example of the Pussy Pass in action, teenager Jasmine Abuslin, who turned tricks under the name Celeste Guap, was awarded $989,000 in a massive taxpayer bailout this week.

The teen at the center of a Bay Area police sex scandal will receive nearly $1 million from the city of Oakland after her claims dredged up the muck of widespread alleged misconduct in its department.

Jasmine, a 19-year-old also known as Celeste Guap, said she was sexually involved with dozens of officers from multiple police departments in the Bay Area, including some while she was underage.

Does this look like a teenager to you?

Guap, whose single mom works as a 911 phone operator, befriended and fornicated with dozens of members of law enforcement, including at least one while underage.  (Incidentally, while the average pay for 911 dispatchers in California is $55,000, her mother pulled in over $133,000 in 2015.)

Guap became angry and resorted to blackmail when she learned that a group of Oakland officers formed an informal club talking about the ease of which she was willing to sleep with them.  While she received actual cash on at least three occasions, the majority of the time she was rewarded for her services with meals or snacks, including a bag of Cheetos.

Chester Cheetah Made Me Do It

In now-deleted Facebook posts, Guap described the encounters as “harmless relationships” and posted a picture of an Oakland officer dropping her off at a Richmond convenience store with the caption “Took me back to Richmond in style.”  But after realizing she had been giving away the goods at below market prices, Guap, who admittedly uses illegal drugs daily, obtained legal council who was able to negotiate a massive bailout that outweighs her entire lifetime earning potential.

WTBCF (Would Trade Bag of Cheetos For)

The award may sound ridiculous, but the decision was not unanimous.  Oakland city councilwoman Desley Brooks voted against the award, saying it was too low.  Nevertheless, the motion passed, and Mayoress (((Libby Schaaf))) approved the bailout.

Desley “Mo Money” Brooks

Western economists are in awe of one of the greatest examples of price inflation ever seen, as Guap raised the price for defiling her body from a bag of Cheetos (her 2015 rate) to just short of a million dollars in the span of less than two years.

The value of a woman at peak fertility, post-feminism

The age of consent in California is 18, and while In The Current Year, finding an 18 year old virgin is about is difficult as finding a good kratom connection, that doesn’t stop the mainstream media from perpetuating the false image of 17 year old girls as pure innocent wholesome angels, when in fact they have likely been sexting for almost a decade, and many have already learned how to monetize their vaginas.

Guap was one of these, and she approached members of the Oakland police department, befriending and fornicating with at least 30 police officers from 5 departments along San Francisco’s East Bay.


Big Tits aside, this teen is already approaching the wall

Women have a natural propensity to lie, and Guap’s background is certainly confusing:  she has a large neck tattoo of the national motto of Dominican Republic, but claims she is from Nicaragua. She is seen in media interviews wearing Puerto Rico flags, and despite being in the US from at least age 17, claims to have attended Universidad de Guadalajara in Mexico.

She has a different last name than her mother, says she is bisexual, self-employed, and claims she was married in 2015 (around the time she was slutting it up with the officers).  She appeared to take a tag the sponsor trip to Puerto Rico in September, 2015 where she posted several photos with local police officers.  She may be a single mother, as she has posted several pictures with a young child.

Straight Outta Compton!

Some may look at this story and say, wow, nothing new here, a promiscuous young woman uses her body to entice guys into taboo sex with her, but Guap is also costing the taxpayers of Oakland a million bucks.  Oakland is not exactly swimming in cash.  In addition to this huge waste of resources (and believe me, Guap will quickly blow through this money and will be a permanent leech on society for the rest of her life), officer Brendan O’Brien, one of several married men who traded Cheeto’s for Cheap Hos, committed suicide after Guap blackmailed him because he failed to respond to one of her texts quickly enough.

Several officers sent Guap to a drug treatment facility in Florida.  After three days, an enormous hunger for Cheeto’s swept over her, and she ran outside the rehab center, flashed her enormous breasts at cars passing by, and attacked workers who tried to bring her back inside, destroying property and biting one worker on the arm.  Police arrested her for aggravated battery, and she attempted to solicit sex from the responding officers.

Getting dropped off at the Food Mart after having her body defiled. Classy

Certainly I would hope that public servants would not engage in sexual relations with teenagers.  And while the remaining officers deserve punishment, no one deserves to die because they accepted an offer of taboo sex.

Those on the front line prosecuting the law should theoretically set an example for the rest of society.  In reality, I’m not sure police are any more moral or law abiding than the average man, but I definitely know that when enormous breasts and easy sex are offered to men, no matter their line of work, they will take it, and there is no amount of public shaming or law writing that will alter this biological fact.

On the matter of age of consent, while there appears to be at least one case of Guap having sex at 17 (by the now deceased officer), which is illegal in California, Guap’s sexual actions would be fully legal in many states in the US, and Guap claims she was legally married in 2015, and therefore able to legally make sexual decisions with her husband, though somehow not with other men.

In an interview with local television station KPIX, Guap states: “Personally, you know I have no negative feelings towards any of them… thinking back at it, yeah, you know, uh, I do see myself as being a victim, because…. um… ” (see clip at 3:10 below)

Is teenage Abuslin, with her multiple tattoos, club lifestyle, developed body, criminal acts, and casual attitude towards sex, a victim?  Looking at her and observing her actions, I have trouble seeing any truth to that statement.  She certainly missed out on having a father in her life, and lacks an education and moral guidance.  But there are insufficient resources to hand out millions of dollars to every damaged woman in America.  And with the rate that men are dropping out of marriage and families, this trend will only continue.

Is forcing taxpayers to forgo schools, bridges, roads, and parks a valid punishment because city workers took advantage of freely offered sex, as men will biologically do?  Is a society that bends over backwards to excuse any and all female behavior and provide cash bailouts to morally questionable women creating a better world?  Just how bad will Guap look in another 5 years?  We all know the answers to these questions.  But we are living in a sick world where up is down, gay is straight, and man is evil.

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