It seems that reading articles about how to sleep with more girls or how to become a stronger, more masculine, or successful man is the same as doing the Muslim profession of faith before stealing a truck and running over Christian pedestrians. That’s the ridiculous conclusion of NY Mag after publishing their article “The Online Radicalization We’re Not Talking About” based on their own report.

Christ, what a runt. Can physiognomy be more real?

For their web site report, they used two girls under forty, (((Alice Marwick))) and Rebecca Lewis, who have apparently no knowledge on Islam, terrorism, the red pill, neomasculinity, or any of the subjects contained in the article. Alice Marwick, a researcher for Harvard’s (((Berkman Klein Center))), become especially happy when she found a way to conceal her Jewishness, for reasons that we can only speculate on.

The report is quite entertaining due to its blatant dishonesty and intellectual shortcuts. Here is a link to see the full extent of their lunacy. It starts well by using the title “The Radicalization That No One Talks About”. That is because no one cares and no red-pilled man goes setting off bombs in crowds of children at some slut‘s concert. I could stop my argumentation there but let’s dive in.

So why are our writers and readers the worst villains since Pol Pot?

An autobiographical article by NY Magazine

Here are some extracts on the article:

When you hear the word radicalization, what usually comes to mind is young people turning to Islamic fundamentalism. But the far right is doing virtually the same thing — and possibly even more effectively. (…)

In their pseudo-hierarchy of evil, posters that do politically incorrect jokes on the Internet, post frog memes, talk about bedding girls or laugh at feminists deserve the same treatment as Muslims setting off nail bombs, throwing gays off buildings, or burning little girls in cages while alive.

We have now become the equivalent of ISIS. Calling us “radicalized” shows that the lying, good-for-nothing MSM has gone full circle. They have nothing left but redefining what words mean and accusing us of “thoughtcrime”.

It continues:

What the red pill actually reveals depends on who’s offering it. To men’s-rights activists, being red-pilled means throwing off the yoke of popular feminism and recognizing that men, not women, are the oppressed group. To the alt-right, it means revealing the lies behind multiculturalism and globalism, and realizing the truth of isolationist nationalism. To conspiracy theorists, it may mean accepting the influence of the New World Order on society. To white supremacists, it means acknowledging that Jewish elites control the culture and are accelerating the destruction of the white race.

I am afraid that the authors already became red-pilled by writing those truths and are probably getting further radicalised, buying ROK t-shirts as we speak. The fact that we don’t buy into their narrative and expose them seems to be the main component of our “radicalisation”.

It helps that the extremists are also extremely adept at making their ideas palatable, by using irony and humor. (…) Actual hate groups can draw people in using humor, while also normalizing their most extreme ideas.

However, given the similarities between far-right and Islamic radicalization, it’s worth examining the efforts by political scientists and counterterrorism experts to combat the latter.


I have yet to witness the website Return of Caliphs or the goat memes of the Islamist board 4sharia. This is an attempt at a witch hunt where we are targeted because we won’t bow to the narrative and want our common man to open his eyes.

They attempt to paint us as thought criminals in the eyes of the authorities instead of focusing on factual crimes. They want us arrested, imprisoned, and our lives destroyed because we challenge their power by our defiant thoughts. This is the reality of the situation.

The female writers seem to have a crush on us as Roosh, Matt Forney and Return of Kings are mentioned about twenty times in that report alone.

But recently, the pick-up artist Roosh described his first book as “an inside look to how the globalist establishment is attempting to marginalize masculine men with a leftist agenda that promotes censorship, feminism, and sterility,” and his blog Return of Kings has recently posted rants about interracial pornography and other favorite annoyances of the alt-right

Looks like I rattled someone’s cage by calling out who is behind their favourite category of porn.

If you’ve read this week’s conspiracy-mongering stories about the supposedly suspicious death of DNC employee Seth Rich — or if you’ve read in the past about the rise of White Student Unions on college campuses, or “Pizzagate” — you’ve seen the fruits of their efforts.

As internet and media scholars, we began this project focused on media manipulation and the spread of misinformation. But as we delved into these spaces, we noticed that one of the biggest trends taking place had been flying under the radar. And that is far-right radicalization. (…)

They don’t call it radicalization, of course. They call it “taking the red pill.”

“I will have you know that I was promoted to the rank of internet and media scholar, you nazi. So watch out.”

We are winning at the game of truth seeking. And they can’t stand it. We know the vicious techniques they can use against us and our readers and how low they will stoop. Hence our need to keep our guard up.

Truth will triumph

Muslims that kill apostates are not “radicalized” as the MSM would like us to believe. They just become more zealous and apply the principles of conquest and forced conversion that their Holy book teaches, a fact that has been proven and keeps being ignored because “that would be racist”, even if Islam is not a race.

The MSM is grasping at straws trying to show that the cause is everything but Islam in its nature. They are deeply hurt as their ratings are plummeting compared to alternative media, who have no one to answer to but their readers and viewers. They have ran out of methods to fight us.

Calling us Nazis or racists did not work. Trying to cut by cancelling ads did not work. So they need to portray us as the twin brother of the paroxysm of evil: Islamic terrorism.

One can only distance himself from the media machinery and defuse their influence once it is understood that they have no interest in information or truth. They are performing dogs rewarded by their masters when they do tricks. I like this quote by Soral that sums up the MSM :

Des menteurs qui crient de douleur quand ils vous poignardent

This article follows Saul Alinsky‘s “Rules for Radicals” handbook: accusing others of your crimes. The same method that girls use when they test you: projection.

They need to turn the tables and channel the concern of the common people on us. It is more important to save the narrative than seeing more people die at the hands of Islamic terrorists.

By these declarations, they confirm a sole fact. That what we do harms their business and the dishonest elites. We gnaw at their tower of lies by exposing who holds the reins of their mental manipulation and open the eyes of the people who will stop giving them clicks and shekels.

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